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Is insurance required when renting a car in the USA?
At Avis specifically. I heard that rental insurance isn’t required but does this apply even if you don’t have any  auto insurance ?

not required, but your responsible for any damages to it or if stoled, all sell insurance aor lenght of rental, and worth bying if you had auto innsurance of your own, that would cover a rental
good luck

No, it isn’t required. You can reject the coverage. But please be aware, if you are involved in a collision, you will have to pay for all the damages if you don’t have your own insurance. Even if you do have your own insurance, it may not transfer to a rental, you would have to check with your carrier first.

I suggest being well covered when renting a vehicle. Chances are, you are going to be renting a newer vehicle, and if an accident happens without the proper protection, you are stuck paying for the repairs of a fairly expensive vehicle.

If you have full coverage auto insurance, i.e. State Farm which allows you to rent car, then specific rental insurance isn’t required. Specific rental insurance is pretty expensive and can cost about $20 a day.

DONT DO IT/its easy to be in 30k 50k accident/the other insurance companys are relentless and will hound you forever/also ticket and fines for driving w/out insurance

Avis isn’t going to rent you a car, unless you have your own auto insurance, or buy their coverage.

That’s because EVERY car is required to have insurance, to be on the road.

Check with your credit card company before renting to see what kind of coverage they offer for rental cars. Many card companies offer automatic rental car coverage when you rent the car using their card.

Today, the best part in getting auto insurance quotes in Michigan is that it is only just a few clicks away. You only have to look on the Internet to get hold of some cheap car insurance online for your vehicle in Michigan. Try it today, enter your zip code and press “Get Quotes” to have multiple insurance quotes from top insurance companies at no cost.

Yes, searching for affordable Michigan auto insurance quotes is a wise move and doing this can make you a little bit closer into having financial stability that lets you use your saved money in other means. They best way to obtain the best car insurance in the state of Michigan is to ensure that you totally assessed yourself and the policy and that you know what you insurance coverage you truly need. There are three effective ways when looking for cheap and quality Michigan car insurance.

Initially, you should always evaluate the type and extent of coverage you need. This can be done by assessing your current situation. Think of how much you can spend for your deductible in case you get involved in car collision. Most of the time, the best amount will be $500 but be sure that you have will always reserve this amount in the event you wreck your car. If you can’t pay this, you have the option to pay $10 each month or opt for lower deductible. Also consider getting rental car coverage and liability limits because it is necessary if your wrecked car is still in repair shop and if you don’t have any second car. Rental car coverage commonly amounts to $25 per six months which isn’t to heavy to pay. Consider to increase your liability limits as well so you can prevent draining all your finances in paying for damage costs.

The next step you need to do when looking for the best auto insurance quotes in MI is to use an insurance website that represents various car insurance companies in Michigan. A website that has a number of linked providers to shop your quotes with will help you in getting the best rate nearly all the time. They also concentrate on your needs and ensure that you will get the best policy that is suited to your needs.

The last step when getting your auto insurance quotes in Michigan is to be specific, accurate and detailed with the car insurance information you provide. You should also think about your health insurance since it can work together with your car insurance, especially when selecting Personal Injury Protection. Don’t forget to consider all the drivers in your household and the vehicles and club them in one policy to qualify for discounts and earn money. Try to find a company that offers multi-policy package deal at reasonable rate.

Take the steps mentioned above. Enter your zip code and get quotes online at the best rate that is available in the state of Michigan. Fortunately, this whole process doesn’t take too much time nowadays. Get free quotes, compare and keep saving from your Michigan car insurance.

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Review car insurance for claim payment How do I review car insurance coverage limits? How is a claim amount adjucated?

How is a claim adjucated? What is the payments from insurance company?

gloria stuart
: How do I review car insurance coverage limits? Is this based on value of my car and how would the insurance company determine cost of repairs?

How to review car insurance coverage limits.

Review of the car insurance coverage will be based on the coverage you have selected. If the comprhensive coverage or collison coverage is selected than the damage to the car would be payable under your own policy. In case you do not have the comprehensive coverage or collision coverage than you would have to wait for the determination of who was at fault before you are paid for the car. Review car coverage limits so that you are actulally passing on the risk and not paying for unproportaionately high amounts. Learn how insurance works.

For the purpose of comprehensive insurance it might be necessary to determine the value of the car. There are several standard guidelines for determining the value of your car for insurance purposes. You and your insurer can refer to one of the books that list the depreciated value of all new and used cars. One of these books is published by the National Association of Automobile Dealers another is published by Kelley Blue Book.

Comprae auto insurance quotes here.

How would the insurance company determine the loss?

The insurance company When you file your claim, your insurance company will refer you to a claims adjuster. The adjuster will verify the loss and determine what it will cost to repair the car. The adjuster’s estimate can serve as a benchmark to which to compare your own mechanic’s estimate.

No good adjuster or insurance company will expect you to sign an agreement accepting the insurer’s estimate as the total claim payment until you’ve established, to your own satisfaction, that it will cover the cost of repair. The insurer will expect you to get your own estimate from your mechanic, garage or car dealer. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into accepting the insurer’s estimate of repair costs without getting at least one estimate of your own.

Your insurance company can’t require you to have repairs done at a particular shop. But they can insist that you get more than one estimate for the work to be done on your car. Just as you want to make sure that your car is adequately repaired, the insurer wants to make sure it doesn’t pay a grossly inflated repair bill.

How would the insurance company determine the amount when they review car insurance coverage and alim payable

Don’t be surprised if your insurance company opts to pay for the lowest bid. You don’t have to accept that bid if you believe the low bid won’t adequately repair your car. Don’t hesitate to argue with the adjuster if you really believe his repair estimate is too low based on what your mechanic has told you.

One factor that could reduce the amount of your claim for a repair job is what insurance companies call betterment. If your old car is repaired with brand-new parts, your insurer may argue that the repairs have actually enhanced the car’s value and therefore they can legitimately reduce your claim by the difference between a used part and a new one.

It is up to your insurer to decide whether to pay for repairing your car or to declare it a total loss and pay you its book value. Most standard auto policies will not pay to repair a vehicle if the repairs cost more than the cash value assigned to the car. There won’t be any dispute about whether to repair the car if it was completely totaled. But you may argue about what the pieces of the car were worth when they were assembled as a car. For you to get a settlement higher than the book value of your car’s make and model, you will have to submit evidence such as mileage records, service history and affidavits from mechanics to show that your car was worth more. You’re entitled to the market price of the car you just lost. You shouldn’t get more or less than what you are due.

Toyota defects review car insurance Auto insurance news : Review car insurance coverage  versus defects of Toyota vehicles. Tiger Woods : Were the car accidents due to Toyota Motors faults or divers error? Do I need to review car insurance since I had a Toyota car involved in an accident, wherein I was put at fault? How can I compare auto insurance quotes now? .

Review car insurance coverage with comparison to accidents on Toyota Motor faults

Concerns to review car insurance coverage to find out whether the driver is at fault of toyota vehicle is important for insurers. As per the investigation of safety issues regarding Toyota vehicles which were causing accidents which were reported in USA, National highway traffic safety administration has examined 58 accidents and have found that for 35 vehicles no brakes were applied. This would mean that the question of a defect in the car manufacturing would be ruled out in all these 35 cases.

In these 35 cases as per the black boxes it is indicated that the drivers were not stepping on the brakes at the time of the crash. This would mean that this is a drivers fault. Five months into an investigation of safety issues involving Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles, U.S. safety officials have yet to identify any new defects beyond those reported by the car maker itself.

“Data from nine other vehicles showed the brakes were used only in the last moment before impact.

The report doesn’t specify driver error as a cause of unintended acceleration, although people familiar with the investigation have said the findings point to pedal misapplication — mistakenly hitting the gas instead of the brakes — as a likely cause.

The release of the preliminary findings comes after calls from Congress to make public the results of NHTSA’s investigation into complaints about sudden acceleration in Toyotas. The Wall Street Journal reported in July that NHTSA had found evidence of driver error in most of the Toyotas it examined in its probe.”

< h2> Review car insurance claims of Toyota vehicle
Many insurance companies called in their client to review car insurance claims for Toyota vehicles, and if you were involved in this incident, you can try and seek reexamination on this issue. It would also be important for you to find out if the insurance company would review car insurance claim for you, since if you are not at fault than the car insurance premium would be reduced.

Compare auto insurance quotes to lower car insurance rates

In case the accident was because of another reason and your auto insurance rate has increased, one of the best options is to compare auto insurance quotes and get multiple quotes. This will help you in getting other options . Secondly, you will also be informed of the recent prevalent discounts or offers from the different insurers which will give you a better rate or a better coverage. Compare auto insurance quotes here and start saving.

Hatti Deiss : I am looking for tips to compare auto insurance quotes online and reducing auto insurance cost.

10 tips to compare car insurance quotes and get low auto insurance
Response :When you compare auto insurance quotes online the next time there are certain points you have to keep in mind :

1. Compare the same data when you want to compare auto insurance quotes online.
2. You must take multiple quotes so that you can compare the multiple credit rating and see which are company offers the best auto quotes or low car insurance.
3. The lowest car insurance price is not the only thing to compare, compare auto insurance coverage’s also.
4. Your liability coverage limits should be at least the same as the state requirement. It would be more safer to have higher limits of liability. Remember the cost of auto insurance for liability is less, but the benefit is huge, incase you get involved in an auto accident.
5. You should consider the depreciation on your vehicle before you take the collision coverage and see if it is cost effective. You should reduce the coverage on this since in case of total loss the insurance company will not pay you higher than the market cost of the vehicle.
6. You should specifically check if the coverage is extended towards your rented car. Most insurance policies do not automatically include rental car coverage.
7. You need to check up the auto insurance discounts offered, since the termilogy for discounts would differ from company to company for example some companies would call it a professional membership discount , others might call it a group discount.
8. Payment plans often carry administrative fees and so it would be cheaper to pay the premium up-front of a hi-annual basis.
9. Consider the other benefits offered by the insurance companies before you decide to buy.
10. Call on the toll free customer service number if the need arises to assess the quality of the customer service before you buy your car insurance.

Once you keep this in mind you will find that it is extremely easy to compare auto insurance quotes online and get low low car insurance rates. Good luck. Click in and put in the zip code you are on your way to low car insurance quotes.