Ed Dale : Yesterday my daughter had an accident. A deer collided with the car. Will her insurance premium increase.
Response : I am sorry for this and hope your daughter is fine. Yes, the insurance premium will increase. I would advice you to go online and compare auto insurance quote. You will find a low auto insurance quote, which you can talior make to suit your own coverage requirements.
Secondly let me give you some tips which I have gathered over the period of time on how you can prevent a collision with a deer, moose or elk. Here’s how:
1) Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to “deer crossing” signs. Scan down the road and far off to each side. At night, use your high-beam lights if possible to illuminate the road’s edges. Be especially watchful in areas near woods and water. If you see one deer, there may be several others nearby.
2) Be particularly alert at dusk and dawn when these animals venture out to feed.
3)If you see a deer, moose or elk on or near the roadway and think you have time to avoid hitting it, reduce your speed, tap your brakes to warn other drivers and sound your horn. Deer tend to fixate on headlights, so flashing them may cause the animal to move. If there’s no vehicle close behind you, brake hard.
4)If a collision seems inevitable, don’t swerve to avoid the animal; your risk of injury may be greater if you do. Maintain control of the vehicle. Report the accident to the police and your insurance company.
5) Always obey the speed limit and wear safety belts.

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