Eben Pagan : Ohio, has very low auto insurance quote. Will the same premium prevail in 2010?

Response : It is indeed true that Ohio is the 11th lowest auto insurance rates in the nation, improving from its ranking of 13th in 2007. The auto insurance premium for Ohio on an average is $633.31 in auto insurance premiums in 2008, whilst the average US auto insurance premium are $794.98.

The Ohio Department of Insurance reports that auto insurance rates in that state have declined for the third consecutive year, according to the 2006/2007 Auto Insurance Database Report just released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
“Ohio has a healthy, dynamic and competitive auto insurance marketplace that helps drive the prices of premiums lower to the benefit of consumers,” said Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson.
Ohio’s average auto premium is less now than it was seven years ago, according to the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII). In 2002, Ohio’s average auto insurance expenditure was $642. Based on the NAIC findings for 2007 and the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) 2008 rate change report, OII estimates that the average auto insurance expenditure for Ohioans was $633 in 2008.
Department of Insurance analysts expect that rates for automobile insurance, overall, will slightly rise in 2010. Changes in automobile insurance rates can be attributed to repair costs, medical costs, weather-related claims, and the number of cars on Ohio roads.

What is important to note here is that the auto insurance rates are related to the auto claims expenditure and since these expenditures have remained low and this has helped in keeping the low auto insurance quotes. We all can help ourselves by being responsible auto drivers.

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