Most drivers in Metropolitan areas are struggling to pay sky high auto insurance premiums. Rates could be as high as double within the city limits compared to smaller towns. Unfortunately ratio of uninsured drivers is much higher in big cities in relation to the rest of the country too. That is probably the direct result of higher costs.

Auto insurance companies are well justified to ask more money to insure a vehicle in high density centers. Consider a pool table with 10 balls on it. The chance of hitting one of them is only reasonable. Now consider having 100 balls on the table. Suddenly you can hit them even blindfolded. As well as high accident rates, theft and vandalism losses are considerably higher in main cities too.  

Be that it may, you have advantages and options when you are living in cities that are not available to less populated regions. The first one is the widely available transport networks of subways, buses and trains. So you could easily choose to leave the car home and take the subway in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. That would reduce your yearly mileage and insurance premium.

If you do not fancy public transport, you can carpool to reduce car dependency. Again most families might need two cars for two working partners even the car is only used certain days. In cities you can do away with second car. Another alternative comes with internet. More and more people choose to work from home one or two days a week. Reducing the number of cars and mileage would cut insurance expenditure.

Increasing security features of your car would reduce chance of automobile theft and lower the rates. Furthermore, buying safer cars would reduce injuries in case of an accident. Insurance friendly cars are well rewarded by insurers. You could easily check the insurance rating of a car before making a decision to buy it.

In some cities like Loss Angeles state authorities might allow the sale of low cost auto insurance for low income families. It is essentially reduced minimum coverage requirements for a lower premium. But that would be better than being on the wrong side of laws by not insuring at all. 

The final car insurance reducing solution is available to anyone regardless of where they live. Always get several quotes and compare them if you like to find cheap auto insurance quotes.


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