Jerry. Seattle : Are air bags safe? Do insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts for them?

Air bags are life savers and have helped in minimizing the injury to the driver year. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this is about 30% for drivers and 27% for passengers.

 The insurance companies would offer auto insurance discounts for cars having air-bags and this is a common inbuilt feature of many cars. If the air bag is stolen or it deploys it would be covered by your auto insurance policy provided you have comprehensive car insurance.

However, airbags can cause injury and damage because of the force with which it blows up causing injury to small adults sitting close to the wheel, pregnant ladies or elders or even infants sitting in the rear seat. To prevent this injury, take the following steps:

  • Wear your seat belt. This should be mandatory for all children or adults seating in the back seat also.
  • Infants must be placed in rear-facing car seats and only in the back seat.
  • Adults having a small structure should move back at least 10 inches from airbag cover.

Ensure your and your passengers safety and save car insurance premiums.


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