Howie Schwartz : Wisconsin :I am Wisconsin do you know what the auto insurance rates are and how to find low auto insurance? Can you tell me about car insurance libaility limits for USA.

Response : Since you are in Wisconsin than, I would advice you to compare your auto insurance premium and find out what options you have for a low auto insurance rate. Online car insurance comparison for USAA would definitely give you a better option to choose from. You can certainly try on this site and get good low auto insurance quotes. Secondly look up my article on car insurance liablity limits for USA.

You need to do this because new auto insurance requirements were approved by the Democratic-controlled Legislature earlier this year. The minimum limits for car insurance and also the auto insurance premiums are increasing with effect from 1st November 2009.
As insurance companies begin mailing notices to Wisconsin customers telling them that their premiums are likely to increase soon, state politicians are scrambling to Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson, D-Kaukauna, said in an Oct. 7 letter to a constituent who inquired about higher premiums that “any premium increases are due to the business decisions of insurance providers rather than any action taken by the Legislature.”
However, premiums in general are expected to go up for consumers who purchased only the minimum limits because of the changes, said OCI spokesman Jim Guidry.
Determining how much, or what the impact would be on an individual policy holder, is difficult because some consumers purchased more than the minimum limits, Guidry said. Also, there are more than 200 insurance companies competing with one another and a variety of other factors, including driving record and past claims experience, affect premiums, he said.
“People who have higher limits that are at or higher than the new mandated amounts, will not be impacted,” said Ken Muth, a spokesman for American Family Insurance, which is based in Madison. “It’s going to depend on what the coverages are now and the additional coverages you’ll have to take on. … It may go up significantly for some.”
American Family is sending out letters to policy holders warning them about increases. Since this is a state requirement you cannot

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