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Jessica Biel : Getting married? Does it make a difference to car insurance.

Review car insurance if you are getting marrried?

Response : Jessica, exactly how are car insurance premiums affected by marital status? This is not a subject that many drivers really understand, but it is a major factor on what they are paying for their car insurance. A change in martial status is likely to make a big difference when you are reviewing car insurance policies or doing comparisons of automobile insurance quotes. It also will have a direct influence on your potential low car insurance rates, especially if you fall into certain age ranges. This maybe something you have never heard of and you are not alone. Here are some basic guidelines to watch for as a driver with car insurance.

If you are under the age of 25 and have just married, it will probably be to your advantage. Your change in martial status will help you find lower car insurance rates when reviewing or comparing auto insurance quotes. This is true both with an agent or online. Generally insurance agencies view a newly married person under the age of 25 as having stepped forward in maturity. You are considered more responsible, so less likely to drive recklessly and so your rates will be lower when offered car insurance.

Once you are over the age of 25 your rates will be dependent upon your existing driving record. You maybe allowed to add more than one car to your insurance policy, but both you and your spouse will be looked at with speculative scrutiny. Your ability to get lower car insurance rates maybe dependent on both of your driving records, so it could be necessary for the one who has the better driving record become the main policy holder. This way you can put all vehicles under their name exclusively.

If you get divorced you may lose any discounts on your single car or multiple car policies. Yet you may end up with a lower insurance rate as the only driver listed on your insurance policy. Again this is dependent on factors like your insurance payment history, accident claims that you have filed in the past and your current driving record.

It is quite amazing how your martial status may or may not help you when it comes to lower cost car insurance rates. So with knowing exactly how are car insurance premiums affected by marital status, you can make a more informed decision about your car insurance as a driver.

Review car insurance, compare auto insurance and get your low auto insurance rates now.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance


Compare auto insurance quotes  , for the Lotus Elise sports now!


How much is auto insuance for ?

Driver, that looking for a vehicle, the pure performance can be found in the 2011 Lotus Elise, but expect convenience or daily comfort from this small sports car. Designed for the track, this roadster with over 1,000 pound weighs less than competitors such as the Porche Boxster  and BMW Z4. To achieve this optimized weight, designer removes Lotus Elise of comfort such as air conditioning, navigation, and power steering.

The 2011 Lotus Elise is also electronic stability control, a security feature, that early 2012 need the Government. This will be set the ELISE and Lotus exige in the United States, until the new models are released in the year 2015. Compare car insurance quotes for high end sports cars such as the ELISE below, or enter your postcode in the box above, personalized offerings for the Lotus Elise view online.

Lotus Elise car insurance rates

Since the production figures for the ELISE of Lotus as low are, insurance average car prices are not available for this vehicle. However have similar luxury sports cars such as the BMW Z4 and Chevrolet Corvette available auto insurance information. Edmunds be expected that Z4 drivers have paid BMW about $12,000 in car insurance premiums after five years. The expected car insurance for the Z4 will be annually $2.529. Chevrolet Corvette owners expected to higher rates of over $16,000 for five years auto insurance coverage or $3.273 per year to pay. The Porsche Cayman  Boxster Porsche are also in the same class as the Lotus Elise, and they are cheaper than to assure the Corvette and Z4 with annual car prices of $2.329 and $1.936 insurance, or expected.

Lotus Elise repair costs

5 Year repair costs estimated for luxury sports cars such as the range Z4 and the Porsche Cayman generally from $1,500 to $4,000, Edmunds reports. Edmunds projected repair to repair cost for the Chevy Corvette is only $1.547 for five years, during Porsches like the Boxster and Cayman typically costing about $3,300, period of five years. The Z4 repair costs should be about $2.611 after five years as a whole.

Repairs for the high-end-Dodge Viper are expected to be only $2,350, cost, which is low, taking into account the vehicle high sticker price. Driver numbers a little more, Porsche 911 Carrera, $3,300 for five years, and the Mercedes Benz CL class at $3.375 for five years to repair. The Jaguar XK, which is quite a bit more expensive than the Lotus Elise, costs about $4.591, for five years, to repair Edmunds reports.

Lotus Elise maintenance costs

Like the Lotus Elise sports car have a reputation for the high cost. Though estimated prices for other luxury sports car maintenance cost estimates for the 2011, potential buyers may not Elise regard as leader. Expected Corvette, the BMW Z4 and the Jaguar XK are planned maintenance costs for the Chevy all under $5,000 for five years. The expected 5-year maintenance intervals for 2012 Nissan GT-R above $10,000 and Edmunds expected however, that it costs almost $8,000, a Mercedes-Benz CL-class for five years keep. Expected to add routine maintenance costs for the typical Dodge Viper owners up to $7.330 for five years, and the estimated cost for the Porsche 911 Carrera are almost $6,000.

Lotus Elise security features

As already mentioned, Elise security features, which are by default on many luxury sports car, such as electronic stability control is missing the Lotus. However, many of the 2011 can drive this safety feature for performance Elise of competitors, can be turned off, so that the ELISE safety deficiency rather will be a problem for the handful of riders, who use it as an everyday commuters. In view of the ELISE, unrelentingly stiff suspension and small cockpit, buy some consumers to pick up the kids from soccer practice. Driving race tuned is inherently risky, but Lotus offers Fahrausbildung, at an additional cost to their tracks in Hethel, UK, and Budapest, Hungary.

Although it is undeniable, the Lotus Elise offers a few basic safety and security features. It is equipped with an anti-lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, and a post-collision safety system. Security features include a remote alarm system and an immobilizer.

Lotus Elise performance reviews

The Lotus Elise, which at $51.845 to start, offers “amazing” acceleration, Autoblog raves. It is one of the “best driving” sports car this sports car blasts from zero to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, and new car test drive around the world. Edmunds acknowledges that comfort and utility, the ELISE is”endangered”, but explains that it offers “unfiltered” performance which is second to none.

There are available two versions of the 2011 Lotus Elise. The base model and Elise SC are equipped with a 4-cylinder 1.8 L engine, but the SC features of 189-218 a M45 supercharger, its PS more. Elise SC can go from a dead stop to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds Lotus reported.

Compare auto insurance quotes  , for the Lotus Elise sports now!

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

Auto insurance rates for bad drivers could prohibit many motorists from driving their vehicle. It is a legal requirement to arrange insurance before driving a vehicle anywhere in America. Insuring a car is already quite expensive for most households with good driving record. So you could imagine how costly it would be if you had a bad driving record.

Some people might take pride in their bad driving and boast about all the traffic tickets they get. But normally even careful drivers could have an unlucky period in their life. They could lose control in bad weather and involve in a fender bender or get caught by a speed camera in a desert. So what are they supposed to do to lower their car insurance rates?

First of all, let us hope that you have learned your lessons and want to make a change towards being a good driver. Then you could look at ways of cleaning up your record. A good point to start is to take a driving safety course. These courses could reduce points off your license and regarded favorably by auto insurance companies. You could take further driving courses to lower more point. You could find information about these courses from your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Secondly, you could look into the ways of lowering your car insurance. Switching to a safer car, dropping some of the coverage, increasing your deductibles and moving to a safer area of the town could reduce your costs considerably.

Reducing car usage to absolute minimum would cut yearly mileage and the cost of insuring. You might want to consider agreeing to a monitoring device on your car. Some insurers offer lower premiums if they could verify that your driving is improved and you are using the car for essential journeys at sensible hours.

In a year you will see considerable reduction on your auto insurance premium if you manage to complete it without any incident and ticket. So you could choose to change and save a lot of money or continue to a point of uninsurable driver.

Lastly, you need to shop around for decent car insurance quotes a bit harder. Not every insurance provider could afford selecting only the good drivers. As the cost of insurance gets higher the amount of money you could save becomes quite significant.

What all neeed to do is to compare auto insurance quote and get low cost car insurances. Compare auto insurance now.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

What factors influence car insurance rates in your State?

Lets assume that  you have a clean driving record, your balance is excellent and your insurance premiums could be positive for all other personal factors reflect on your behalf. Their car insurance rate is still high. When the renewal of premium in the mail, you crawl before you open the account. Why is your good good for nothing cousin a few States do, who is unemployed, has many accidents and a variety of travel tickets, pay less for car insurance than you?

It seems not fair.

One of the more interesting things to do in a project such as the modernization of the State level pages on the carinsurancelist.com is the compilation of statistics on a State-by State basis, and take note how trends are. There are many factors that can affect your personal car insurance rate, but in a certain geographical region each begin with a baseline rate, then personal factors flow underwriting in the final.

What makes a State car more expensive than other insurance?

When compiling the statistics on the status pages, we have decided that several factors were, a look at the single value:

• Insurance fraud
• Motor vehicle theft rates
• Percentage of uninsured drivers
• Auto accident and death rates

It was clear that these factors were predictors of at the beginning of our research, from where a State of cost of car insurance would rank. It took no detailed, University level statistical analysis note the occurrence of certain trends. Any State which classified landed high in one of these categories insurance premiums than the national average of car on place. With the lowest car insurance premiums scored well (compared to the national average) in all or most of the above mentioned factors.

For example, the State with the highest car is stolen from California, which maps to assure most expensive State in which a car as the 6th. Mississippi and New Mexico are number 1 and 2, respectively, when it comes to percentage of uninsured drivers. And both are among the most expensive States for car insurance.

Another factor was clearly an indicator for high car insurance premiums: no-fault / PIP health insurance by State law required. Every State in the country that requires no-fault / PIP health insurance ranks in the top of high car insurance premiums.

The conclusions may seem random, but are clearly, regulatory authorities in the individual a look at the next times take insurance they should a complaint, get a car insurance company consumer trends.

Motor insurance: Washington State car insurance RatesMoving out of State? Make sure your car insurance policy follows YouState farm insurance – company ReviewTicket for mobile phone use will increase auto insurance rate tags: car insurance, car theft, insurance fraud, no-fault insurance, uninsured drivers

The key is to compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance and get low auto insurance rates.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance


There are three  big tricks you need to always focus on to keep your auto insurance premium consistent

1. Compare auto insurance quotes and reveiw car insurance at least twice a year, one before you buy your car insurance and pay your car insurance premium and the again after six months to review car insurance coverage and check whether you have any changes which might affect your car insurance or if you have the optimium car insurance coverage.

2. Avoid getting into a collision – if you are at fault in a car accident- your car insurance premium is not going to be consistent.

 Involved in a car collision can be a very scary experience for drivers. Often causes a collision that much more damage than a minor traffic accident, which means that the accident could really increase your car insurance premiums. You have the following options to avoid a collision to keep consistent your car insurance premiums.

Keep your eyes on the road

It is important to focus and pay attention to the street in front of you to keep you safe and involved in a collision to avoid. Never you dispense her, even if you put something like a mobile phone or a soft drink. A collision can be done in a few seconds, so the warning is a necessity.

If a child in the vehicle is last then drag on the side of the road, if it is safe, or drag to talk, which handle child and the situation in a close to nearby parking. Sure, imagine respect traffic signs and problems, may be that, where you need to reduce your speed for rate.

Information to correct your Steering

Time is of the essence in a case where a collision can occur. To correct, information fast your control, by a defensive driving class. If a collision occur, you will know how you react and what to try to take, if you, on the road are at a higher speed. Drives must want something hit too hard but not reduced to avoid the rate of speed quickly on the way they are severe head and bodily injuries. After a collision is important, to a low car insurance claims have medical and minimize vehicle damage. This helps you to keep your premiums because of the more consistent your efforts.

3. Be a good driver- no tickets – no speeding.

Obey the speed limit

Most of the collisions that occur today are due to drivers that will exceed the posted speed limits. Always ensure faster limit characters and your travelers speed according to suit look. If you see someone, who could drive irregularly then go away from them. Reduce their speed in an other track because erratic drivers are often under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you feel the driver is acting erratically select 911 and report the person to the police too, so that it can be withdrawn on otherwise in a collision with him or her involved to avoid someone.

Yes, compare auto insurance quote now if you have not done – start with the first trick. You are on your way to low car insurance quotes.


Compare auto insurance