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Auto Insurance Discount For South Dakota Residents Repealed

For many, many years, seniors in South Dakota have been eligible for auto insurance discounts for safe driver courses completed successfully. This is, however is set to change with the recent changes made by South Dakota legislators that repealed the state law that allowed seniors to enjoy this car insurance discount privilege. The law had previously required car insurance companies to offer discounts to people aged 55 years and above who successfully completed accident prevention courses. These courses were designed to make roads safer by offering complementary training for seniors in a bid to refresh their driving skills. The law providing this auto insurance discount was revoked  July 2011.

According to an Associate State Director AARP in South Dakota, some auto insurance coverage providers in the state are still offering this discount, but finding them will prove to be difficult for many seniors.  This move has caused a major repercussions. Legislators will see a reduction in the number of seniors seeking to refresh their driving skills  through road safety courses offered by AARP and other organizations since the Car Insurance Policy Discount  was a major incentive for taking these course. Over seventy percent of seniors over 55 interviewed by the AARP said that they had taken the refresher courses mainly due to the auto insurance discount offered for seniors. Nearly 100% of seniors who had taken these Auto Safety courses reported having benefitted in a big way from them.  Where I understand the need for some auto insurance carriers to cut expenses, it seems to me this specific course and discount is important.

A survey conducted by the Center on Disease Control on the effects of aging on a person indicated that cognitive function and vision were two important functions, necessary for driving, that were adversely affected by the aging process that in turn made it more difficult for the aged person to drive safely. The report further added that the number of accidents per mile of driving increased significantly for people over 75 years. Many seniors prefer driving themselves around rather than getting driven by family members and therefore safe driving refresher courses are necessary to make sure they remain mentally fit to accomplish this.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, the percentage of  drivers over 65 increased by 20 percent between 1999 and 2008. The overall increase in licensed drivers over the same period was just over 10 percent. The AARP in South Dakota pointed out that around 15 percent of seniors over 75 years considered limiting their driving time or stopping altogether after attending the safety driving course.

The law that required auto insurance firms to provide discounts for seniors who successfully completed the safe driving course was repealed after concerted lobbying by the state’s coverage providers and to cut down on administrative costs. The responsibility of providing these courses was the responsibility of the South Dakota Division of Insurance but state officials decided to relieve the division of this obligation by removing the legal requirement that enforced it.

Pennsylvania; the home office state of InsureDirect.com also has a similar course available for its Keystone State Seniors seeking  to improve their driving skills and obtain a valuable Auto Insurance Discount.  55 Alive is offered in hundreds of locations in PA.  I urge all our PA InsureDirect.com customers whom qualify for this discount to take advantage of the classes and discount.

low auto insurance rate
Compare auto insurance

compare auto insurance

Would you be able to pay $2000 for vehicle repairs? No, Compare auto insurance!

Would you be able to manage your job and livelihood without having a car? Just sit down for a moment and imagine your life without a car. Sure, it sucks… big time- More than the economic downturn. Yes, the economic downturn has brought about a lot of woes… a survey conducted in USA showed that — One in four American drivers could not pay for a car repair of $2,000 if faced with one today. Read more on this at insurance net.Read on the auto insurance morhttp://www.insurancenewsnet.com/article.aspx?id=271484&type=propertycasualty
Yes, this is a fact and as we go on trying to brace ourselves out of the economic crisis, we will have graver consequences. You should not be one of them and to make sure this is so, an easy solution would be to get auto insurance.

Compare auto insurance quote online to save $550 and over

You can pass on the cost of car repairs for accidents or other losses, by having an auto insurance policy which covers Comprehensive and collision insurance. The normal advice given is that if your car is very cheap than its best not to go for this auto insurance coverage. Considering the utility of your vehicle and the fact that you do not have hard cash to repair your vehicle, having Comprehensive auto insurance or collision is a better and cheaper option. Do the maths. Cost of Comprehensive auto insurance coverage and collision car insurance coverage is only about $250 for a vehicle with a value of $5000/-, which has to be paid in installments. Now, if you compare auto insurance quotes online, you will certainly find good deals… get your multiple auto insurance quotes here.

Check out the auto insurance discounts when you compare auto insurance quotes

You need to check out the auto insurance discounts when you compare auto insurance quotes online or through any agent. The basic discounts that would be normally be given by most insurance companies are:
1) Multiple car discount
2) Multiple insurance policy discounts.
3) Anti-theft
4) Air sacs
5) Claims free discount
6) Deductible discount- which not be really worthwhile if you are having issues of a cash flow.
What you need to keep in mind is to try out the auto insurance premiums for different discounts, since there is a maximum allowable discount or limit which the insurance companies would allow on any single risk.

Compare auto insurance quotes
Low auto insurance rates

low auto insurance rates cancelling comprehensive insurance Is it advisable to cut down comprehensive & collision coverage get low auto insurance rates?

low auto insurance rates cancelling comprehensive auto insurance or collision insurance

rilo kiley How do I get low auto insurance quotes? I cannot afford to meet my both ends and need to save money. Is it advisable to cut down comprehensive and collison coverages?

Responce : Rilo, its best to go step wise and consider all steps related to comprehensive auto insurance or collision insurance for getting low auto insurance rates before you take this big step.

Compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance to get low auto insurance rates

Before you think of cutting down your auto insurance coverage, the very first step you need to take in order to get low auto insurance rates is to compare auto insurance quotes. It is definite that when you sit down to compare auto insurance quotes you will definitely find a general auto insurance company, which is ready to insure you at a much lower auto insurance rate. You would also discover in this process that there are some auto insurance discounts which you are eligible for but you never declared or asked for them. Get them. Your auto insurance rate would be certainly much lower and you would be able to make huge savings. Yes, savings in the vicinity of $398/- $598/-. Get your auto insurance quote now, and check it out.

Cutting down auto insurance coverage gives you low auto insurance rates.

Cutting down your comprehensive and collision coverage is not a smart idea, but is something to consider, if money is still a problem and footing the auto insurance bill is still a big consideration, even after you compare auto insurance or review car insurance. On the other hand comprehensive and collision coverage is 30-40% of the cost of auto insurance and hence by reducing this coverage you would get a low auto insurance rate.

Things you need to consider before you cut down comprehensive and collision coverage to get low auto insurance quotes.
Here are the points you need to consider :
1) Do you qualify for cutting down comprehensive or collision coverage: If you have already taken a loan on your car or vehicle, than you will have to first pay off the outstanding vehicle loan. Your creditors will not allow you to cut down comprehensive or collision auto insurance coverage if you have an outstanding loan, since if you damage the car they would be losing money on it.
2) Age of vehicle and value of the vehicle. The age of the vehicle is important consideration for this. Supposing you have an old vehicle than in case of total loss, the insurance claim amount might not be worth paying for comprehensive coverage based on the depreciation and resale value worth of your vehicle. It makes sense in dropping the comprehensive and collision coverage if the value of the vehicle is $5000 or less than $5000/- You can get your the present value of your car by visiting a site such as NADAguides.com.
3) Comprehensive and collision coverage would pay for the repairs or cost of the vehicle if you damage your own car. You need to consider your own driving habits and than of your family members, who are using the car, before you think of cutting down the comprehensive or collision coverage.
Review car insurance benefits and your own situation and way the pros and corns carefully before you take any step. Low auto insurance rate must be compared and weighed against any future repair or replacement cost which you will have to bear on your own. This expense is going to be much higher than the auto insurance premium paid for this coverage.

Compare auto insurance alternatives and review them before you cut down comprehensive or collision coverage

The first alternative you should be aware of is that if you are not at fault and if the opposite driver damages your vehicle the Underinsured and underinsured motorist coverage also can protects you. This coverage is very cheap and inexpensive when compared to comprehensive and collision coverage.

If you drop only collision coverage which is almost 25-30% of the cost of auto insurance and opt for only comprehensive coverage than you would be able to maintain auto rental in case of an accident. Comprehensive coverage is mainly coverage for natural clamities or the unexpected and pays you for the damages to your vehicles from outside sources.

The other alternate you need to keep in mind is to get your car repaired or serviced so that you would not have to incurr more expenses.

You can also seek roadside assistant services which will help you when you have an issue on the road. this is one of the benefits of comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

You need to be a careful driver once you are without an own damage coverage as sometimes comprehensive and collision coverage are also know as, since now you are on self-insurance.

Best of all compare auto insurance and review car insurance, you will get low auto insurance rates. Check it out.

Summary : Before you cut down on comprehensive & collision coverage to get low auto insurance rates, compare auto insurance and review car insurance. Check out the considerations before you cancel this coverage and also know what alternatives you would use to replace comprehensive & collision coverage.

Once you need

Review car insurance
Low auto insurance rates

compare auto insurance 6 mistakes not to make when you compare auto insurance quotes

compare auto insurance, avoid 6 mistakes

6 mistakes not to make when you compare auto insurance quotes or buy car insurance

When you compare auto insurance quotes you need to remember not to make this 6 mistakes. Making these mistakes would have adverse consequences like paying high auto insurance premium, getting into financial difficulties when the car insurance coverage is insufficent or getting your auto insurance cancelled since you did not have the money to pay the auto insurance premiums.

The very first mistake most of the people especially the older generation is guilty of making is not to compare auto insurance quotes or to review car insurance online. You must compare auto insurance quotes since this would definitely give you low auto insurance rates. Guaranteed. This is because the auto insurance rates are different for each general insurance company in usaa or Canada depending upon their own claims experience. You have nothing to loose by just getting information from different insurance companies.

The second is not to check your credit rating before you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance. The insurance companies base their auto insurance rates on the credit rating. More information can be found reading the article on credit rating here. If you have a good credit rating you will get low auto insurance rates.

Mistakes you make by forgetting to ask when you compare auto insurance quotes

The third mistake which we tend to make is not asking your general insurance company for auto insurance discounts. Ask and you will receive. In this competitive markets till we have soft rates, you need to check out what auto insurance discounts are being offered and grab all the possible discounts. You will certainly get higher auto insurance discounts and low auto insurance rates.

Did you know that if you drive less, your auto insurance premium is less? Many of us make the mistake of not telling the general auto insurance companies any changes in our mileage. You have options like “Pay as you drive” incase you live in California or Texas and if the mileage usage is less take advantage of it.

Mistakes that cost you financially, if you make when you compare auto insurance or review car insurance

Another mistake might cost you in terms of money is not asking for payment options. Payment options are important part and a separate article informs you all about payment options for auto insurance. Review car insurance payment options before you select one.

Last but the most grave mistake is to buy less coverage on your auto insurance policy. Review car insurance coverage and think twice before you select the limits of coverage. If you fail to have sufficient liability coverage you would end up paying out of your pocket or losing your assets. Did you know this? Check the state or province you reside in and buy sufficient liability limits. If you are living in British Columbia you need to be aware of the fact that though auto insurance is sold by the government, they can cease your personal assets if they pay your auto liability claim.

Take care when you compare auto insurance or review car insurance since its not a question of just getting low auto insurance coverage but also having sufficient coverage so that you do not incur losses.


low auto insurance rate
Low auto insurance rates

compare auto insurance quotes 300x180 How much do you save if you compare auto insurance quotes?

Compare auto insurance quotes- how much to save? over $397-$599

How much do you save if you compare auto insurance quotes?

How much can you save if you compare auto insurance quotes?

How much can you save if you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance quotes are a common question which is being asked? Why not? You time is valuable; hence it is a wise to always calculate and find out whether something is worth doing. More so for auto insurance or insurance, since this is something which we have left to the agents and the experts to help us. Rightly so till now, since we did not have information on hand as to what the insurance really covers and how to compare auto insurance quotes or to review car insurance quotes. Let me assure you that you can certainly save a valuable amount if you compare auto insurance quotes online.

< h2> What do you compare when you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance

When you compare auto insurance quotes online or review car insurance than you need to compare the following :
Auto insurance coverage
Auto insurance discounts
Auto insurance price and
Auto insurance payment options.
I will be dealing and giving you the details of what you need to compare for each of these with specific case studies in my articles in this month.

Know how much you can save if you compare auto insurance quotes?

Assuming that you have only one car and you save on an average $500 per year on car insurance when you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance. Than between the age of 18 to 78 you would save $500*60 = $30,000/- enough to buy one car free for yourself in your life time. I am sure this is worth it.
This is not a small amount by any means but a huge incentive. Hurry check out for yourself how much you savings are with a free quote here, when you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance.


Low auto insurance rates