Adam Lamberget : How do I reduce my auto insurance quote and get an estimate auto insurance which is very low?

Response : Yes, Adam we all want to save $$ especially in the holiday season. There are many ways to lower and reduce auto insurance.The first thing is the intent, second is to compare car insurance quotes, third review car insurance coverage, discounts, savings and terms and conditions of your policy so that you know what each of insurance company is offering.
a)This is basically on the auto insurance policy. Now is the time you need to work out the savings for yourself for which the steps are :
1) Opt for a higher deductible, the higher the deductible the higher the savings,
2) Cut down the collision coverage, however this should be done for old vehicles more than 10 years old.
3) It is best to have the optimum limits of coverage, which would be atleast the coverage your state limits are and what would be the maximum requirement as per your own driving history. It is best to have a higher limit for liability coverage and a lower limit for uninsured motorist, medical coverage if you are already insured seperately under your health coverage.The key is not to be overinsured since you would be paying higher premiums unnecessarily. Let me give you a tip, no agent or no insurer can excatly estimate or would be bold enough to tell you the excat limit you should take. This decision would be ultimately yours, since you are the one who knows your own financical situation the best.

b) Your own driving history : Therer are other ways to reduce your auto insurance premium.
1) Never forget the traffic rules and obey them at all times. Sounds simple enough, but traffic violations are a huge cause of inflated premiums. Excessive speeding violations, ignoring stop signs and traffic lights will cause your auto insurance costs to hike. Remember, the point behind these laws is to reduce and prevent the amount of car accidents.
2) Avoid drunk driving at all cost, this is the most costly penalty amongst all auto insurance rates. Compare auto insurance rates of normal insurance with drunk driving and you will realize that the rates for drunk driving are as high as 200-400 times!!
3) Avoid distracted driving or driving when you are tired.
4) Safety rules of wearing the seat belts and driving would certainly make sure that you are not penalized and your record is not spoilt.
c) There are many factors of your vehicle, automobile or car which will play a role in your insurance. The keys to get low auto insurance quote for the car are:
1) A car like a four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, automatic seatbelts, airbags, an anti-theft and alarm system will help in getting low auto insurance costs because it cuts the risk of accidents and theft,and the insurance company would consider this as positive factors in the risk.
2) Avoid any racing stripes. Auto insurance can get pricey for drivers who want to dress up their vehicles. In fact, “pimping out your ride” isn’t the best idea when trying to find ways to reduce your auto insurance and is really a fast way to waste money on auto insurance. So ditch the spoiler, the modified or customized sound system and the flash exhaust. Modified cars cost more to insure. Keeping it simple will save you money on the customizing and on your auto insurance!
Besides following the above tips and the best nugget is to shop online, use our quick rates form and comparing insurance quotes. It’s easy, free, and a fast way to compare several of the industry’s top carriers’ lowest auto insurance rates. This is because this is a very competitive market and online you will get the best options and the lowest auto insurance rates at one go.
Good luck.

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