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joe paterno : I heard elephant auto insurance is giving low auto insurance rates? Is this true?


Response : Joe, Elephant insurance has started its operations and here is some information on this. Personally, I would shop for quotes, compare auto insurance quotes online and also ask some insurance companies before I actually buy my insurance.

Here is some information on Elephant insurance



Commercial opens on the Elephant Auto Insurance logo and the sound of a trumpeting elephant before spokesman is shown onscreen.

Spokesman: Did you know Elephant has lowered their rates by over 30% in the past year all over southwest Virginia?

Map appears behind the spokesman of Virginia Elephant Auto Insurance coverage area with little elephant symbols popping up all over southwest Virginia as he speaks.

Spokesman: If you live in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Salem, Martinsville or the surrounding areas you could save a ton with Elephant. These great rates can’t last forever. Get a quote now at and join the thousands of others who are already taking advantage of these amazing rate decreases and saving over 500 dollars per year.

Map disappears and Elephant Auto Insurance logo appears next to him with the phone number and the web address for the company below the logo.

Spokesman: Call or visit us online at

This Elephant Auto Insurance commercial is pointblank for just southwest Virginia even though Elephant Auto Insurance writes in the whole state of Virginia, Illinois and Maryland also. So something has happened in southwest Virginia that Elephant Auto Insurance was able to decrease the premium for this particular coverage area that they write for.

This is not unheard of though, whenever new safety statistics come out for certain areas a change in rates is seen. If the new statistics show a decrease in claims or in activity that claims are filed for, rates go down. Likewise, if there is an increase in activity for claims then the rates go up. Elephant Auto Insurance must have received new stats and refigured their rates to be able to do this.

For the residents of southwest Virginia that have gotten quotes from Elephant Auto Insurance before, they are indirectly letting them know that if they call for a quote now the premium may be lower. For the other residents in this area, they are throwing the bait out there to get their interest in calling Elephant Auto Insurance for a quote. The others are going to want to check if Elephant Auto Insurance is now cheaper than their car insurance with this new rate decrease.

I personally have never heard of Elephant AutoInsurance as I do not live in the area that they write insurance for. I do like the Elephant Auto Insurance logo and the memory tricks that they use in their otherwise boring commercial.

The elephant is something new and catches your attention if you have never seen it and it is a mascot to associate with this company (visual memory). The elephant trumpeting is not something you usually hear for a car insurance commercial (audio memory) and their telephone number (877-21-trunk) associates their mascot and their number together to make it easier to remember Elephant Auto Insurance.

Even though I think the Elephant Auto Insurance commercial is boring, it does its job to get you to both remember the company and attract the attention of the residents in this area. I have to give this particular Elephant Auto Insurance commercial a thumbs up.

Compare auto insurance

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