Jeff Walker : What are the mistakes that one should not make when we compare auto insurance or review car insurance?

Compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance

Response : Jeff an excellent question.

When you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance rates or review auto insurance coverages in order to get low auto insurance rates or the best car insurance coverages you need to make sure to avoid certain mistakes since this would defeat the very purpose of your wanting to compare auto insurance quotes.

* Do not restrict yourself to getting one quote only thinking that your credit rating would be affected. Remember that getting insurance quotes is a soft hit and this will not affect your credit rating at all.

* Getting low auto insurance rate would not mean that you have the optimum car insurance quote. You will need to compare the coverages of each company also. Examine the fine prints and not just the dollar amount.

* Never loose sight of your main goal and objective of getting car insurance or comparing auto insurance is not only to pay less but ultimatley pass on the risk to the insurance company, so that in case of a loss you are indeminfied- paid your claim. This would mean that you have the coverage for the car – comprehenisve coverage and also the liability coverage.

* You must know of the customer service of the insurance company and instead of leaving it to chance all you need to do is ick up the phone and call the insurance company. You will get the first-hand expereince of their customer service.

* Compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance coverage which are similar when getting quotes from different companies if you do not get multiple quotes. Only if you have the same limits and coverage would you be able to compare auto insurance quotes of different companies. Yes, I mean compare apples for apples.

More again… thanks again for such a great question.


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