Ebene Kagan : Does an auto insurance claim affect my auto insurance premium since when I did compare auto insurnace quotes my auto insurance quote was higher?
I live in New York city.

Compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance if invloved in auto accident.

Response : Auto accidents are unfortunate events and this is the main reason why one goes for an auto insurance policy. It is a fact that in case you are involved in an auto accident and the accident falls within the perview of the insurance company they would settle your claim and reimburse you. In cases where someone is hurt or a fatal accident the financial loss can be much higher for the insurance company.

Insurance companies have their own underwriting guidelines which they follow, however the reality is that if you are involved in an auto accident the insurance premium would increase in the subsequent year on account of the claim. The quantum of increase in the auto insurance premium is not directly proportionate to the claim paid, however there is an increase in the premium.

Now as per the recent news in New York and Florida the number of staged claims are on the rise and those staging the claims involve incoent drivers in tha accidents.

Suspicious insurance claims from staged accidents are on the rise— and nowhere more than in New York and Florida, two states with no-fault statutes.

Overall, the number of questionable claims from staged accidents increased by 46.3 percent from 2007 to 2009, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

Additionally, the ratio of staged accident claims to overall bodily injury (BI) and personal injury protection (PIP) claims has increased over this period while the total number of BI and PIP claims has declined.

You will be suprised to know that Florida and New York are ranked first and second, respectively, in the top 10 loss states and five of the top 10 loss cities.

The top five states that generated the most staged accident questionable claims are: (1) Florida, 3,006; (2) New York, 1,680; (3) California, 1,619; (4) Texas, 792; and (5) Illinois, 433.

The five cities that generated the most staged accident questionable claims are: (1) New York City, 1,304; (2) Tampa, 562; (3) Miami, 511; (4) Orlando, 422; and (5) Houston, 376.

Staged accidents target innocent drivers with schemes aimed at defrauding the insurance company. This would mean that you need to be more aware on the road when you are driving. Avoid tailgating at all cost and also note down all the details of the oppoiste driver and details of the claim in case you get involved in an auto insurance accident. Unfortunately, there is nothing which can be given to distingush between a genuine claim and a fraud and hence you need to be careful.

It would be best to compare auto insurance quotes online here or at any other web-site of your choice review car insurance coverage to get low auto insurance rates.


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