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Auto Claims Archives

Leanord Weaver : Should I review car insurance coverage after a claim? What are the points that I should review car insurance coverage?

Review car insurance coverage when you compare auto insurance quotes, at time of claim its too late

Response : Leanord, it is best to review car insurance coverage at the time when you compare auto insurance quotes or are applying for insurance or renewing your car insurance policy. At the time of the claim the insurance companies claims adjucating persons will review car insurance coverage opted by you and settle your claim. For you, this is too late. Its like trying to dig a well or look for water when your house is already on fire. You cannot change anything on the coverage at the time of accident or when there is a claim. Alll you can do at that time is to make a note of certain coverages for which you had to pay out of your pocket and so the next time when you renew car insurance policy, you can add these coverages.

How to review car insurance coverage after a claim? First is to review car insurance coverage- do you qualify for the claim?

At the time of the claim, the car insurance coverages would be the deciding factor for the insurance company whether your claim is paid and how much the insurance company is liable to pay for the loss or claim would depend upon the auto insurance coverage limits that you have taken.

The first thing that you should reveiw is if the person who was driving the vehicle was a named insured or not specifically excluded from the policy. If you have specifically excluded a person – for example your teenage son from the policy and he was driving the car, the claim would not be paid. Now, there are certain exceptions to the named insured, like if the car was given to your friend who had a valid licence, than the auto insurance coverage of your policy would be valid. So remember to check the named insured or the drivers of your car.

Secondly, you should be coverd for the said peril or risk. If you have not opted for comprehnsive coverage than if your car is stolen, the insurance company will not pay you any claim or not admit liability for the loss since you have not taken a comprehensive coverage.

Please review car insurance coverage when you compare auto insurance quotes.

Review car insurance coverage limits when you compare auto insurance quotes

Now let us assume that you took a minmum bodily injury coverage of 100/300/100 on your auto insurance policy, which would mean that for one accident the maximum limit that the insurance company would pay for bodily injury is $. 300,000 and the expense per person which is paid is $100,000/- normally these limits are adequate, but depending upon the driving habits the right limits should be opted for. Thus when you review car insurance be sure to check out the car insurance coverage.

Let me give you a tip here: Car insurance premium is highest for the minimum limits and if you increase your limits of coverage than the car insurance premium will not double or increase in the same quantumn.

Yes, a good question and get your low auto insurance rate, today here by comparing auto insurance quotes.


Ebene Kagan : Does an auto insurance claim affect my auto insurance premium since when I did compare auto insurnace quotes my auto insurance quote was higher?
I live in New York city.

Compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance if invloved in auto accident.

Response : Auto accidents are unfortunate events and this is the main reason why one goes for an auto insurance policy. It is a fact that in case you are involved in an auto accident and the accident falls within the perview of the insurance company they would settle your claim and reimburse you. In cases where someone is hurt or a fatal accident the financial loss can be much higher for the insurance company.

Insurance companies have their own underwriting guidelines which they follow, however the reality is that if you are involved in an auto accident the insurance premium would increase in the subsequent year on account of the claim. The quantum of increase in the auto insurance premium is not directly proportionate to the claim paid, however there is an increase in the premium.

Now as per the recent news in New York and Florida the number of staged claims are on the rise and those staging the claims involve incoent drivers in tha accidents.

Suspicious insurance claims from staged accidents are on the rise— and nowhere more than in New York and Florida, two states with no-fault statutes.

Overall, the number of questionable claims from staged accidents increased by 46.3 percent from 2007 to 2009, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

Additionally, the ratio of staged accident claims to overall bodily injury (BI) and personal injury protection (PIP) claims has increased over this period while the total number of BI and PIP claims has declined.

You will be suprised to know that Florida and New York are ranked first and second, respectively, in the top 10 loss states and five of the top 10 loss cities.

The top five states that generated the most staged accident questionable claims are: (1) Florida, 3,006; (2) New York, 1,680; (3) California, 1,619; (4) Texas, 792; and (5) Illinois, 433.

The five cities that generated the most staged accident questionable claims are: (1) New York City, 1,304; (2) Tampa, 562; (3) Miami, 511; (4) Orlando, 422; and (5) Houston, 376.

Staged accidents target innocent drivers with schemes aimed at defrauding the insurance company. This would mean that you need to be more aware on the road when you are driving. Avoid tailgating at all cost and also note down all the details of the oppoiste driver and details of the claim in case you get involved in an auto insurance accident. Unfortunately, there is nothing which can be given to distingush between a genuine claim and a fraud and hence you need to be careful.

It would be best to compare auto insurance quotes online here or at any other web-site of your choice review car insurance coverage to get low auto insurance rates.


Ben Stiller: Every winter I dread driving in the snow and always meet with an auto accident. My auto insurance rate will than scale up. Any tips would be welcomed?

Response: Ben, I understand that winter is a terrible time. Even I dread the winter and getting behind the wheel in this wheater. Winter poses driving challenges and dreadful weather conditions. First let me tell you that to get a better auto insurance rate you need to compare auto insurance rates online and am sure you will find a good car insurance quote. Shop around online and you will be suprised with how much you would save for this.

Lets today discuss about your vehicle safety. The roads are slicky and slipper during the winter and so the first thing you need to do is to get the best snow tires. Your tires are going to be your main shield and saviour for the winter. You will get good deals of snow tires in your local shops, local media and also local radio new ads which will point out the best places and deals for cheap tires. Presently the following tires are voted to be the best in terms of reliablity and price and they are :

1. Michelin Latitude X-Ice ($128 a tire)
2. Hankook Optimo H418 ($94 a tire)
3. Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 ($75 a tire)

Get your brakes serviced and check up that the car is in best shape. The wipers and heating also need to be checked so that the visiblity is good in winters this becomes a big issue.

Last but not least you need to check up if you have a road assistance service since this is very crucial in the winter for auto accidents. You cannot afford to be strangled on the road.

Ben, I assure you that if the car is in best condition it would mean half the battle won. You can easily cruise in for the winter to low auto insurance quotes without a problem. Auto accidents can certainly be prevented.


Taylor Lautner : This is my fisrt year driving in the winter. I want to avoid an auto accident where can I find information on how to prepare for the winter. How can I keep my auto insurance premium low?

Response : Taylor this is a very important question since the know how is very important for driving in winter since this will information be very crucial in not only safe-guarding your car and keeping the auto insurance rate low by avoiding accidents, but what is most important is it can save lives. Life is valuable. Over the years in the insurance field, I have gathered a lot of information and here are a few tips for winter preperation for you and your friends. Car insurance and car accidents are dependent on weather.

1.Create a Safety Kit. Be prepared with safety essentials in your car, including extra windshield wiper fluid, warm gloves and a hat, flashlight, remote jump starter, tire gauge, safety flares and a blanket.
2. Give Your Vehicle a Check Up. Avoid unnecessary accidents by taking a few minutes to check your vehicle before heading out.
3Use a small tire gauge to check your tires, as cold weather will lower their pressure.
4 Make sure taillights, headlights, blinkers and the horn are in good working order.
5.Play it Safe in the Dark. With shopping season in high gear, heavy traffic is more common, and nightfall comes earlier. When driving at night:
Avoid using any light inside your vehicle.
Use edge lines and center lines of the roadway as guides.
If street lights cause glare, dim your dashboard lights and use your sun visor.
6.Prevent Glare. Snowfall and other precipitation can serve up severe road glare:
Be prepared with a pair of sunglasses.
Avoid foggy blotches on your windows by cleaning the inside of your windshield regularly.
Consider using winter wiper blades designed to handle heavier road debris and snow.
7.Buckle Your Bundles. Loose gifts can be dangerous distractions, less than half of drivers (43 percent) secure their packages on the floor or buckle them down.

The most important thing to do in the winter is to see the weather and be prepared. You can also have your membership with a road assisstant company before hand so that you can get help when you need it. I am sure you will pick up the due diligence very soon since there is no greater teacher than yourself.

Happy and safe driving. Am sure you will be safe and you can also review auto insurance quotes so that you are sure you have the correct coverage before the winter starts. Once you make sure that you can avoid accidents and do not get tickets, you will qualify for discounts and also low auto insurance quote. Compare auto insurance quote from time to time to find out if there are any additional discounts for which you would qaulify.

Ed Dale : Yesterday my daughter had an accident. A deer collided with the car. Will her insurance premium increase.
Response : I am sorry for this and hope your daughter is fine. Yes, the insurance premium will increase. I would advice you to go online and compare auto insurance quote. You will find a low auto insurance quote, which you can talior make to suit your own coverage requirements.
Secondly let me give you some tips which I have gathered over the period of time on how you can prevent a collision with a deer, moose or elk. Here’s how:
1) Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to “deer crossing” signs. Scan down the road and far off to each side. At night, use your high-beam lights if possible to illuminate the road’s edges. Be especially watchful in areas near woods and water. If you see one deer, there may be several others nearby.
2) Be particularly alert at dusk and dawn when these animals venture out to feed.
3)If you see a deer, moose or elk on or near the roadway and think you have time to avoid hitting it, reduce your speed, tap your brakes to warn other drivers and sound your horn. Deer tend to fixate on headlights, so flashing them may cause the animal to move. If there’s no vehicle close behind you, brake hard.
4)If a collision seems inevitable, don’t swerve to avoid the animal; your risk of injury may be greater if you do. Maintain control of the vehicle. Report the accident to the police and your insurance company.
5) Always obey the speed limit and wear safety belts.

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