Andy Jekins: My car insurance bill was due about 3 weeks ago, but I didn’t pay for it yet. Will anything happen? Will they tow my car or will they just make me pay an extra fee?

Some insurance give you a 30 day grace period and then send you a cancellation notice. The notice is usually 10 days before the cancellation date. Very few carriers actually cancel the policy one day after the due date.

In many states, there are strict laws concerning lapsed insurance. In Georgia, if policy is cancelled the Dept. of Motor Vehicles is notfied after 10 days and will be fined. If it is your first offense, just pay your insurer to reinstate  your policy. If it is a second offense, the fine is bigger. If you donot pay the second fine your license will be suspended and your registration revoked.

If your vehicle is financed, your lein holder can force insurance on you.

Now, the worst thing that can happen is if you have an accident without insurance , hurt or kill someone or damage a property the liablity can be very high. You will loose all your assets and the cost of the legal matters could be very high. You might be put behind the bars for not being able to pay or for the offence of being a reckless driver without any insurance. The consequences can be very bad.

Presently in USA 1 driver out of every six drivers is driving uninsured and the insurance companies are planning to have an extra fine for being without insurance and hence your insurance premium could also be very high in the future. Imagine hurting someone you love in an accident and not getting the money for their medical expenses.

Honestly, this is a very irriational step or even a thought. Please instead compare auto insurance quote online at compare auto insurance quote 411 and you will be amazed at the low auto insurance premiums available. These are free online car insurance quotes.

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