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Ed : My car was recently stolen from my home in Orlanda. How can I prevent the car theft since now I find that my insurance has really gone high.

Response : There are certain cars which can easily be stolen, however, I will go into this information at another time. You have my sincere sympathizes, but thousands of unsuspecting motorists are carjacked every year.

To minimize the danger of being carjacked:
1.Think of saving your life first. Only then, think of your car and what’s in it.
2.If another car bumps your car, stay inside with the windows shut and the door locked and drive to the nearest police or fire station.
3. Don’t stop at isolated pay phones, cash machines or newspaper machines where you could become a carjacking victim.
4.Stay alert to people lurking near or moving toward your parked car.
5. Always keep the windows of your car shut and doors locked, whether you’re in or out of your car.
6.Park only in well-lighted areas.

To prevent your car from being stolen:
1.Keep your registration card in your wallet instead of your glove compartment.
2.Use paint or an indelible marker to put the vehicle identification number (VIN) under the engine hood and trunk lid and on the battery. This number is usually found on the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car.
3.If you have to leave personal property in your car, leave it in the trunk.
4.Keep your car in a garage and lock the garage door.
5.Use a security device like a steering wheel lock or a gear shift column lock.
Now, comming to your high insurance, I would advise you to compare auto insurance quote online – you will suprise the choices and the low rates you get. Check it out.

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Compare auto insurance

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