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edgar allan poe : What happens if a driver who is not insured and does not have an car insurance policy.

Response : Edgar let me give you a clear idea on what happens and what you should do since, you can really end up paying thousands, just because you did not know the car insurance coverage you needed to pay only a few dollars.

Reveiw car insurance and compare car insruance coverage to find if you have UM or UI covegage

You can be satisfied with your auto insurance policy, but if it uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM / UIM) coverage is not included, each time taking a serious risk if you get behind the wheel.

In times of high unemployment of drop drivers often, although minimum levels of taxation laws auto insurance need their car insurance. If you are hit by an uninsured driver, and your own policy covers any damage that you might be on the hook for thousands of dollars. If you are injured, you can be compensated never your medical bills or pain and suffering.

The insurance Research Council has determined that a single percentage rise in unemployment to a can as a percentage point in the rate of uninsured drivers get three quarters. The insurance information Institute projected that the proportion of uninsured motorists reach 18 percent in 2010.

“The big picture is, that drive is the most dangerous, what does a person during the day”, said David Snyder, Vice President and associate general counsel for the American Insurance Association-Trade Organization. “Drive the biggest potential for death and serious injuries for the typical person bears.” A motor-vehicle accident may wipe out a lifetime of savings in no time. “Unless you disastrous loss without compensation would necessarily not be exposed to, drivers assured coverage.”

Delete from car insurance to save money

When the economy turns sour, many people have problems that pay their bills. Unfortunately, after which they compare auto insurance quotes, many decide that a good place to back their coverage. You can their liability levels and comprehensive and collision delete cover or ignore its policy the termination of ignore their account allow. According to other drivers to do the right is not a good financial plan. Motorists can meet thresholds for insurance cover condition and have still inadequate policies, said Pete Moraga, spokeswoman for the insurance information network of California.

Insurance requirements vary by State. If a UM added have, typically it will cover the cost of injuries, you and your passengers and property damage. It is true, when an uninsured or a hit and-run driver is legally responsible for the damage.

The problem varies uninsured drivers across the country. According to a study of the insurance Research Council 2009 New Mexico had the highest percentage of uninsured motorists (29 percent) and Massachusetts had the lowest (1 percent). The study found evidence that that the recession led hundreds of thousands of drivers their auto insurance fall in 2008.

Driving in the car-insurance radar

The District of Columbia and 21 States have mandatory requirements for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Several Member States have begun, developing online car insurance verification systems, to identify uninsured drivers. Always an accurate count for these drivers is hard, because such drivers are usually “under the radar fly,” said Moraga. In some urban areas of California estimate, for example, police forces of uninsured drivers in close to 40 percent of the drivers.

Add uninsured and driver underinsured coverage is a lawyer in Los Angeles relatively inexpensive, Jeffrey A. Rudman said, a personal injury. Unfortunately, many of the people he represents not to cover if they were involved in car accidents have.

“There were many times when I have a customer who was seriously injured and the party that caused the injury has no insurance or does not have sufficient insurance,”, he said. “If those who cause injury to any significant assets, the very bad for the client be.” “You are enough money never able.”

Compare car insurance premiums

Comparison shopping for the right policy is important. Many consumers check, car insurance quotes online. If your car by an uninsured driver is damaged and you have high limits to cover, “You are then well placed,” said Moraga. However compensation for damages or in your own pocket to cover can achieve if you are hit by an uninsured driver, and you have a low to cover, you are forced to go to court your. Even if your claim is successful, is no guarantee that you are ever paid, he stressed. Uninsured motorists are likely to have no means, a court settlement to pay.

If you are involved with an uninsured driver in an accident, and you have no UM coverage, the prospects can be gloomy.

“You additional cost talk because you have to pay court fees, and you are not sure what will be the result,” said Moraga. “Even if you a judgment, the person may be homeless or do not have money, so how would you collect?”

Its best to take compare auto insurance and get a car insurance coverage with UM and UI to prevent any anxiety.

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Compare auto insurance

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