Dan Thesis : Are there any standard car insurance rates just like the life insurance rates which are called preferred rates? Is it possible to get them if you compare auto insurance quotes?

Compare auto insurance quote and standard car insurance:

Response : Let me admit that the reality is that there are no standard car insurance rates, although this would be ideal. You must have heard from your friends that the auto insurance rates vary for them. Your car insurance rates vary on a number of factors so it is impossible to lump a majority of the same rate into a group and call it standard car insurance rates. Regardless, the best way to find the most affordable auto insurance quotes is to look online using our free quote comparison service located here.

One of the best ways to get standard car insurance rates is to compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance coverage which is very easy today and it requires just putting in your zip-code.

However, personally I feel if you undertand how the rating matrix works, it will be easy for you to understand how the rating is done so and understand how is works so that you can correct for yourself what you are lacking or can, for example getting yourself graduated driving lessons, if you need to improve driving records.

Here are three main factors on which your rating is based :
1) Where you live : The density and the traffic is going to be a key for the insurer. Obviously, the more the traffic, the more the likely hood of accidents and so the rate would depend on this. Unfortunately there is nothing much you can do about this.

2) Your driving record : The driver is the main risk and so to get a standard car insurance rate you need to keep your driving record clean. This is nothing suprising or new to anyone.

3) Car you drive : The car is important since certain cars are more costly for repairs and hence the insurers charge on the basis of car type model and make. They have gathered all the data over the years and know are constantly researching the safety standards of the car from all sides, roof, front and back.

Yes, you can judge for yourself which cateogry you fall in because you are the best person who knows your own details. Easy today is still to compare auto insurance quotes.


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