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eddie cibrian : Is mobile insurance possible? Will it help the customer?

Progressive creates fully mobile insurance

Response : Apart from setting up your insurance policy, you are more likely to need your insurance company if you are not a computer or your home.  Recognizing a public increasingly mobile, progressive insurance has an app that can perform all interactions with her insurer over her cell phone customers.

There are more than 230 million mobile users in the United States, which is more than one per household = and you will overtake mobile Internet users, laptop and desktop computer Internet users by 2014. This shows an increasing trend for people prefer with their mobile phone to get things done, if possible.

The app is for iPhone and Android phones (and iPads) available and allows customers to pretty much do everything normally would they need with their insurance company on your mobile phone. Of course this applies only to progressive customers, but we are sure that others follow suit.

VIN scanning

Not only has the app function as an entire insurance company Web site, but it offers also an additional nice feature.  You want an insurance quote for a car, you simply take a photo of vehicle identification number of the car and send it.  You will receive an offer within minutes, and the app you can compare up to three different vehicles in a single quotation mark.

Send scans in the scene

With the progressive app customers must wait no longer an inspector to show claims to get photos of your vehicle.  Users can simply start the claims and taking photographs of the damage with their cell phone for an upload of the app. If damage would further needs to be examined, would be at the discretion of the insurer.

The app contains also a handful of other useful features that allow you to achieve that, five years ago, you would your insurer have things to get done call.  These include so that you pay instantly with your mobile device, get emergency, you are looking for a progressive approved roadside assistance service centre, or find a local insurance agent if you need to speak to someone personally.

Progressive reach out for mobile users

In addition to its award winning app launched progressive two other free apps on Apple app store and Android marketplace.  “We are still on the improvement of the distinctive mobile products that we offer, so that easier for our customers, transactions with us, can it”, said Matt Lehman, progressive of mobile business leader. “Our mobile and interconnected world gives us the possibility of more value add drivers, wherever they are.” “Compared to technology customers give this commitment more control on their car insurance is what sets progressive apart.”

The two other apps contain a collection of pictures and wallpapers, compiled by progressive and a strange little app, with all their mascot, Flos, jokes and silly comments listen, whenever you want. Reviewers are not sure why anyone would like this app, but it shows that the company, to reach mobile users trying new things.

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Compare auto insurance

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