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Safety Features that Lower Auto Insurance -important when you review car insurance.

Do you have the safety features which are necessary to get auto insurance discounts to lower auto insurance? Review car features when you compare and review car insurance quotes. Investing a little time and effort to make the most of the safety features that lower auto insurance will give you the return of lower premiums. Saving money even in the small ways can mean the difference between a budget that balances and one that spirals out of control.

Choosing the best vehicle from the beginning will start the process on the right path. Adding some extra safety features can make your premium go down even further. At the same time, you will have the increased security of knowing that you are your passengers are more protected when you are on the road.

– Anti-theft devices can be installed in the factory or there are products that you can purchase for older vehicles that did not come with the feature when it was purchased. Alarm systems may help to deter the thieves from choosing your vehicle in the first place. Vehicle recovery systems can make it a little more likely that the police will be able to recover your vehicle intact.

– Automatic seatbelts will help you remember to buckle up and could also help to lower the premium costs for auto insurance. Every vehicle comes equipped with seat belts these days, but not every driver or passenger remembers to buckle up – despite the statistics that seat belts save almost 15,000 lives per year (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Older vehicles should be fitted with shoulder harnesses to provide more safety to drivers and passengers.

– Anti-lock brakes have become almost standard in all makes of automobiles and they keep the wheels from locking up when the driver puts hard pressure on the brakes. This helps to protect from out of control skids that result in major accidents. Some states have made it mandatory that insurance companies offer drivers with the ABS systems a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

– Laminated glass or safety glass installed in all of the windows can help reduce the chance of injury during an accident. Laminated glass offers two layers of plate glass with plastic laminate in between and is typically only used for the front windshield. Safety glass is designed to break into small pieces so that there are no glass shards that could cause series injury. Both have their benefits and limitations and you should talk with your glass installation professional before you decide to replace all of your windows with either or a mix of both.

– Sensing systems provide assistance for everything from backing up to changing lanes. There are a number of products that can be installed by a train mechanic that are attached to your bumpers or rear view mirrors. These systems will help you “see” in those blind spots that can cause so many accidents.
Safety features provide protection for you and your passengers when you are on the road. They can also act as a way to decrease the costs of your auto insurance. Not all companies give the same discounts for safety features, so be sure that you discuss the options with your company before moving forward with adding safety features to your existing vehicle (just for the purpose of getting a deduction).

You should consider the different safety options that are now being added to vehicles – including crumple zones that protect passengers from injury, air bags in the front and side, and even electron stability to help provide more control on wet or slippery roads. These options must be installed in the factory so you will have to purchase a vehicle that offers these options. Safety features lower auto insurance and can increase comfort and convenience in the vehicle.

Most latest models have these safety features, and you would be getting cheap car insurance. Compare auto insurance, review car insurance and get low auto insurance rates today.

What are VIN numbers?

Auto of human “DNA” is equivalent to an auto vehicle identification number (VIN).

It puts the vehicle in addition to the millions of other vehicles out there. In recent times it has characters in 17 point against. It shows a car uniqueness and heritage and is a form of “factory farm waste” identification. It can be used for callbacks, registrations, warranty claims, to prosecute thefts and insurance coverage. Each character or digits has a specific purpose.

Detroit automakers began punching and identifies casting numbers cars and parts in the 1950′s Center. The main purpose of this vehicle identification number (VIN) was to give a detailed description of the vehicle, when mass began production very large scale. The early VINs came in a number of variations depending on the individual manufacturers at this time.

In the early 1980′s required US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (transportation), that all road vehicles vehicle identification numbers must include 17 characters. This consolidated the standard VIN system fixed that use currently major vehicle manufacturers. The result was a unique ‘DNA’ format number for each individual vehicle rolled out of the band.

Vehicle identification number was originally in ISO standard 3779 February 2020 and 1983 revised last described. The ISO VIN was designed trailers, motorcycles and mopeds, motor vehicles, identifying, and consists of several parts, described later.

1. 3rd character world-owner-ID (WMI)

As not all code, note have 3 positions. When the two location codes, the blank code is not empty, but part of the body style or Department in which rule is. If the third position is a “9, it means that the manufacturer will produce less than 500 units per year.”  Here is a list of some of the more common VIN prefixes.

fourth through eighth characters – VDS – vehicle descriptor section. These 5 characters occupy positions 4 to 8 of the VIN and can be used by the manufacturer to identify attributes of the vehicle. Identifies vehicle features such as body style, engine type, model, series.

9. Character – the check digit “character or paragraph 9 in the order of a vehicle identification number (VIN) built off the 1981 (when digits format was established in 17 characters) the VIN accuracy are described best as identify.”

A check digit must be part of every vin (since 1981) and is in position nine (9) the VIN on the vehicle and on all documents transferred, provides the vin by the manufacturer, the first owner for purposes other than resale to appear. So the Vins is not produced two vehicles over a period of 30 years to be identical. The check digit means a single number or the letter “X” used to verify the accuracy of the transcription of the vehicle identification number.

After all the other characters in the VIN from the manufacturer identified the check digit is specified a mathematical calculation by performing calculated. This is based on vin position, vin, assigned value code, try weighting factor and multiply weight times the value assigned factors. The values are added, and the sum is divided by 11. The rest is the digit check number.

The correct numeric rest – appears zero to nine (0-9). However, if the rest 10 is the letter “X” is used to refer to the check digit number / value.

10. Character — identifies the model year. For example:

1988: (J) 1989-(K) 1990 – 1991-(L) (M) 1992-(S)-(P) 1994 – 1993 (R) 1995-1996: (S) (T) 1997-(V)-(F) 1999 – 1998 (2000: X) (Y) 2001-(1) 2002-(2) 2003-(3).

11. Character — identifies the Assembly plant for the vehicle.

12-17 Characters – VIS – vehicle identifier section. The last 8 characters of the VIN are, for the purpose of a particular type of vehicle. The last four characters will be always numeric. Identifies the sequence of the vehicle for production as it rolled out the manufacturers assembly line.

How VIN numbers are important for car insurance companies

VIN numbers are important for car insurance companies to identify the vehicle, to trace a vehicle in case of theft of a vehicle or important to catch car insurance frauds. Whether it is Progressive car Insurance, Mercury Car insurance, USAA car insurance company of Allstate or for that matter any other car company, all of them would be interested in knowing the VIN number of your car. It is also important when you rent a car.

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Instant cheap auto insurance quotes where can I get them?

wpid cheap car insurance1 Instant cheap auto insurance quotes where can I get them?

Instant cheap auto insurance

Chris Paul : Instant cheap auto insurance quotes, where ca I get them?

Instant cheap auto insurance quotes

Response : Chris, yes, you are at the right place. Compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance you will get instant cheap auto insurance quotes.

Car insurance can be expensive, as costs for an average drive range from $600-1200 per year. Still, it’s illegal and dangerous to drive without an auto insurance policy. According to the the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 10.5 million Americans were involved in car accidents in 2007, and although cars are gradually becoming safer, the financial costs of an accident can be enormous.

Fortunately, it’s often possible to get a much cheaper insurance policy by buying online, as it’s easier to compare policies, explore coverage options and choose a reliable insurance plan that will keep you protected while you’re on the road. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool, and we will find you the best  car insurance companies  INSTANTLY!

When you buy car insurance online, you have access to dozens of resources that aren’t available in physical car insurance offices. Quotes are generated completely automatically, so it’s easy to find a quote for any type of vehicle. It’s also easy to find definitions for car insurance terms, which in turn makes it easier to find the right type of coverage. Find the best  car insurance coverage by entering your ZIP code above!

Other benefits to buying car insurance online include:

It’s easier to find quotes from car insurance companies that might not have physical offices in your town.Prices for auto insurance are generally much lower online due to increased competition.Drivers can find car insurance, buy a policy and get proof of insurance much faster.

More and more drivers are looking for reliable auto insurance quotes on the Internet thanks to the lower prices and greater array of coverage options that car insurance providers offer online. Insurance companies make it easy to get accurate quotes by entering basic information into web forms including a driver’s age, vehicle and driving history.

This information is compared to actuarial statistics to assess the approximate possibility of an insurance claim. Drivers who have strong records and who choose safe vehicles will get lower rates while riskier drivers see higher premiums.

An online auto insurance quote generator is an even better way to find accurate quotes, as these generators use a single set of information to find several auto insurance quotes from major providers.

This makes finding quotes easy and fast, and as we work with car insurance companies, all quotes are accurate. Drivers can quickly compare five or more auto insurance quotes to figure out which provider offers the best coverage and reasonable premiums. Comparing quotes with a our ZIP code search only takes a few minutes, while it would take hours to call car insurance companies individually to get quotes. You will be able to compare car insurance quotes  and save money on your car insurance!

By comparing insurance quotes, drivers can see how coverage options differ from one insurance provider to the next. This makes it easy to find an cheaper auto insurance option or better coverage, even if you’re a high-risk driver.

We  will list approximate prices and coverage amounts of various companies almost immediately after you enter your information. This list is sorted by price, so you’ll instantly find out which company offers the lowest premiums. If you’re looking for a specific type or amount of coverage, you can also use the quote comparison tool to find a relevant insurance plan that matches your needs.

Other ways to keep auto insurance costs low include:

Asking about car insurance discount programs. Most car insurance companies offer discounts to their policy holders, including discounts specifically designed for good students, homeowners and other low-risk groups. Asking for insurance discounts is a good way to get a cheaper policy.Taking a state-sponsored driving course for an additional discount.Getting insurance quotes for several different deductibles and levels of coverage. Lowering your coverage might be an acceptable way to keep your insurance costs down if you don’t drive frequently, but otherwise it’s better to look into other options.

Ultimately, comparing insurance quotes online is the fastest way to get lower car insurance premiums. Shopping online will allow you to get instant quotes from all of the major car insurance companies and accurately compare them to decide on an appropriate policy.

Many drivers can reduce their policy costs by 20% or more in only a few minutes by comparing quotes online, and by checking your rates every few months, you can make sure that you never overpay for your insurance coverage.

Compare auto insurance online and save INSTANTLY! Just enter your ZIP code below and begin to save!

Drowsy how about coffee Alert, review car insurance and stay alert when driving? Drowsy driving is risky. /caption]Review car insurance compare auto insurance Alert, review car insurance and stay alert when driving? Drowsy driving is risky.

Drowsy, drink cofffee to stop drowsy driving

Review car insurance is necessary to get low auto insurance quotes under any circumstances even if you are per drowsy driving. As per the latest reports falling asleep while driving during the past year has caused higher accidents leading to higher auto insurance rates when you review car insurance or compare auto insurance, than even drunk driving or distracted driving.
As per the AAA study it has been revealed that 10% of motorists admit to having fallen asleep while driving during the past year.
There has been a lot of attention given by the media’s and all others involved with auto accidents but the new research released yesterday from AA Foundation for Traffic safety has left us all astonished. Drowsy driving is not only dangerous but prevalent for American motorist.

Review your driving habits before you review car insurance or compare auto insurance quotes.

We all emphasis that you need to review car insurance or compare auto insurance quotes to get the cheapest auto insurance rates or the low auto insurance rates. However, based on the findings that 41% of the drivers have admitted to driving when drowsy and of these 10% saying that they have done this in the past year, it is time to review our driving habits.
Drowsy driving is dangerous for our own life and that of others at the same time it is unsafe. Could this be the cause of the high accidents seen over 50 years of age?
A new analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash data estimates that about one in six (16.5%) deadly crashes, one in eight crashes resulting in occupant hospitalization and one in fourteen crashes in which a vehicle was towed involve a driver who is drowsy. These percentages are substantially higher than most previous estimates, AAA says, suggesting that the contribution of drowsy driving to motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and deaths has not been fully appreciated.
Insurance companies would naturally be passing on the cost of the car accidents to their clients and the auto insurance rates would be higher across the board. It would be important for us to instead protect ourselves and review car insurance or compare auto insurance or change our driving habits.

Tips to abstain from drowsy driving and get low auto insurance quotes

Tips to abstain from drowsy driving so that “Many of us tend to underestimate the negative effects associated with fatigue and sleep deprivation and, conversely, overestimate our abilities to overcome them while driving,” Roeber says. “This data underscores the importance of educating drivers on the simple, yet effective steps they can take to prevent a possible tragedy. Unfortunately, too many drivers have adopted the ‘I’m tired, but I can make it’ mentality, often to their own peril or to the peril of others.”

1. Make sure to get between seven and eight hours of sleep the night before your big road trip. Take a warm bath, have a glass of chamomile tea and breathe in some lavender or jasmine before you get into bed to ensure that you can have a restful night of slumber.
2.Next stop, Rest stop. Pull over and take advantage of those rest stops alongside the road; that’s what they are there for. Most of them let you sleep there for up to two hours; that can be just what you need to catch up on your zzzzzzz’s and get refreshed before you get back on the highway.
3.Drink in the caffeine. If you’re on the road and not able to stop, a large Mountain Dew, Red Bull, or cup of joe can give you the jolt you need to make it to the next rest stop or your destination.
4.Check the temp. Is the temperature in the car nice and warm and cozy? Turn it off! Blast the air conditioning or roll down the window. Most people can’t sleep when it’s frigid, so make sure it’s frosty inside your vehicle and this could help you stay awake.

Review car insurance and compare auto insurance quotes for low auto insurance rates

You can review car insurance and compare auto insurance for low auto insurance and for getting better auto insurance quotes it is important not to have auto accidents which will spoil your driving history and record. You need to have a good drving history in order to get low auto insurance quotes.

Child safety before you compare auto insurance quotes News : Before you compare auto insurance quotes, remember child safety

Compare auto insurance quotes next, first ensure child safety

Before you compare auto insurance quotes, remember child safety

We are so much into trying to solve our own problems or finding out how to get low auto insurance rates for which we compare auto inusrance quotes or review car insurance. Fron the 19th September 2010 to 25th September 2010 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHSTA has been declared as the Child Safety Week,. You would be suprised to know that children between the age of 3-14 years who died of heat stroke in a car where at a new record. This is certainly sad and needs to be prevented and hence it is the endevour for the blog to spread the news. We can certainly stop this rather than continously talking about compare auto insurance or money and saving money with review car insurance.

Is it advisable to compare auto insurance or know about child safety in cars?

Both the child safety and low auto insurance rates through compare auto insurance quotes are necessary. However life is more valuable than any other wealth and childern are everything to their parents. Yet the truth is that an average of four children under the age of 14 are killed every day in motor vehicle crashes in the United States as per NHSTA.

The ways of ensuring safety is :

The children above 6 years are not sitting in a car seat and hence it is best to teach them not to play around or move in the car when the driver is driving the vehicle. Rollaway deaths, backover deaths and trunk entrapment can all be significantly mitigated by teaching them not to play in or around cars, and to move away from a vehicle when a driver gets in and when the car is started.

An important note: Although many cars come with detection devices like backup cameras or radars that emit sounds when they sense an obstruction behind the car, they cannot compensate for the act of circling the vehicle to make sure everything and every one is out of the way. This is why you need to keep the child from moving in the seat.

Installing Child Seats
Safety seats are another big component of safe driving with infants and toddlers. Using them in passenger cars reduces fatal injury by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4. In pickup trucks, fatalities are reduced by 58% for infants and 59% for toddlers.

Please get your installation get checked for safety. You can find a safety-seat inspector close to your neighbourhood by clicking on the NHTSA website. Parents should know that children progress from rear facing, to front facing, to booster seat to seat belts-in that order, and according to manufacturer directions for height and body weight. And all children under the age of 13 should ride in the back seat.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the safest place in the car for an infant is facing the rear in the middle of the back seat, with the front tilted at a 45-degree angle to help support the baby’s large head and weak neck. (If the baby’s head slips forward, place a rolled towel under the front edge of the baby carrier and using rolled towels on each side of the baby’s head for extra support.)

How to prevent child fatality due to heat?

The best advice for this is not to leave the child inside the vehicle alone without supervison.
The heating and cooling process for toddlers is vastly different than it is for adults, and that makes them particularly susceptible to overheating in a locked car or trunk.

According to NHTSA, even cool outside temperatures in the 60s can cause the car’s interior to hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. (The inside temperature can rise almost 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes.) What’s more, children’s bodies overheat easily-infants and children under four are among those at greatest risk for heat-related illness-and children are less able to lower their body heat by sweating. That means that inside a hot car, a toddler’s body temperature can rise three to five times as quickly as that of an adult, which can lead directly to heatstroke and death.

It’s a sobering truth, this year especially: To date there have been 41 children who died from vehicular hyperthermia in 2010-already many more than last year’s total of 33.

Thus my sincere appeal to all parents is to be more precautious. Take care of your children first before you compare auto insurance quotes – yes it saves money, but save the child first.