Keith Baxter : What do you excatly mean when you say apples to apples when you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance coverage. Is it not that we need to get only the low auto insurance rate? Why should you bother with anything else.

Compare auto insurance , review car insurance for getting optimum coverage and low auto insurance rates

Response : Keith unfortunately, most of us tend to forget the main purpose of auto insurance which is to have the car insurance coverage so that we are covered for an unfortunate incident which can cause a major loss. We forget this main objective and wholeheartedly focus on getting low auto insurance rates – even $1/- difference seems right. We rush to a site which gives us $457/- less on our auto insurance, but does not pick up our exposures!!!

Anyway let me elobrate what we mean by apples to apples – this termilogy applies both to us looking to compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance for low auto insurance rates and also the underwriters of the insurance company who are having a auto insurance rating matirx. As an applicant when we are comparing auto insurance qutoes online, we need to compare the same coverage and same limits for each web-site or insurance company that we attempt the car insurance quotes.

On the other hand the underwriter of the insurance company must also classify us in the right category for rating when they are giving the auto insurance rates.

Hopefully this will help you.


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