Ken White : Does the auto insurance rate increase inspite of road accidents due to weather conditions or road conditions?

Response : Ken, unfortunately the truth is that once you have an auto accident under your poolicy your auto insurance rate is going to increase and your auto insurance premium will increase. The weather and road conditions do play an important part in car accidents, however, the insurance company would fiannly attribute the auto accident to your driving skills.

If you want to have low auto insurance rate than you will have to develop great driving skills as per the requirement of the area in which you normally reside or leave. The insurance companies have conducted a number of studies which prove that your driving skills paly an important part in giving you a low auto insurance rate. if you a good driver, not aggressive, you follow the rules and take the precautions required as per the road or weather conditions, you will get a low auto insurance premium. Once you develop this skills like how to drive in a storm, on icy roads or in harsh winter condtions.

Fortunately now the state departments, media and weather departments offer a lot of help and imporvement in road conditions which has decreased the auto insurance fatality. As per the latest news for example from Alabama Gov. Bob Riley is crediting state efforts for driving down the number of highway deaths in Alabama.
Officials are anticipating a 35 percent decrease since 2006 in the number of state trooper-investigated highway deaths in the state.Riley says the decline represents about 300 people.

Beginning in 2006, several state agencies have focused on areas where there were a large number of fatal crashes. The result was a campaign that included a series of safety blitzes and road improvements.Alabama troopers have investigated 518 highway fatalities this year. Riley said that’s down from about 800 in 2006.

Hence you need not worry about this. Low auto insurance rates can be obtained once you drive safely, pay attention to the news on weather conditions and the state goverment plays its role in improving the raod conditions. You can also compare auto insurance rates for low auto insurance at this blog for free. Read my other articles on this blog for a low car insurance rate.

Happy Motoring.

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