Jim Edwards : I find that the auto insurance company demand information about people who live with you? Can they really do this? If I do not declare this when I compare auto insurance quotes online is it fine?

Response : The insurance companies do not want to get any information from you which is not pertaining to the risk. Since the insurance companies are insuring your car, they need to know who lives with you only to know who would be using the car. The car cannot run by itself and it is the driver who is steering the vehicle and so the main risk is the driver of the vehicle. It is important to know how many drivers are there in the family and their driving history so that the auto insurance rating can be done properly. Since this directly affects the auto insurance rating and the insurance companies decision of accepting or declining the risk, any information concealed would be a misrepresentation. This would mean that the insurance company can cancel your policy and deny the claim.

Also technically the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires the insurance companies to do so as part of the agreement of being a legitimate licensed insurance carrier.

Now when you compare auto insurance quotes online if you do not put in the information your insurance quote will be different from what they would give you, once you give the correct information. You need to put in the information correctly than it would be considered as a misreprenstation.


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