Perez Hilton : How to review car insurance auto theft coverage when you compare auto insurance quotes? What can I do to prevent auto theft? Review car insurance auto theft coverage: Response : Perez, you need to reveiw car insurance theft coverage to make sure that you have this coverage especially for expensive cars and sports cars or new cars. The liability portion of the car or liability coverage would cover only liability and you need to have a comprehensive coverage to cover auto theft. Review car insurance policy and check out whether you have this coverage.

There are certain things that you can do prevent auto insurance coverage. You need to review the following points and habits if you want to prevent auto theft. These are some of the points recommonded by the insurance companies themselves :

Prevention of auot theft .
• Parking of vehicle : You should park your car in a populated, well-lit area. Auto thieves do not like witnesses and prefer unattended parking lots.
• Your belongings should be kept in compartments and do not leave valuable items on the seats or in the open in the car. This will prevent the break up or auto theft. You also need to remember that your belongings and not part of the auto theft but the coverage for them is in your home insurance policy.
• Your car should be locked at all times and do not leave an unlocked vehicle. Roll up windows, lock-up doors and take your keys.
• Make Your Mark: VIN etching—a permanent engraving of a vehicle’s federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) on its windshield—makes it tougher for a thief to resell or take your vehicle across the border without replacing the marked glass.
• Keep Track: High-tech tracking devices can alert you—and law enforcement—the moment an unauthorized user moves your vehicle

Compare auto insurance quotes
Compare auto insurance quotes at all times, since most general insurance companies offer you discount if you have anti-theft devices installed in the vehicle and the discount rates would vary from company to company. You need the best car insurance coverage at the least expensive rates or low auto insurance rates.


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