Arnold Schwarzen : I prefer to compare auto insurance companies before I compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance coverage? Can you give me the top rated insurnace companies?

Compare auto insurance quotes – compare auto insurance companies.

Response : Arnold, I would answer your second question first and than we can discuss whether the hen came first of the egg.
There are countless insurance companies, but alll insurance companies do not operate in all states of the United States. The top insurance companies are rated as per the AM’s Best rating ranking grades that they do receive and this grading is done every year. The best rating is AAA for an insurance company. Normally a A+ rating to a B rating is considered good for an insurance company. The leading car insurance companies are Allstate, Liberty, Geico, Progressive, 21st century, USAA, GMAC to name just a few. You can check out the AM’s Best rating at the following address AMBest website . Plug in the name of the company which you want to know about i the small green box on the website for rating and you will get to know the financial strength of the insurance company.

Do you need to compare auto insurance companies? Your aim is to just get a low auto insurance rate. Let me tell you a fact that you are looking for an insurance quote. Your main aim is to compare auto insurance or to review car insurance cost or review auto insurance coverage. And so the first thing that you should do is compare auto insurance quote or review car inusrance coverages. Find out what is the most suitable rate and quote for you. Than go to the Am Best web-site and find out the financial strength of the company if that is what you need to know for your satisfaction. To be honest, the insurance regulations of each state are very strong and so they would not allow an insurance comapany to operate if it does not have the finanical strength.

It would be advisable to call up the insurance company which you select and talk to their customer service department and you would get an idea of their way of responding to the client.
Hope this has been helpful to you.
Happy Valentine day.

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