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The Californians for Fair Auto Insurance rates, which is a collation of Insurance Rates, a coalition of consumer advocates, businesses, taxpayer advocates and insurers, has issued a statement in response to the opposition of the Continuous coverage auto discount act . This is a new act which is going to the ballots in June 2010.
As per the statement given by Kathy Fairbanks, a representative of the Fair Auto Insurance rates : Continuous Coverage Auto insurance discount act” will in fact encourage competition and choice in the auto insurance market. It is in favor of 80% of the drivers, who are buying continuous auto insurance coverage as mandated by the law. This law will reward these auto insurance drivers who have maintained their insurance. They would now be able to go online or to any agent and shop for lower auto insurance prices because they can get higher auto insurance discounts for having continuous auto insurance, once this is allowed and implemented.
“California’s regulatory and rate-setting environment is completely different from Nevada’s or any other state’s. In fact, current California law mandates that your driving safety record, miles driven annually and years of driving experience be the top three factors in determining auto insurance premiums. Nevada has no such requirements.
“Comparing California to Nevada is like comparing apples to oranges.
“The Continuous Coverage Auto Insurance Discount Act will mean more competitive auto insurance rates, more choice for consumers and lower auto insurance premiums. That’s why it’s endorsed by groups like Consumers First, Consumers Coalition of California, Citizens Against Regulatory Excess, California Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Action Committee, League of United Latin American Citizens, California Taxpayer Protection Committee and many more.
With the recession and especially since California’s economy has been affected with a slower recovery, any options to compare auto insurance quotes, online and to be able to get low car insurance rates would be a welcome move.

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