Dave Dee : I know that you have been in the insurance market for more than decades, why do you think it is advisable to compare auto insurance quotes online?
Compare auto insurance quotes online will get low auto insurance rates.
: Dave, yes with my years in this profession, I would certainly repeatedly say compare compare and compare auto insurance quotes online to save money. Money does not grow on trees. You can save $397 to $597 per year just if you compare auto insurance quotes online and low auto insurance rates than what you are paying at present.

It is know that your credit history or a bad driving record is going to affect your auto insurance premium or your car insurance rates. However, more than this it is the individual insurance companies own loss history or book of business which is going to influence their own rating and underwriting philosophy and strategy. This is what is unknown to most people.

Let me go a step further and explain this to you. Personally, working in this field for more than 2 decades, I know what the reality is. For example the Katrina losses did drive up the home insurance rates. Now in this case, this was no fault of the homeowners but they are paying the price. The insurance companies are in the business of insuring and spreading the risk. To compensate the losses in one area or from one class of business like the home they try to balance it out by increasing the rates for another class of business, the auto. Another way of doing this would to increase the overall premiums for one class of business in all states.

Insurance is a business, and like any other business it needs to generate profit. Monetary losses from an excessive amount of insurance claims are usually shifted to the consumer in the package of higher insurance premiums.
In case the insurance company is new and wants to establish themselves in a new state they would lower the auto insurance premium for that state to attract customers. For you it would be prudent to take an advantage of this offer and get your low auto insurance rates.

At times if the insurance company had an extremely profitable year, they would give low auto insurance rates so that they are able to expand their business. For this reason, insurance rates vary greatly from one company to another.
Last but not least there is the constant pressure of competition among the insurance companies and so the companies are coming up with new marketing decisions and as a prudent person you need to take advantage of these opportunities and see where you fit in.
The best way to ensure you are getting the best price for your insurance needs is to review your policy rates regularly and compare them against what other competing insurance companies are offering. You can do this by requesting insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. Compare auto insurance quotes online and save time and money by getting multiple quotes at one place and low auto insurance rates, with compareautoinsurancequote411.com.

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