Taylor Lautner : This is my fisrt year driving in the winter. I want to avoid an auto accident where can I find information on how to prepare for the winter. How can I keep my auto insurance premium low?

Response : Taylor this is a very important question since the know how is very important for driving in winter since this will information be very crucial in not only safe-guarding your car and keeping the auto insurance rate low by avoiding accidents, but what is most important is it can save lives. Life is valuable. Over the years in the insurance field, I have gathered a lot of information and here are a few tips for winter preperation for you and your friends. Car insurance and car accidents are dependent on weather.

1.Create a Safety Kit. Be prepared with safety essentials in your car, including extra windshield wiper fluid, warm gloves and a hat, flashlight, remote jump starter, tire gauge, safety flares and a blanket.
2. Give Your Vehicle a Check Up. Avoid unnecessary accidents by taking a few minutes to check your vehicle before heading out.
3Use a small tire gauge to check your tires, as cold weather will lower their pressure.
4 Make sure taillights, headlights, blinkers and the horn are in good working order.
5.Play it Safe in the Dark. With shopping season in high gear, heavy traffic is more common, and nightfall comes earlier. When driving at night:
Avoid using any light inside your vehicle.
Use edge lines and center lines of the roadway as guides.
If street lights cause glare, dim your dashboard lights and use your sun visor.
6.Prevent Glare. Snowfall and other precipitation can serve up severe road glare:
Be prepared with a pair of sunglasses.
Avoid foggy blotches on your windows by cleaning the inside of your windshield regularly.
Consider using winter wiper blades designed to handle heavier road debris and snow.
7.Buckle Your Bundles. Loose gifts can be dangerous distractions, less than half of drivers (43 percent) secure their packages on the floor or buckle them down.

The most important thing to do in the winter is to see the weather and be prepared. You can also have your membership with a road assisstant company before hand so that you can get help when you need it. I am sure you will pick up the due diligence very soon since there is no greater teacher than yourself.

Happy and safe driving. Am sure you will be safe and you can also review auto insurance quotes so that you are sure you have the correct coverage before the winter starts. Once you make sure that you can avoid accidents and do not get tickets, you will qualify for discounts and also low auto insurance quote. Compare auto insurance quote from time to time to find out if there are any additional discounts for which you would qaulify.

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