Kim Roach : If I compare auto insurance quotes online and find low auto insurance rate, is the auto insurance claim information shared if I switch the insurance company? Will my information remain confidential if I compare auto insurance quotes online?.

Compare auto insurance quotes : reveal the truth.
When you compare auto insurance quotes online and find low auto insurance rate, do not hesitate to switch to another insurance company provided you keep in mind and follow the following steps.
1) All necessary information which can affect the auto insurance cost or rating is always asked up front in the application. You will have to give full details of any driving ticket or the accident that has taken place. It is best not to hid this information, since God-forbid, but should another accident or claim arise, the insurance company will go into all details and if they find out that you have concealed information, your claim would be denied. This is termed as “misrepresentation” as per the insurance termilogy and your insurance would also be cancelled. You will than, find it very difficult to get another auto insurance policy, since this is viewed very harshly even by the specialty insurers who take high auto insurance risk.
2) You should also keep in mind that the insurance company does have assess to your credit and also the police authorities and the DMV to find out information about vehicles or claims.
3) The insurance company can view your records online in the DMV and know of any offences from the records.
4) Sometimes the insurance companies use the same claims adjusters.

You need not be afraid to compare auto insurance quotes online, since technology is changing fast and your information is safe. The insurance company does have the privacy commitments and cannot sell your information. Secondly, most online quotes do not require you to put in all your personal information also.
Yes, online comparing auto insurance quotes is safe.

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