Amish Shah : I was thinking of going in for online auto insurances quotes but was advised that it is not save and that the rates are not accurate?

Compare auto insurance quotes online and get low auto insurance rates. Period.
Response : Amish, you are not the only one but still a lot of people fear online buying or shopping. They are afraid to get a quote online because they fear it isn’t safe? These are some of the top myths which need to be clarified. Thanks to the social medias online, people are now thinking of the web as much more reliable to get information quickly and instantly.
Let me explain that taking a quote online is no different than taking it from an insurance company or agent. In fact, the agent might not be aware of the latest changes. However when the auto insurance companies set up Web sites for you to put in information directly into the system, the auto insurance rates are calculated by special programs which are tested before they are launched. The insurance companies have specifically designed the program which would take in the entire algorithm to measure a risk and calculate the risk based on information. The insurance agents can also perform and do perform the same task; however the insurance companies save on operating cost and so prefer online auto insurance ratings. The insurance company does not have to pay the agent commissions and the amount given for online advertising and promotions is very nominal compared to the commissions. What is important here is that the information given by you is correct to get the correct quote. For example if you miss to give the detail of any accident or an additional driver than the quote will be different.

Secondly, when you get the quote you should look for any information or waiver given by the insurance companies. In case there is some special situation and there is no question pertaining to this, please do not hesitate to call up the insurance company’s customer service department and get the information or explain the situation. This customer service department person is well-versed of such situations and will walk you through the quote.
Here is a special tip, compare auto insurance quotes online and select the best or low car insurance rate which you like. Call on the insurance company and speak to their customer service department, you would get a fair idea of their customer dealings which is important for you and than go online and buy your insurance.

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