Tony: Is it possible to get cheap car insurance quote?

Response : Tony getting a cheap car insurance quote is something which is very possible. If you have made up your mind to find the cheapest car insurance quote it is very easy in this day and age with the internet. You need to compare auto insurance quote online to find out what suits you and these are free quotes. Getting the cheapest car insurance is a time-consuming process including research and cost comparison. You can just get quotes within matter of minutes.

However, let me tell you another secret which will ensure that you get cheap car insurance quote. Your own drving record, history or habit is the key to cheap auto insurance quote. Getting the cheapest car insurance is possible if you drive safely, take care of your car and keep your driving skills up-to-date.

Driving With Care

If you want to get and maintain the cheapest car insurance available, you must cooperate with the rules of the road for everyone’s protection.

Perhaps the most important rules concern driving while impaired—one of the deadliest behaviors on the road.Getting the cheapest car insurance means never drinking and driving! Only one DUI can raise your rates hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Likewise, driving when you are angry or tired detracts your attention from the road, endangering yourself and everyone around you and causing your insurance rates to go up.

If you begin taking new medication, make sure you understand any possible side effects beforehand. Some may impair your driving ability—with dangerous consequences.

Finally, never eat, drink or talk on a cell phone while driving if you want to obtain and keep the cheapest car insurance. These activities also divert your attention, slow your response time and, in some states, may mean a traffic ticket!


Follow these tips to ensure safest driving and cheapest car insurance rates:

•Plan trips ahead of time, avoiding heavy traffic areas and poor weather conditions whenever possible. Plan the route you will take and your departure time, and allow extra time to arrive safely at your destination.
•Always wear your seat belt—and wear it correctly (over your shoulder and across your lap).
•Stay alert, keeping your eyes on the road at all times.
•Drive at or near the speed limit. Too fast or too slow can be dangerous!
•Keep sufficient distance between yourself and the car in front of you so you can stop quickly without endangering yourself or others.
•Use your turn signals, check your blind spots and be extra careful when approaching intersections.

To find a driver safety class near you, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends calling one of the following programs:

National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course — 800-621-7619

Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc. — 800-270-3722

AARP 55 ALIVE Driver Safety Program — 888-227-7669

AAA Safe Driving for Mature Operators Program — Call your local AAA motor club to find a class near you.

Improving your driving skills and compare auto insurance quote 411 to ensure that you get cheap car insurance quote.

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