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How much is auto insurance for a Honda Civic Hybrid?

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Honda civic hybrid car insurance

kristin cavallari ; How much is auto insurance for a Hoda Civic Hybrid?

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While most other hybrids, like the top-ranked Ford Fusion Hybrid and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, are a bit pricier than the Civic Hybrid and have lower fuel economy ratings, they make up for it with better performance, features, and appearances. Type in your zip code above to compare auto insurance quotes online!

How much is auto insurance for a Honda Civic Hybrid?

Auto insurance rate estimates aren’t available for the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid yet, but reports are in for the 2011 model. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) indicates an average annual auto insurance rate of $1,109 for the Civic Hybrid. Over five years, that will add up to $5,546 worth of auto insurance premiums. Drivers who pay monthly will pay premiums of about $92 if they have driving records at least six years long. Drivers with only three to six years’ experience will pay closer to $174 per month, and if you have less than three years’ experience, expect to pay about $265 per month.

Compared to the competition, the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid is cheap to insure. The Chevrolet Volt costs $1,373 to insure each year, and Ford Fusion Hybrid owners typically pay $1,483 a year. For the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, expect to pay $1,570 annually, and be prepared for a yearly bill of $1,600 if you drive a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Honda Civic Hybrid Repairs

The NADA expects the Honda Civic Hybrid to incur $1,485 in repair costs over the first five years it’s on the road. The vehicle’s warranty will cover any necessary repairs during the first and second years, but you’re likely to pay the $343 third-year bill out of pocket. The fourth- and fifth-year repair bills for the Civic Hybrid will each cost about $571.

The Honda Civic Hybrid’s auto insurance costs are among the lowest of all hybrid cars, but its repair costs are much higher than its competitors’. Ford Fusion Hybrid owners will pay about $850 for car repairs over five years, and Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt drivers will pay similar bills. It will cost around $750 to repair a Nissan Altima Hybrid or a Toyota Camry Hybrid for five years. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid owners will pay about $636 for five years’ worth of repairs, which is less than half of what Civic Hybrid drivers are expected to pay.

Maintaining a Civic Hybrid

The total 5-year maintenance bill for a Civic Hybrid is nearly $2,000, including a third-year tune up that will cost over $1,000. The first- and second- year maintenance bills for the Civic Hybrid should total just $175 each, and the fourth-year bill will cost just over $300. During the fifth year, the NADA predicts that you’ll pay about $269 for maintenance.

This rate is low compared to the maintenance costs for other hybrids. Chevrolet Volt drivers are projected to pay just over $2,300 for their 5-year maintenance bills, and Hyundai Sonta Hybrid  owners will pay about $2,994. Ford Fusion Hybrid maintenance expenses will total a bit over $3,300, and Camry Hybrid drivers will pay nearly $4,000 for maintenance.

Civic Hybrid Crash Test Results

Since the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid was recently redesigned, only the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has reported its ratings so far. The federal government gave the 2011 Civic Hybrid a 3-star rating, but several improvements have been made to the vehicle’s design since then. The IIHS rates the 2012 Civic Hybrid a “Top Safety Pick,” due to its standard electronic stability control and top ratings in all four of the institute’s crash tests.

These include the frontal offset test, which examines how well the vehicle protects the driver and front passenger when it strikes an object in front of it, and a similar test for side impacts to both the front and rear portions of the car. The roof strength test gauges how well the vehicle’s roof structure protects passengers if the car rolls over, and the rear impact test assesses the vehicle’s ability to prevent whiplash. The Chevrolet Volt and the Toyota Prius are both “Top Safety Picks” as well.

2012 Civic Hybrid Features

While critics note that the 2012 Civic Hybrid’s performance, especially in terms of fuel economy, is improved for the new model year, they’re underwhelmed by the vehicle’s revamped interior. They say that the materials quality in the Civic Hybrid’s cabin still doesn’t stack up well against its competitors’, and its cargo area is small due to the car’s large battery. However, reviewers do note improvements in both cabin space and standard features. These include a tilting and telescoping steering wheel to optimize driving ergonomics, as well as an auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.

The new intelligent Multi-Information Display, or i-MID, combines Bluetooth functionality, a trip computer, and fuel economy info all in one convenient location. The Civic Hybrid also incorporates an Eco Assist feature that tells you how efficiently you’re driving. It can be activated or deactivated by depressing the ECON button.

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Compare auto insurance



kate gosselin : What is the average price of auto insurance?

Average price of auto insurance. You need to compare auto insruance and review car insurance

Response : Kate a wonderful question: What is the average price of auto insurance? I’m not a car insurance agent, but I would be large sums of money betting that this is one of the most frequently asked questions in the industry is ready. There is unfortunately no simple answer. There are so many variables, in the calculation go car insurance premiums that it is virtually impossible to come is with an average value. We talk about some of these variables and numbers in this article.

Start insurance premiums on the lookout for car in your state by entering your zip code now!

Before we get the variables, there are some ball park figures, those which we can look at based on certain factors. So, in a perfect world, where a middle-aged male drivers is married with children, contains no history of accidents or injuries, drives a car in the middle price range, has only a minimum liability coverage and manages only to and from work, the average annual premium would be somewhere close to $836. For a woman under the exact same conditions, the rate would be closer to $772. But all of these conditions include, you see why this is so complicated?

By far, the single most important variable in determining your auto insurance premiums is your experience as a driver. This works in a few ways.

First of all, you should have had you, your age and the total length of time, a driver’s license. Depending on both these figures are smaller, more risky a driver, you are considered by auto insurance companies. Their prices are high proportional. Vice versa how older and gain more experience, your prices will go down.

The second part of this has to do with your history of accidents and injuries. Many years of experience behind the wheel is useless if your record with questions is covered. No matter how long you driving have been making stains in your driving history automatically you a higher risk drivers and result in higher prices. The combination of age, experience and a flawless record is the best formula for low prices.

Review car insurance and compare auto insurance – your driving record

When you need to review car insurance and compare auto insurance, remember that your own driving record counts.

 Although an accident or injury not good for your insurance rates in the short term, it is not the end of the world. Most insurance companies employ a practice “Stacking”, called, can forget the older incidents.

To understand this principle, just a picture in your head stack of papers. Any accident or injury is added as a piece of paper onto the stack. After enough time some of these pieces of paper goes by start covered bottom of the stack from which, until eventually all of them are gone.

As long as you keep a clean record after an accident or injury, it will be finally taken your entry and drop your prices. But if you continue, that simply adding new incidents, new papers on the stack as soon as the old ones fall. If you are a really bad driver, you can add the stack even faster than it will be reduced. So the idea to keep your nose clean, after accidents or injury is so finally completely deleted your entry.

There are other variables in this equation; Some do not have control over some of you.

When you compare auto insurance or reivew car insurance your car matters<

The type of car: a car you can control, is the make and model of the car, which you drive. If anything you buy are minimum liability is not this is so much role. But if you purchase are collision, fire and theft or comprehensive coverage, that is your car in the current market more expensive the higher your insurance will cost. If you can afford high insurance premiums, think less expensive. Have you considered another factor, and one probably not do anything about the short term, has to do with the State where you live. Different States have different auto insurance laws and reflected in the prices. Heavily regulated States like New York and California will have higher insurance premiums as less regulated States such as Wyoming and Idaho. If you probably would not move in new insurance will only get a lower price, this can be, to take into account something, if you plan to move in any case.

To sum up, we have barely the surface in talking about things that affect, how much you pay for your auto insurance scratched. Hopefully, you can now see why is it so difficult to give an average price over the country. The best way to find out what you want to pay simply shopping begin around.

You can search for car insurance premiums now begin, simply enter your zip below!

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

car insurance coverage

edgar allan poe : What happens if a driver who is not insured and does not have an car insurance policy.

Response : Edgar let me give you a clear idea on what happens and what you should do since, you can really end up paying thousands, just because you did not know the car insurance coverage you needed to pay only a few dollars.

Reveiw car insurance and compare car insruance coverage to find if you have UM or UI covegage

You can be satisfied with your auto insurance policy, but if it uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM / UIM) coverage is not included, each time taking a serious risk if you get behind the wheel.

In times of high unemployment of drop drivers often, although minimum levels of taxation laws auto insurance need their car insurance. If you are hit by an uninsured driver, and your own policy covers any damage that you might be on the hook for thousands of dollars. If you are injured, you can be compensated never your medical bills or pain and suffering.

The insurance Research Council has determined that a single percentage rise in unemployment to a can as a percentage point in the rate of uninsured drivers get three quarters. The insurance information Institute projected that the proportion of uninsured motorists reach 18 percent in 2010.

“The big picture is, that drive is the most dangerous, what does a person during the day”, said David Snyder, Vice President and associate general counsel for the American Insurance Association-Trade Organization. “Drive the biggest potential for death and serious injuries for the typical person bears.” A motor-vehicle accident may wipe out a lifetime of savings in no time. “Unless you disastrous loss without compensation would necessarily not be exposed to, drivers assured coverage.”

Delete from car insurance to save money

When the economy turns sour, many people have problems that pay their bills. Unfortunately, after which they compare auto insurance quotes, many decide that a good place to back their coverage. You can their liability levels and comprehensive and collision delete cover or ignore its policy the termination of ignore their account allow. According to other drivers to do the right is not a good financial plan. Motorists can meet thresholds for insurance cover condition and have still inadequate policies, said Pete Moraga, spokeswoman for the insurance information network of California.

Insurance requirements vary by State. If a UM added have, typically it will cover the cost of injuries, you and your passengers and property damage. It is true, when an uninsured or a hit and-run driver is legally responsible for the damage.

The problem varies uninsured drivers across the country. According to a study of the insurance Research Council 2009 New Mexico had the highest percentage of uninsured motorists (29 percent) and Massachusetts had the lowest (1 percent). The study found evidence that that the recession led hundreds of thousands of drivers their auto insurance fall in 2008.

Driving in the car-insurance radar

The District of Columbia and 21 States have mandatory requirements for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Several Member States have begun, developing online car insurance verification systems, to identify uninsured drivers. Always an accurate count for these drivers is hard, because such drivers are usually “under the radar fly,” said Moraga. In some urban areas of California estimate, for example, police forces of uninsured drivers in close to 40 percent of the drivers.

Add uninsured and driver underinsured coverage is a lawyer in Los Angeles relatively inexpensive, Jeffrey A. Rudman said, a personal injury. Unfortunately, many of the people he represents not to cover if they were involved in car accidents have.

“There were many times when I have a customer who was seriously injured and the party that caused the injury has no insurance or does not have sufficient insurance,”, he said. “If those who cause injury to any significant assets, the very bad for the client be.” “You are enough money never able.”

Compare car insurance premiums

Comparison shopping for the right policy is important. Many consumers check, car insurance quotes online. If your car by an uninsured driver is damaged and you have high limits to cover, “You are then well placed,” said Moraga. However compensation for damages or in your own pocket to cover can achieve if you are hit by an uninsured driver, and you have a low to cover, you are forced to go to court your. Even if your claim is successful, is no guarantee that you are ever paid, he stressed. Uninsured motorists are likely to have no means, a court settlement to pay.

If you are involved with an uninsured driver in an accident, and you have no UM coverage, the prospects can be gloomy.

“You additional cost talk because you have to pay court fees, and you are not sure what will be the result,” said Moraga. “Even if you a judgment, the person may be homeless or do not have money, so how would you collect?”

Its best to take compare auto insurance and get a car insurance coverage with UM and UI to prevent any anxiety.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

review car insurance- geico reduces rates

Great auto insurance news for GEICO policy holders, review car insurance

GEICO has made a great move and have had their car insurance rates reduced. As per the news given by GEICO car insurance rates have been reduced by 10.7% for the policy holders in California.
As per the announcement from GEICO “According to GEICO, the rate filings were approved on June 2 and the rate decrease will be effective August 15, 2020. GEICO policyholders in the LA Metro area will realize an average savings of $238 on their premiums annually. Approximately 98,000 policyholders in the San Diego area will save, on average, $163 on their premiums annually. GEICO’s policy holders state-wide will realize an average annual savings of $127. The rate filing included GEICO, GEICO General and GEICO Indemnity, which provide coverage to, 717,443 GEICO auto policyholders in California. This premium reduction will save them $91 million dollars annually.”
This is a great savings especially in the stressful times where there are already lots of economical issues hovering over us.

Review car insurance and compare auto insurance for low auto insurance and also for insurance companies

The other important thing that you need to keep in mind at this time is that the insurance companies are large-scale investors in U.S. All eye are on Obama to see what really happens to US debt decision. Treasuries and government-backed instruments, insurers would experience a larger impact from a decline in the credit quality of the U.S. government than many other industries because of the asset leverage insurers hold. This would mean that the impact of the decline in credit rating is going to be felt most by the insurance companies. This would indirectly also mean that they need to increase their revenues in order to maintain the required premium and reserve ratio. You need to review car insurance and compare auto insurance so that you can get your policy at a low auto insurance rate before the rates increase and also with the best insurance company.

Getting low insurance quotes or compare auto insurance is easier now

It is becoming very easy for you to review car insurance, compare auto insurance and get the right rate for yourself since now you have information and quotes all over the place. Social media is fast becoming a very good place to share things. By social media obviously you all know I mean facebook, twitter, hub pages, squidoo , google plus1 all give you the opportunity to be informed fast and quick. Please use this information to your advantage. Compare auto insurance quote. Loads of information has been provided to you on how to do. Any questions just put it in the comments or reach me on twitter or facebook here.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

Your driving IQ matters to get low auto insurance.

I was recently reading about driving IQ and was wondering if this was something to consider for getting low auto insurance.
What is your driving IQ and how does this matter to getting low auto insurance?
It might surprise you but the truth is I was recently reading an article in McClatchy- Tribune Information Services and read that “Highway Patrol Lt. Janita West said that thought often crosses her mind when she takes drivers on the road for a driver’s license test — especially teenage drivers.

Results of the seventh annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test indicate an estimated 36.9 million drivers nationwide would fail the written test if they took it today. GMAC considers its annual test “the benchmark for America’s driving IQ.”

A total of 5,130 licensed drivers, ages 16 to 65, took this year’s 20-question test, which requires a score of 70 to pass. The test result show that one in five licensed drivers doesn’t know enough about the rules of the road to pass a written driver’s test.

The basics of knowing the rules of the road are very important to avoid accidents and this will get you low auto insurance. Lets discuss this in detail since once you understand something; it would very easy for you to implement it.

How would driving IQ get you low auto insurance rates?

It is obvious that you cannot implement what you do not know. If you do not know the rules of the road the chances of your breaking and violating the rules unknowingly are higher. Now, the other person on the road would assume that you know the rules of the road and are following them, hence they would be caught completely unawares when you break the rule. A fast moving vehicle takes its own time and distance to come to a stop and thus an accident is likely to occur. Once an accident occurs, this is going to be reflected on your driving license- your driving record is affected and the chances of your getting low auto insurance rates would diminish since the insurance company would apply the loading for the claim or accident or your bad driving record.

Driving IQ helps you in getting low auto insurance rates?

If your driving IQ is higher than you are the one who knows the rule. Remember it is not only important to know the rules but also to obey the rules of driving. When any rules are obeyed the chances of getting into trouble or problems is minimized and this would also be true for driving rules. The chances of your getting involved in a car accident would be drastically reduced. This would lead you to maintaining a good driving record. The driver is one of the most important consideration when rating a car insurance policy for the general insurance company. You are given a discount for claims free years and also the rating is reduced for your good driving record and hence you would get low auto insurance rates.

Another obvious way to get low auto insurance rates is to compare auto insurance rates online and review car insurance rates given by different companies. Beat the insurance company by their own strategy of law of large numbers. The more the car insurance quotes you compare the more the chances of getting low auto insurance rates.

Compare auto insurance