Compare auto insurance

Is insurance required when renting a car in the USA?
At Avis specifically. I heard that rental insurance isn’t required but does this apply even if you don’t have any  auto insurance ?

not required, but your responsible for any damages to it or if stoled, all sell insurance aor lenght of rental, and worth bying if you had auto innsurance of your own, that would cover a rental
good luck

No, it isn’t required. You can reject the coverage. But please be aware, if you are involved in a collision, you will have to pay for all the damages if you don’t have your own insurance. Even if you do have your own insurance, it may not transfer to a rental, you would have to check with your carrier first.

I suggest being well covered when renting a vehicle. Chances are, you are going to be renting a newer vehicle, and if an accident happens without the proper protection, you are stuck paying for the repairs of a fairly expensive vehicle.

If you have full coverage auto insurance, i.e. State Farm which allows you to rent car, then specific rental insurance isn’t required. Specific rental insurance is pretty expensive and can cost about $20 a day.

DONT DO IT/its easy to be in 30k 50k accident/the other insurance companys are relentless and will hound you forever/also ticket and fines for driving w/out insurance

Avis isn’t going to rent you a car, unless you have your own auto insurance, or buy their coverage.

That’s because EVERY car is required to have insurance, to be on the road.

Check with your credit card company before renting to see what kind of coverage they offer for rental cars. Many card companies offer automatic rental car coverage when you rent the car using their card.

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Compare auto insurance

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