Penny : How can I get a discount auto insurance quote? Is it a myth?

Response : Penny, let me reassure you that discount auto insurance quote is not a myth but a reality.
Finding the cheapest auto policy used to take some time. But these days, on-line internet marketing has made insurance shopping is faster than ever before.

Gone are the days of looking through the phone book for the right agent. Though some insurance professionals advertise offline, many now choose to offer discount auto insurance through services like Compare auto insurance quote.

I will reveal an inside secret of how to get unique discounts by comparing polices and obtaining these discounts. One of them is the diver discount-no claims for 5 years, no licence suspension for 3 years. The second one is double deductible discount applicable on comprehensive and collision coverage, or increasing the discounts. The third is payment plan Discount which is offered by paying your premium up-front in full. Fourth is the transfer Discount for those who’ve previously held discount liability insurance through a different auto insurance company during the past six months. Fifth is affinity car insurance discount given to members of certain qualifying organizations, an extra discount up to three percent may be available on auto policies. Sixth is the passive occupant restraint auto insurance discount given for safety features like an automobile with full front-seat airbags or restraint devices that work automatically when your door closes may qualify for an additional discount. Seventh is carpool and public transportation discount given to reduce a car’s annual mileage.

Remember these discounts differs from insurance company to compnay and hence you need to compare auto insurance quotes.

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