Robert : Who is a prefered driver? Will a preferred driver be entitled to discount?

Response : A “preferred risk driver” is a good driver and by the insurance industry standards generally a preferred driver is :
1.In your mid-twenties or older, offering enough time to establish an exemplary record
2.Free of moving violations or tickets in the past three or more years, depending on where you live and which insurer you choose
3.Superior when it comes to credit scores, with higher ratings than most of your peers
4.Lawful citizens, with no vehicle-related crime convictions
Taking a defensive driving course also improves your chances of obtaining a good driver discount, as it shows your insurance company a willingness to improve your overall driving skills.

If, you’re a good and careful driver who obeys the law, seldom gets ticketed and hasn’t had an accident in years, your cautious nature may just earn you some brownie points when it comes to lowering your insurance rates.

In fact, for good drivers like you, cheap car insurance is the ultimate reward for careful driving. Car insurance companies base premiums partially on past driving experience, a good driving record automatically entitles you to a discount on car insurance rates. The logic is once a careful driver, always a careful driver—at least in your insurer’s eyes. If you have a good driving record when you’re younger, you’ll usually continue that trend as you grow older. That makes you less risk to your insurance company; and they’ll most likely reward you with reduced premiums.

In fact, the better your record when it comes to things like accidents, claims and tickets, the lower your premiums are likely to be—saving you a considerable amount on car insurance.Good drivers ride safely, avoid costly repairs and medical bills, and help protect themselves and others on the road. But one of the greatest benefits comes with preferred driver discounts, an easy route to cheaper car insurance.

If you’re shopping for lower rates on car insurance, let us help. We’ll get you all the discounts you deserve—including those for good drivers—and start you on your way toward great coverage today. Compare auto insurance coverage and check out how much you can save.

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