Perry : I am looking into buying auto insurance, can you give me some steps?

Reponses : For anything if you do something systematically you will always benefit financially and also save money. Here are the 10 steps which will help you buying auto insurance:
1) Decide on the limits of coverage – first find out the mandatory requirement of your state and still go for higher limits.
2) Check your driving record and current insurance policy. You can check that you have a good record and what are your coverage’s on the policy.
3) Your first objective for auto insurance is to review auto insurance and find the cheap auto insurance quotes. Shop around and find the two lowest quotes.
4) Compare your auto insurance quotes and coverage’s and choice the best quote for yourself.
5) Check the discounts offered by the insurance companies and see if you are eligible for one.
6) Choice the right insurance company – Find out if the insurance company is licensed in your state and has good customer service. Most of them will have that -so do not worry much about this.
7) Call on the insurance company which had the lowest quote and confirm the coverage and ask any questions you had.
8) Cancel your old insurance policy if you have one.
9) Keep on shopping online for insurance quotes since the rates and discounts do change.

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