Paul Colligan: On the Thanks giving weekend, I am planning to go from New York to Oklahama in a rented car. Will my auto insurance policy suffice this and how do I compare auto insurance so that I can get the maximum benefits.

Response: You will have to take into consideration for comparing rental car insurance quote :

  • Check to see if they are including fees for towing, storage, impound fees, loss of use, dismissed value and administrative services.
  • The Administrative services and the diminished value can vary widely if you are involved in an auto accident. In most states diminished value is not covered.
  • Check with your current insurance company or read your auto insurance policy to see if your present auto insurance policy will cover you, if you rent a car for pleasure purpose. However, please note that if you do not have a comprehensive coverage or collision coverage on your present auto insurance policy you will not be covered for damage or theft of the rented vehicle.
  • Check with the credit card company if your rental car insurance coverage is covered. The limitation in this is that they would provide coverage only for the rented car and not for the personal belongings or personal liability coverage for bodily injury or death claims.
  • Please verify the coverage provided by the credit card companies since they would also not provide coverage for the towing, diminished value or administrative fees. Policies of the credit card companies do change and so it would be a best idea to compare auto insurance coverage.
  • To know exactly what type of auto insurance coverage you have, call the toll-free number on the back of the card you will be using to rent the car. Also remember that credit card benefits are secondary to either your personal insurance protection or the insurance offered by the rental car company.

    Happy Thanks giving.

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