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nick swisher : Any idea which is better for car insurance, I mean cheaper or has low auto insurance rate- BMW or Mercedes.?

Responses: Nick, great question and a smart idea to compare car insurance for BMW and Mercedes. Not that I am a car expert but here are some insights into BMW and Mercedes cars. Why am I giving you the ideas? Insurance is very logical and hence they are considering the safety and speed of the vehicle and also normal use of the vehicle in their ratings and hence understanding the basics and what you are going to buy is also important. Ofcousre, this is just an idea and the first stepping stone- you need the opinion of experts.

BMW and Mercedes.

The competition between Mercedes, BMW automobile has long been a subject of interest among car enthusiasts. Who is better: BMW or Mercedes? Now, look at the graphic below and decide yourself. Eighth you on it, your files into this page for free car insurance quotes online enter!

If you think “large, expensive, luxury car,” what is the first name to mind comes? Well, probably two names spring to mind: Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These two German auto giants were big names in the automotive industry for pretty, as long as it was an automotive industry! Starting in the early 1900s, she have to each other heels was nipping for almost a hundred years. But they say that competition is good for innovation. For these two automakers it is interesting developments to some anyway. But are they really so different from each other? Let’s take you get a look at the long and winding road, which have made these two powerhouses, where they are.

Nothing says more about where someone goes when where they already have been. The origins of BMW and Mercedes each have their insightful.

Mercedes was born in 1900, but the name was added not until 1902. Their original car Maybach, was designed by Wilhelm, became Chief Engineer at the former “DMG.” Two years later they were baptized Mercedes. The name was adopted in honor of a very valued customer daughter, of the same name “Mercedes”. Fifty-six years later, a distribution agreement with Studebaker-Packard Corporation opened the doors for American distribution of this coveted German cars. 1999 saw even Mercedes allying with DaimlerChrysler. The resulting company was called “Mercedes-Benz AMG.” This was obviously a good thing, such as 2007 Mercedes saw with a j.d power rating of the fifth place for overall quality to see survey. However quality aside, they face a $30 million dollars from the US Government in 2009, when under the Government at least the order of the fuel-economy rating.

BMW, ran parallel to the Mercedes in the meantime, growing in its own way. Born much later as Mercedes, BMW is the Rapp Motorenwerke emerged in 1917 as a result of the restructuring. Originally an aircraft manufacturer engine, the BMW logo is reminiscent today a propeller cut through a blue sky. BMW had stop aircraft engines in 1923, however, when the “Treaty of Versailles Armistice” aircraft engine production stop. They made motorcycles instead. WWII survive required that the powerful company, rather than to the motorized vehicles, bicycles, pots and pans crank. Motorcycle production was opened in 1948, secure. Four years later they unroll their first car: (now to the classic) 501-model. Their production needs beyond its original factory in Munich slid more than 20 years of growth. You opened a larger facility in Dingolfing. In 2010, US BMW sales Mercedes surpassed for the first time in history.

A vehicle logo is extremely important, his sense of place and meaning in the world. As already mentioned, the BMW logo is intended to represent a propeller in motion through the blue sky. This basic design has undergone only minor changes in the course of time. Except in the 1970′s, as it drastically in a more colorful design changed (no doubt should be also evocative of a propeller in motion). The modern BMW logo looks almost like it in 1917.

Mercedes, on the other hand started with just their name. in 1909 he was their emblem “three points”. The emblem of “Benz” came in the same year. 1916 was a combination of “three points”-”Mercedes” image. 1926 featured “Mercedes” and “Benz” together with the three points. Today’s emblem is only three points.

Now that we have covered the stories of these great cars, we talk about some of the amazing models, which have produced over the years:

BMW 760Li: $137,000

Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster: $495.000

BMW G-power M6 Hurricane: 740 HP, 230 mph

Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 Edition: 640 HP, 209 km/h

1.461.000 Cars sold – 60477 million euros

Mercedes: 11780000 cars sold: 53426 euro

During its history be interesting, are the current functioning of the automotive powerhouses also worth mentioning.

Under the hood of their immense power favors give Mercedes compressors, their cars. BMW goes with turbocharger, that use a different technology to achieve the same or similar results. BMW is building their cars in South Carolina in the continental us. BMW is a State in Alabama. The product that they are roles out generally similar. When BMW fired a V-12 engine in the M5, Mercedes back with the S600, the one to,.

But Mercedes is not the only one that is copied. in 1956, she began copies of the Mercedes diesel – a classic 1936. Diesel and regular gas cars a big seller both companies may now have their eyes on the future. BMW is her whole energy in hydrogen fuel pouring. Mercedes, on the other hand, studied everything except hydrogen. Coincidence? You decide. What is not by chance that during BMW for Rolls-Royce V-16 engine developed a prototype, Mercedes with the idea of a V-24 for Maybach played is.

Compare car insurance – for BMW or Mercedes

Whether drive BMW or a Mercedes or see something else, why not, how much money on your auto insurance save you may? Enter your zip code in now entry rate quotes online! Remember that the discounts that you get on both the cars are driven not by the car but based on your driving record. The only difference is that each geographical region has different rates and claims expereince and hence you would need to Compare auto insurance and get your rates for your BMW or Mercedes. Of course if you need any more information, it would be a pleasure.

Compare car insurance BMW and Mercedees.

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