Keith Baxter : Can auto insurance companies demand information about people who live with you? When I compare auto insurance quotes do I need to declare all the members of my household? Should I review car insurance application for this?

Review car insurance application when you compare auto insurance quotes.

Response : For an insurance companies the members of your household or people who live with you are relevant and important. The reason for directing these questions is because this is one way the insurance company would know who is likely to drive your vehicle or use your vehicle. This is so because if you are living in the same household the chances are more likely that you would be using one another vehicle either on a regular basis or randomly when needed. This is also another way for the insurance company to know the possible risk factors that must be considered when rating or underwriting your application or accepting your risk.

The general question on the application is who the licensed drivers are living in your household. The reason for this question is that many people do not declare all drivers living in the household, especially when one of them has an adverse driving history or a bad claims record, to avoid loading.

Remember that if you have a child who is below six than you might earn a discount for this, since the parents of very young children would be more careful drivers especially when they have their child with them.

Failure to disclose correctly when you compare car insurance quotes

If you do not declare this correctly than in case of an accident when the insurance companies conducts an investigation and finds out that whatever has been declared on the application when you compared auto insurance quotes was not correct, they can deny the claim and void the policy. Hence you should always review car insurance application and ascertain the correctness of the same when you compare auto insurance quotes.


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