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What factors influence car insurance rates in your State?

Lets assume that  you have a clean driving record, your balance is excellent and your insurance premiums could be positive for all other personal factors reflect on your behalf. Their car insurance rate is still high. When the renewal of premium in the mail, you crawl before you open the account. Why is your good good for nothing cousin a few States do, who is unemployed, has many accidents and a variety of travel tickets, pay less for car insurance than you?

It seems not fair.

One of the more interesting things to do in a project such as the modernization of the State level pages on the carinsurancelist.com is the compilation of statistics on a State-by State basis, and take note how trends are. There are many factors that can affect your personal car insurance rate, but in a certain geographical region each begin with a baseline rate, then personal factors flow underwriting in the final.

What makes a State car more expensive than other insurance?

When compiling the statistics on the status pages, we have decided that several factors were, a look at the single value:

• Insurance fraud
• Motor vehicle theft rates
• Percentage of uninsured drivers
• Auto accident and death rates

It was clear that these factors were predictors of at the beginning of our research, from where a State of cost of car insurance would rank. It took no detailed, University level statistical analysis note the occurrence of certain trends. Any State which classified landed high in one of these categories insurance premiums than the national average of car on place. With the lowest car insurance premiums scored well (compared to the national average) in all or most of the above mentioned factors.

For example, the State with the highest car is stolen from California, which maps to assure most expensive State in which a car as the 6th. Mississippi and New Mexico are number 1 and 2, respectively, when it comes to percentage of uninsured drivers. And both are among the most expensive States for car insurance.

Another factor was clearly an indicator for high car insurance premiums: no-fault / PIP health insurance by State law required. Every State in the country that requires no-fault / PIP health insurance ranks in the top of high car insurance premiums.

The conclusions may seem random, but are clearly, regulatory authorities in the individual a look at the next times take insurance they should a complaint, get a car insurance company consumer trends.

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The key is to compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance and get low auto insurance rates.

Compare car insurance
Compare auto insurance

On Sunday; one of my MichiganAuto Insurance clients was involved in an auto accident.  Although my client was not ticketed or speeding or driving carelessly, her car slid off the road and into a guard rail while going around a wet curve. After she filed her auto insurance claim with Titan auto insurance ; she stopped by Southeastern PA office to pay her bill and discuss a matter which was upsetting her.  I asked if I could see the car before taking it to the Body Shop. Beyond the damage to the car; she lost her engagement ring while changing the tire which blew out during the accident.  She shared she was very upset because the Progressive Claim Rep said her ring was not covered under her auto policy. She said I specifically told her the ring would be covered for loss. I explained to her that was true, the ring was covered under her Renters Policy and not her auto policy. The reason the Progressive Insurance Company Claims Adjuster to her it was not covered, was because they were not aware of your Travelers Insurance Renters Policy which covered the ring.  Since we had scheduled the diamond ring under that policy, it would be very easy to have the claim filed and paid fairly quickly.

After we walked outside to the parking lot; I immediately noticed two items which really concerned me. First and foremost, the tread on the front tires was very low.  Although they were not exactly bald, I would never allow my tires to get that low and drive a car with such little tire tread. Further; I doubt the car would pass PA State Inspection.  On the other hand, the rear tires appeared to be new. They still had the paper stickers on the tread.  I asked Lindsey about it and she told me she had just bought the rear tires and her Fiance installed them for her.  I asked her why he installed the new tires on the back and not the front.  Her boyfriend said it was better because the car was a rear wheel drive car.  Although I was not trying to tension between the two; I explained to her how silly that theory was. I asked how long her fiance was an auto mechanic.  She said he’s not, he’s in construction.  He borrowed his friend’s garage bay to put on the tires.  I told her regardless if you have a rear wheel car or not, if you buy only two new tires, you should always install the tires with the best tread on the front. It’s always better to have more control than rear traction (if you must make a financial choice).  In fact, I said the car insurance claim she just filed and the increase in her auto insurance rates may have been avoided if she did not receive such poor advice.

When it comes to your car insurance and car insurance claims, some auto accident and claims may be avoided by just keeping your car maintained and in good repair. Even though I feel the advice about Lindsey’s Tires was good – if you have any questions regarding your car and your cars maintenance and repair, always consult a professional auto service technician. Although I’m sure Lindsey’s fiance’ heart was in the right place, the accident could have been worse than a dented body and a $500.00 Auto Insurance Deductible.

Stay tunned to our further examples on controlling your auto insurance rates, its not the auto insurance companies to blame, but our own mistakes that at times hike up our auto insurance rates.


You need to make sure that your Liability insurance is adequate at all times

Do not make the mistake of not to compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance now- to get your low auto insurance rate and make savings.


Compare car insurance

What’s the difference between PIP and medical payments coverage?

Low auto insurance rates

auto insurance coverage

derrick mason What’s the difference between PIP and medical payments coverage?

Auto insurance coverages are important to understand

Response : A very good question. Once you understand this you would know what auto insurance coverage you need and why you need. This is important since health expense is an expense you can never put off , you need to be in good health and restort your health to survive. You can put off the repair of the car but can you put off the body issues?

 Basic liability insurance covers the injuries you cause to others in car accidents. But what about your injuries? You’ll need to buy extra coverage to cover those. There are two main kinds of coverage that offer payments for a driver’s medical bills after an auto accident: medical payments coverage and personal injury protection (PIP). Here’s how these two types of coverage work.

Medical payments coverage is an optional type of insurance that pays for necessary medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. It will cover you even if you’re the one who caused the accident. The amount of the payout depends on how much coverage you buy; generally, only treatment received within three years of the accident is eligible, according to Progressive. In addition to paying medical bills, medical payments coverage will pay for funeral expenses if you or your passengers die.

Medical payments coverage can end up overlapping with a person’s general health insurance coverage. But for those without comprehensive employer health insurance, medical payments coverage can be a safeguard against the expensive injuries that result from auto accidents.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

PIP pays for medical bills, funeral costs and lost wages after an accident. In states with no-fault insurance systems, it is a required type of coverage. No-fault states require that accident victims collect from their own insurance companies instead of suing the at-fault driver’s insurance company. PIP, which pays out no matter who is at fault, allows them to do that.

Some states that don’t have no-fault systems still require PIP. Texas, for example, requires drivers to buy it unless they sign a waiver specifically rejecting it, according to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Similar but different

If you live in a state that offers both medical payments coverage and PIP (and where both are optional), it’s important to know the differences.

For one thing, PIP covers lost wages, while medical payments coverage does not, according to the NAIC. In other words, PIP will help make up for the wages you missed while recovering and unable to work. Medical payments coverage, meanwhile, pays only for your medical bills.

Another key difference has to do with something called “subrogation.” If you have PIP and you get a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company, you can keep all of the money, according to the website of Robert C. Slim, a personal injury attorney in Dallas. For example, say you get $2,000 from your PIP coverage to pay your medical bills and then sue the other driver’s insurer and get a settlement $5,000. That settlement is yours to keep.

In some states, though, things can get more complicated when it comes to medical payments coverage, as it is subject to subrogation (a legal term for reimbursement). For example, say your insurer pays your medical payments claim and you then get a settlement from the other driver’s insurer. Depending on your state, your insurer might be entitled to part of that settlement as reimbursement for the medical payments claim.

Get your car insurance quote, once you know what coverages you require.


Review car insurance
Compare auto insurance

compare auto insurance

andy rooney : Lately lots of commercial advertisement are seen on comparing auto insurance.  Thought you would help be stay informed.

Compare auto insurance quotes with different insurance companies.

Response : Thnaks Andy for this question and having confiedence in us. Compare auto insurance is very simple yet if done skillfully, with information can yeild great savings. Its not just filling in information, but as per your own unique circumstances, getting the best on car insurance both on coverage and low cost .

Auto insurance providers.

Auto insurance providers in America provide various types of coverage for Americans. There are many well-known policy providers such as Nationwide, Progressive and GEICO. There are also other companies such as farmers, safe auto and many others that many Americans are unaware of. Because of the amount of competition in the United States, getting I car insurance is a fairly easy process and people have the potential to save lots of money by doing a little bit of research. Americans looking for cheaper rates on current insurance plans in the month of September has many routes they can take to try and find more for coverage.

How to compare auto insurnce – use auto tools

Auto insurance in America is a necessary, and often required, tool to provide coverage in the event of an auto accident. There are hundreds of thousands of accidents every day and week, and the likelihood that an individual will be in an accident is fairly high. Auto insurance can provide the financial protection, coverage and peace of mind needed to deal or cope with the situations. There are types of coverage such as comprehensive and collision that people use to cover the cost of all damages caused by an accident. But, some people decided to draw different parts of coverage in an attempt to save money. Though this could save a little bit of money on the monthly payment, not having copies of coverage they have an individual paying for all the property and bodily harm costs associated with an accident if they called it. This would leave an individual having to pay thousands of dollars. Most Americans do not have a large amount of money to easily afford an accident by themselves. It is almost always a good idea to have both collision and comprehensive auto insurance even if that means $20 or $30 extra a month. Many individuals are able to get auto insurance policies between $50 and $100, but depending on the individual, it can be more expensive or less expensive. But insurance companies use various risk factors to determine how much a rate should be for a specific individual. If a person is considered to be too risky, they are more likely to pay a higher premium.

There are many companies that provide auto insurance to Americans, and because of the availability of coverage, Americans can easily go online and get rate quotes to determine which company is providing a cheap plan. Is it takes 15 to 20 min. to get a rate quote, and some auto insurance providers will provide multiple rate quotes alongside of their own. Getting multiple rate quotes and pairing them together is one of the best ways for individuals looking for cheap auto insurance to find an affordable car insurance plan.

You should certainly look up insurance quotes, for Geico auto insurance, 21st century, all state insurance, statefarm or usaa auto insurance- ofcourse we have the comparisions here except for state farm – get your insurance quote here. 

Compare auto insurance quotes
Compare auto insurance quotes

auto insurance, personal injury coverage

Auto insurance changes to personal injury protection coverage offered

Last week there has been a proposed change to the auto insurance coverage of personal injury protection in an attempt to control the rise in the auto insurance rates.
Analysis of the data from the auto insurance indicates that the insurance companies are paying $1.23 against every $1.00 received in auto insurance premium.

What is personal injury protection coverage and how would this affect you

Personal injury protection is the coverage which pays for you or anyone in your vehicle, who is injured during an auto accident for medical expense and treatment to injury, loss of earnings and other expenses. This is paid irrespective of the fact whether you are at fault and is also called “no-fault coverage”
No-fault coverage is compulsory in New Jersey. This was a benefit for any person who did not have a medical coverage and was injured in an accident. Till date there were no restrictions in the treatments under the coverage.

Changes proposed in the auto insurance coverage and who would benefit.

The proposed changes would expand the list of treatments that would be governed by a predetermined fees attached. Doctors would not be able to charge separately for office visits for patients for diagnostic and treatment on this coverage. In short there is going to be certain limitations for the personal injury coverage benefits- you can read more in detail at the article on auto insurance published by insurance
The main advantage for this would be to the insurance companies in the initial state, since their expense would come down. In the long run, this would also be beneficial to the auto insurance buyers since their auto insurance premium would lower.

Review car insurance and compare auto insurance quotes to get low auto insurance rates.

Low auto insurance rates