Janet Jackson: Is it true that woman can get cheaper auto insurance quote? I am told that if one compares auto insurance quote, one will get a cheaper auto quote?

Response: Thanks to the Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act (AICRA) of 1998, it is lot easier to find competitive rates in most states of USA and compare auto insurance quotes. The insurance companies want your business so they will do what they can to bring you affordable pricing and options that fit within your budget. Of course, comparison shopping is not the only thing what will net you great insurance savings. There are several things you can do to stack the odds in your favor of landing cheaper women drivers insurance. New Jersey has made changes to make insurance more affordable but here are some other helpful tips as well:

Here are the tips to this :
1. Keep up your clean driving record by avoiding accidents, moving violations and other traffic issues.
2. Avoid high profile cars as these attract thieves daily. Classic cars, luxury models and high performance muscle cars will have higher premiums.
3. Shoulder a higher risk in your insurance policy which will lower overall premiums.
4. Ask about special discounts such as multiple driver households or bundling other insurance like home and life insurance together.
5. Consider your membership in civic organizations and auto clubs. You might be able to garner discounts if you are a group member.
6. Install extra safety measures such as anti-theft devices like car alarms and lo-jack. When you shop for a new car that needs coverage, make sure extra airbags are a safety feature.
7. If you are a student or going back to school in adulthood, you may be able to get discounts, especially if you have an honor roll grade point average.
8. Determine how you use your vehicle. If it is simply for pleasure or driving around your home town, you likely can change your coverage options and garner a lower rate. Second, less utilized cars also may cop the chance at cheaper insurance rates. Remember the key to saving on insurances is to compare auto insurance quote at least four times a year. After all it is free, what are you wanting for?

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