Keith : What is considered a safe car from the insurance purpose?
Response : Keith, this is an excellent question. Insurance will consider a car which has high safety standards as safe since this would ensure that the persons would be safe. This is a very vast topic and so for now will touch only on the main features of the car. Many automakers offer safety features beyond the required federal minimums. The following safety features should be considered when purchasing a car:
a)Crashworthiness: Reduce the risk of death and serious injury in case of an accident
b)Vehicle structural design : A good structural design has a strong occupant compartment and front and rear ends are designed to buckle and bend in a crash to absorb the force of the crash. These crush zones should keep damage away from the safety cage because once the cage starts to collapse, the likelihood of injury increases rapidly.
c)Vehicle size and weight : The laws of physics dictate that larger and heavier cars are safer than lighter and smaller ones. Small cars have twice as many occupant deaths each year as large cars. In crashes involving smaller and larger vehicles, heavier vehicles drive lighter ones backwards, decreasing the forces inside the heavier car and increasing them in the lighter car.
These are the basic features which should be kept in mind. Compare cars before buying them and always compare auto insurance and reveiw car insurance once you have a car.

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