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tmz Is a ban on text messaging and cellphones helpful for auto insurance?

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Obama : How far will the text messaging ban and the telephone ban help in bringing down the auto insurance premium?

Response : This is something very interesting and something only time will prove. Yes, however the statistics do say that 2 to 43 chances of accidents are likely with text messaging or phone conversation. Recently most the states accepted avoiding distracted driving – ban for cell-phones and text messaging. How effect is this? The photographs above shows Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger wife using the cell-phone whilst driving.

A law that took effect in July 2008 requires California drivers to use a handsfree device when talking on cell phones.
Since then, the California Highway Patrol has issued more than 150,000 citations. That figure does not include citations issued by local police. Drivers who are spotted by law enforcement officers holding a cell phone to their ear are subject to fines of at least $20 for the first ticket and $50 for subsequent tickets, plus additional fees.

Now consideringhow this will be helpful in low auto insurance let me tell you that the text messaging and cell phone ban will bring down the auto accident rate which is as hgih as over 30% in most places on account of distracted driving. Assuming that this is reduced by at least 15% and the expense and claims are reduced by 15% – the auto insurance premium would be lowered by atleast 10%. The reason for this is because the claim expense for a large part of loading on the auto insurance rate. Thus you will get a low auto insurance rate. I hope this helps.

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