Robert: I was hit by a negligent driver and I was not covered under auto insurance for the car I was driving? What should I do?

Response : If you have been injured by a negligent driver than you can definitely file a suit against the negligent driver for his suit. You will be awarded a benefit depending on the nature of your injury, and in proportion to the amount of fault assigned to the other driver. The other driver can also claim some benefits if some fault is assigned to you if he or any passengers in his vehicle are injured or the vehicle is damaged.

However, you will be penalized for not having an insurance policy depending upon the state laws and provisions, since most states require certain limits for auto insurance which are mandatory. If you are living in a state where insurance or your financial responsibility is allowed than it would work in your favor if you can prove that you can meet the financial responsibility. Since you do not have any insurance you cannot file a claim and so you will have to pay out of your pocket.

Roberta, I strongly recommend that you to have your auto insurance coverage. Please compare auto insurance quotes. Review the car insurance quotes, and coverage’s. I assure you, that you will find cheap auto insurance rate.


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