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Five Freaky Tips to cut your auto insurance premiums.

You will find 1000′s of individuals everyday who feel that they’re not receiving the offer they deserve on their own auto insurance. However, you don’t have to become among the best motorists on the planet to obtain an incredible rate in your auto insurance. You will find numerous tips and methods which you can use to slash your insurance costs to several decades ago. Listed here are five freaky ideas to enable you to get began in your insurance rate mission.

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1) Request your car insurance company to renegotiate deals. Many people don’t even consider calling their car insurance company. You will find countless motorists who simply pay their policy and therefore are content to do this every single day. While there’s no problem with having to pay your debts, there’s no problem with requesting a price reduction too. Discover if your discount can be obtained as well as for just how much. You might have the ability to score a price reduction to be a great driver, as being a student, being over 55, being upon the market, getting other guidelines using the insurance provider or any kind of many other reasons.


2) Look at your credit rating. Those who have a great credit rating are more likely to get better rates on their own auto insurance. Even when you don’t have the very best credit, make certain that the credit reaches least correct which you will find no errors in your credit history. Taking this step may allow you to save 100s of dollars annually in your credit history.


3) Improve your policy particulars. Anybody who lives inside a high crime area, area with a lot of auto thievery, drives a lot or other reason could affect your auto insurance rates. Why pay a lot more than you need to for the auto insurance? There’s pointless to obviously! You will find 1000′s of firms that are prepared to underwrite a auto insurance plan. Make certain that you simply place yourself available on the market to ensure that you’ll be able to obtain the best rate that you simply deserve.


4) Change your deductible. Perhaps you have lately made an car insurance claim? Would you anticipate creating a claim rather soon? Well if you don’t have past filing claims and you don’t think that you’ll be creating a claim in the near future why possess a low deductible. You don’t need to possess a low deductible and you’ll have the ability to save a lot of cash on your auto insurance rates!


5) Get quotes in the competition. This may appear like something that’s good sense also it really is. However, couple of people are prepared to go ahead and take couple of minutes it could take to obtain the quotes they require to be able to save 100s or 1000′s from their auto insurance within the next couple of years.

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The Usage Of A Car Is An Important Factor Affecting Auto Insurance Premiums

Normally drivers may not know or care much about how the premiums are calculated. Many factors help insurers determine the level of risk they are taking with any policyholder. Most of these are well known to everybody like claim history, age and location. There is not much a driver can do about some factors affecting rates. But plenty of them can be altered to achieve cheap auto insurance quotes. Probably, one of the least noticed area is the usage of cars in everyday life.

Depending on the area you live in you may have many alternatives to using the car. In big cities public transport is a good alternative to driving automobiles to work. Besides, car parking spaces are limited in city centers and are expensive. If you are taking the subway to work everyday your car maybe used occasionally at the weekends and in between. Considering that vehicle insurance is more expensive in metropolitan areas, it will be worthwhile to mention how little you use the car when getting a quote.

Car insurance companies understand that the longer you stay on the road the more likely you will have an accident. This correlation is reflected on the rates offered. That is why you will be able to lower your car insurance quotes by using the car less. Another good way of saving money on gas, parking and insurance is by carpooling. Especially in small towns, it is easier to arrange carpools with colleagues. Today carpooling is highly encouraged as we get more environmentally aware.

Furthermore, determining permitted drivers under a policy can make a difference as well. When you limit the people who are insured to drive the car you will be able to reduce the rates considerably. Policyholders may not realize the importance of these details. Commonly, people insure anyone who drives the insured vehicle with the permission of policyholder. This may be an unnecessary expense when you and your partner are the only people to drive it.

Probably the best example is the cars that are driven only occasionally. Many people have second cars they occasionally drive for pleasure like classic and sports cars. It will be expensive to insure them. However, if it is locked in a garage most of the time you may not need to pay such high premiums. Furthermore, they may be convertibles that can only be driven in summer. Again a second car may only be kept for the sole purpose of dropping off children to school. Make all these points clear to the insurer so that you can avoid to pay excessive premiums.

Sometimes it may not be about cheap car insurance but being on the safe side. It is better to be clear about the usage of a car to avoid any problems in case of accidents. Some people might be using their cars occasionally in their business. It is safer to mention this to the carrier if you are going to see a client with your private car. This will increase the premium a bit but it will not be as expensive as insuring it under commercial use.

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compare auto insurance alfa romeo spide

Yes when you compare auto insurance the rate would vary depending upon what car you are selecting.

Left Lane News explains that the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is a convertible version of Alfa Romeo’s 8C Competizione coupe. The Spider concept car debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2003, and the production model was unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show. Production began in 2009. Each of the 500 vehicles produced was sold starting at approximately $241,000, although prices were reported to climb above the $300,000 mark with options. According to Car and Driver magazine, only 35 units were shipped to the United States. This 2010 version of the 8C Spider featured a 4.7 liter V8 engine that generated 444 horsepower, and the vehicle’s 20-inch wheels were outfitted with premium Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

Autoweek reports that for 2011, the German company Novitec has retuned the Spider to generate 600 horsepower. It has also shaved three-tenths of a second off of the Spider’s 0-100 km/h acceleration time, from 4.2 seconds to 3.9 seconds. That means that the 2011 Alfa Romeo Spider can hit 62 mph in less than four seconds. Those are impressive stats, but there are still stronger contenders out there when it comes to sheer power. For instance, a Ferrari FF and the Lamborghini Gallardo can both hit 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds, and the Ferrari 458 Italia can accomplish the same feat in just 3.4 seconds. Type in your zip code now for information on Alfa Romeo Spider auto insurance rates, or keep reading for typical rate estimates!

Alfa Romeo Spider Auto Insurance

When you invest in an exotic sports car like the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, it’s critical to protect your investment with proper auto insurance coverage. Since production numbers for supercars like the Spider are so limited, consumer survey data indicating average auto insurance premiums isn’t available. However, you can get a good idea of how much car insurance will cost if you examine available data for supercars with higher production levels.

The most expensive supercar for which average auto insurance premium information is available is the 2011 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. Its entry-level price is $183,000, but it can easily climb into the $250,000 range with options. The typical reported auto insurance rate for this vehicle is $4,374 a year, or $21,870 over five years. The Porche 911 Turbo S coupe which starts at $160,700 before options, costs the typical owner $3,713 to insure for a year, or $18,565 for five years.

Alfa Romeo Spider Specialty Insurance

Since mainstream auto insurers cannot always provide adequate coverage to meet the needs of exotic car owners, some Alfa Romeo Spider drivers may turn to collector car insurance companies that provide “agreed value” policies. While mainstream insurance companies will typically reimburse the actual cash value of your 8C Spider if it is declared a “total loss,” specialty companies offer policies that base your insurance premiums on a vehicle value set by you and the company. Naturally, the higher you set this value relative to the vehicle’s actual cash value, the higher your auto insurance rates will be.

Many specialty auto insurance companies that provide coverage for exotic cars are more than happy to cover modifications, included racing modifications. However, most companies will not cover damage to your 2011 Spider that occurs during racing, regardless of whether the event is legal or illegal. There may also be a limitation on mileage or commuting with policies from specialty auto insurance companies. If you only plan to use your Alfa Romeo Spider for display, and do very little actual driving in it, this can significantly lower your car insurance premiums.

Alfa Romeo Spider Safety

Vehicles produced in such limited quantities are not crash tested, but the Alfa Romeo Spider does feature industry-standard safety equipment like airbags, antilock brakes, and dynamic stability control. The 8C Spider’s stability control system is designed to maximize safety without interfering with the driving experience. Although it can be switched off, it will automatically reactivate if danger is detected. The 2011 Spider’s brakes are some of the lightest and most powerful available, and they can bring the vehicle to a stop from 100 km/h in 33 seconds.

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Exterior Features

The Alfa Romeo Spider’s body is made of carbon fiber for maximum lightness, and the P Zero Corsa sport tires are mounted on 20-inch wheels. The convertible 8C Spider’s black fabric top is comprised of 2-ply material that incorporates soundproofing. It opens semi-automatically, and can be closed in approximately 20 seconds. When the top is closed, visibility is improved with a rear glass window.

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Interior

Like any sports car, the Alfa Romeo Spider’s interior dimensions are diminutive, but its cabin is packed with luxury. The sport seats are upholstered with hand-stitched leather, and the Spider’s dash combines carbon fiber and leather materials. Optional features on the 8C Spider include a 3-dimensional navigation system, a Bose sound system, and cruise control. The Spider comes standard with a Becker sound system that plays both CDs and MP3 files. The audio features and the standard Bluetooth can be voice-activated. The Alfa Romeo Spider’s carbon fiber kick plate features the 8C Spider logo, and the vehicle also features a silver plaque with the driver’s name and national flag.

Alfa Romeo Spider Performance Specs

Reviewers love the 8C Spider’s uniquely powerful engine note, and the exceptional cornering that’s facilitated by the vehicle’s nearly symmetrical weight distribution. The Spider’s 6-speed transmission can be controlled using levers to the rear of the steering wheel, and drivers can select sport or normal modes to modify gear engagement times. It’s also possible to put the Spider’s transmission in auto mode for a more relaxed driving experience


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minimum auto insurance premium

p>Is there a minimum amount that must be charged for auto insurance premiums?

Auto insurance premium has no minmium premium charges .

Response : Some companies determine insurance premiums by actuaries, but is there by law a minimum that needs to be charged to policy holders? What risks or fines would a company face if its insurance premiums were a charged at too low an amount?

No, there is no minimum by law.

No, there is no law. But just for your information, some states have auto insurance programs for people of low income.

Each insurance company would decide on the minimum insurance premium that they would charge even if as per the rating and the limits of liability the premium as per this mathametical calculation is less. Let me explain. Suppose if the rate for auto insurance is $1.00 per 100 and some one opts for a liability limit of $10,000 – the auto insurance premium is $100 as per the mathematical calculation, but if the minmum premium for a risk for that georgaphical area is $150/- the insurance company would quote an auto insurance premium of $150/-. Hence it is better at times to try out different limits of insurance when you compare auto insurance quotes, to find out what limits you can get at the minmum premium from an insurance company.

The other way to find out the minimum amount of auto insurance premium is to try and opt for other coverages than the mandatory – which are the liability coverage and see what you are charged for collision or comprehensive insurance.

However, remember it is better not to focus on what is the minmium auto insurance premium but pay the low auto insurance rate at the best and optimum coverage.

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ryan braun : Am thinking of going for Acura ZDX- how much will be auto insurance quotes for Acura ZDX? Some information on the car would also be appreciated.

Compare auto insurance for Acura ZDX.

Response : Acura calls its ZDX a “4-door sports coupe,” and this label is appropriate, given its emphasis on performance and luxury over spaciousness. Although the 2011 Acura ZDX is below average when it comes to cabin space, it’s way above average in terms of interior luxury. It also lives up to its “sports coupe” designation by providing a fun, car-like driving experience other midsized luxury SUVs can’t match. The ZDX also features standard all-wheel drive, which is a plus for consumers who live in snowier climates.

Compare auto insurance quotes

With a base price of $42,930, the ZDX is also reasonably priced for its class. The Saab 9-4X represents the low end of the price scale, at $33,380, while the BMW X6 starts at a MSRP of $58,900 representing the high end. The Porsche Cayenne starts at just $47,700, it can cost as much as $106,000 with options.

How much is auto insurance for the Acura ZDX?

Insuring an Acura ZDX for five years will cost about $9,393, reports the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). For consumers who pay monthly, that’s equal to a rate of $157, and your rate will be about $1,879 if you pay your bill annually.

Annual auto insurance rates reported by the NADA for the Acura ZDX are slightly higher than those for competing luxury SUVs. For instance, Edmunds anticipates a yearly cost of just $1,608 for a BMW M Class SUV. If you opt for a BMW X6, an Acura MDX, a Leux RX 350, , or a BMW X5,  you’ll pay approximately $1,750 annually for auto insurance. Premiums for the Volkswagen Touareg are a bit closer to those for the Acura ZDX, at $1,858 per year.

Acura ZDX Maintenance Costs

Though the 2011 ZDX is covered by a 4-year/50,000 mile warranty, this warranty does not include factory scheduled maintenance costs. Typical Acura ZDX drivers pay $147 for their first year of routine maintenance, and $205 for their second year. The third-year tune-up costs $1,913, the NADA reports, and the ZDX’s fourth-year maintenance bill will be around $352. After you add on the fifth-year bill of $279, the ZDX’s maintenance costs will come out to roughly $2,896 for five years.

Despite the Acura ZDX’s lack of complementary service, its maintenance costs are still far lower than its competitors’. The Mercedes M Class will cost about $6,738 to maintain for five years. That’s more than twice as much as the 2011 ZDX costs. Five years’ worth of maintenance for the Lexus RX 350 should cost about $4,825, Edmunds reports, and it will costs most drivers about $4,545 to maintain a BMW X5 for the same length of time. For Acura MDX maintenance, drivers will pay about $4,329, and it will cost approximately $4,402 to maintain an X6 from BMW for five years.

Acura ZDX Repair Costs

For those who drive about 15,000 miles per year, the ZDX’s warranty will expire between the third and fourth years that you own it. After the warranty expires, you’ll pay for repairs out of pocket, including $636 during the fourth year of ownership. The following year, you’ll pay about $954, for a 5-year repair cost total of $1,589.

That’s not the lowest repair cost bill for a luxury SUV, since it costs just over $1,000 for five years’ worth of repairs on the MDX, and RX 350. However, it’s quite a bit lower than the BMW X6’s $3,005 repair bill, and the $3,200 5-year repair bill for the 2011 X5. If you drive a Mercedes M Class, you’ll pay about $2,600 for repairs.

Acura ZDX Crash Test Results

Thus far, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has performed just one safety test on the 2011 ZDX. In this rollover test, the ZDX earned four of five possible stars, which is a solid rating for an SUV. Its estimated probability of rolling over during “fishhook” turns at high speeds is 13%. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rated the ZDX’s performance in front impact crashes “Good,” but it only rated the vehicle “Average” in rear impact collisions. No side impact or roof strength tests have been conducted yet.

The Acura ZDX was the only midsize luxury SUV rated by the IIHS that did not receive the highest score of “Good.” If you’re looking for an SUV with stronger safety ratings that’s been more thoroughly tested, consider the Saab 9-4X, the Audi Q5, or the Lincoln MKT. These vehicles earned the best rating of “Good” from the IIHS in all four categories, and were designated “Top Safety Picks.”

Acura ZDX Safety Features

Although the Acura ZDX’s crash test ratings aren’t the best, it does come with some helpful safety gadgets, if you’re willing to pay for them. If you add on the optional $4,500 Technology Package, you’ll get a backup camera, which reviewers recommend due to the ZDX’s restricted rear visibility. The Advance Package, which brings the ZDX’s price to $56,195, includes a blind spot warning system to let you know when another vehicle is in your path during lane changes. Standard safety features on the ZDX include a trailer stability assist system and dynamic stability control.

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