Leanord Weaver : Should I review car insurance coverage after a claim? What are the points that I should review car insurance coverage?

Review car insurance coverage when you compare auto insurance quotes, at time of claim its too late

Response : Leanord, it is best to review car insurance coverage at the time when you compare auto insurance quotes or are applying for insurance or renewing your car insurance policy. At the time of the claim the insurance companies claims adjucating persons will review car insurance coverage opted by you and settle your claim. For you, this is too late. Its like trying to dig a well or look for water when your house is already on fire. You cannot change anything on the coverage at the time of accident or when there is a claim. Alll you can do at that time is to make a note of certain coverages for which you had to pay out of your pocket and so the next time when you renew car insurance policy, you can add these coverages.

How to review car insurance coverage after a claim? First is to review car insurance coverage- do you qualify for the claim?

At the time of the claim, the car insurance coverages would be the deciding factor for the insurance company whether your claim is paid and how much the insurance company is liable to pay for the loss or claim would depend upon the auto insurance coverage limits that you have taken.

The first thing that you should reveiw is if the person who was driving the vehicle was a named insured or not specifically excluded from the policy. If you have specifically excluded a person – for example your teenage son from the policy and he was driving the car, the claim would not be paid. Now, there are certain exceptions to the named insured, like if the car was given to your friend who had a valid licence, than the auto insurance coverage of your policy would be valid. So remember to check the named insured or the drivers of your car.

Secondly, you should be coverd for the said peril or risk. If you have not opted for comprehnsive coverage than if your car is stolen, the insurance company will not pay you any claim or not admit liability for the loss since you have not taken a comprehensive coverage.

Please review car insurance coverage when you compare auto insurance quotes.

Review car insurance coverage limits when you compare auto insurance quotes

Now let us assume that you took a minmum bodily injury coverage of 100/300/100 on your auto insurance policy, which would mean that for one accident the maximum limit that the insurance company would pay for bodily injury is $. 300,000 and the expense per person which is paid is $100,000/- normally these limits are adequate, but depending upon the driving habits the right limits should be opted for. Thus when you review car insurance be sure to check out the car insurance coverage.

Let me give you a tip here: Car insurance premium is highest for the minimum limits and if you increase your limits of coverage than the car insurance premium will not double or increase in the same quantumn.

Yes, a good question and get your low auto insurance rate, today here by comparing auto insurance quotes.


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