Amish Shah : I was reading your post with Dave Dee and I can understand the importance to compare auto insurance quotes online, but how do I do this?

Six steps to compare auto insurance quotes online:

Response : Amish, earning money is one thing but saving money is more important and rewarding. Once you master the technique of comparing car insurance quotes online, you will be able to save for your lifetime or your self, your family and friends. Information and learning can be easily passed on like a marketing sales.

To make things easy for you and so that you are able to get the best auto insurance coverage at the lowest auto insurance rates the Everyone loves saving money and auto insurance is no exception. If you want to be an expert in buying car insurance online the fast and easy way, you will need a few things to make sure your transaction goes smoothly.

1. You should know what coverages you want to opt for. This is easy for you once you examine the declaration page of your present policy. This is the first page of your policy, wherein the details of the coverage are give alongwith the limits of coverage. It will also give you the price of each coverage.
2.Once you have decided that this is the excat coverage you want and the same limits, you should fill in the same information for the auto insurance quotes you want to compare. Remember that you have to compare apples to apples. If you fill in for a higher quote than you will naturally get a higher premium in the new quote. You need to atleast take coverage as per the minmum state limits.Online comparetive auto insurance quotes will give you upto 5-10 auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies at one go now and hence once you plug in the information you will need to compare only the cost of auto insurance for each company – the price or the premium.
3.You will need the drivers licence and the information of all family members since the same has to be declared in your application and also online auto insurance quote. Information of the driving history of each member is also relevant and need to be declared. .
4.You will have to put in the make, model, and year of all vehicles in the household. When you purchase your policy online, you may also need the VIN number of all vehicles in the household.
5.All information about your past insurance history including any claims placed or lodged with the insurance company will have to be filled in. It would be best to declare any insurance coverage details up front, since any wrong information can go against you at the time of a claim and hence the very purpose of insurance would be defeated. Your new insurance company will want to know how long you have had continuous coverage. There are discounts available with some companies If you have had continuous coverage for a certain length of time. When you begin a new policy, make sure you cancel the old one. You do not want to be insured at two places.
6. You will also need to know the purpose of use of the vehicle, for example, if your son is using your car for his part-time delivery of pizza than you will need to declare the same to get the right quote. Also if you are going to drive less mileage or car-pool than this would earn you a discount and so it would be best to put in these details to get the correct quote and compare auto insurance quotes online.

Let me know if you require further information. You can try out and compare auto insurance quotes online at this website and get low auto insurance quotes. Check it out if you want.

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