Michael Hill : Compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance coverage to get low auto insurance rates is the message that is constantly hammered when one tries to seek car insurance online quotes. However, how do we compare auto insurance discounts?

Compare auto insurance discounts

Response : Agreed that everyone is tired of the words compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance coverage online, but this my friend is the truth and a fact which is a winner in getting low auto insurance rates.

Let us talk about each of them individually. Mind you each insurance company might call it by another name but these are the most commonly used terms.

1) Theft Devices or safety features : Most new cars have theft devices. Some are automatic and some have to be started at the touch of a button, but all usually get discounts on car insurance. Also, some states provide extra discounts for such things as window sketching.

2) Multiple Car Discount: Did you know sometimes insuring two cars can be the same price as insuring one? If not the same price, insuring another car usually does not cost as much as you may think. If you have two cars, it is very wise to check with your insurance agent, or while obtaining your online insurance quote, to make sure you can get this discount on your car insurance. Also, if you are planning to sell a second car, the cheap car insurance trick would be to keep that car on just liability to get your multiple car discount. Sometimes people are surprised when they call their car insurance company to take a car off of their insurance, only to find that their price did not go down but possibly increased!

3)Stick With Yearly Policies: Choosing a yearly policy can extend your savings on your car insurance. Purchasing a yearly policy instead of a six month policy gives you a rate that cannot be changed for one year vs. changing every six months.You get a discount rather than paying monthly.

4)Look Into Comprehensive Storage Coverage: If you are planning to store your car for any period of time, you can save on your car insurance by only keeping comprehensive coverage during the storage time. Since the car would be stored, it is very unlikely it will get in a collision or need the liability coverage.

5) Re-Check Your Mileage: This is a great way to get low car insurance: If you are really close to the “miles to work” break-off, you may want to check your mileage closely. When your car insurance company or insurance agent asks you “How many miles do you drive to work one way?” this is a crucial question that will designate you into a particular class. Each class can have significant differences in prices. You get a low mileage discount on

6) Look for a Group Discount: Many companies offer a discount on car insurance for being affiliated with certain organizations. These can range from credit unions, college sororities, or just having a certain credit card. Call your service center and ask them for a list of organization affiliations.

7) Combine Auto and Home or Renter’s Policies: Most insurance companies give a discount if you carry your auto and home or renter’s policy with the same company. This discount can be anywhere from 5%-20%!

With the discounts you would get low auto insurance rates. Remember each insurance company would cap maximum discounts.
Have a nice day.

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