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Who Is At Fault When Your Car Gets Rear-Ended?

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Rear end accidents are one of the most common types auto accidents in the world. No matter whatever the extenuating circumstances may be, the driver of the car who gets rear-ended is at an advantage when it comes to determining blame.

In most situations, the rear-ended vehicle’s owner can argue that the rear-ender has been negligent – and how can anyone prove otherwise in these accidents that happen in a blink of an eye? However, there are also times where the rear-ender can get away scott-free – but such cases are rare. Here, we’ll bring you through the various scenarios of a rear-end accident.

Determining fault in the case of a rear end accident

As mentioned, one thing’s for sure: the person whose vehicle smashes into the back of another is always at a disadvantage. Any responsible driver knows that they must maintain a safe distance from the car in front – such things are simply common sense. Any rear-end accident will usually be attributed to the driver behind not keeping the mandatory safety distance with the vehicle in front, even if the rear-ended vehicle was driving haphazardly!

(Note – Follow this list of steps whenever you happen to be hit by another car on the road)

As such, if you do not have witnesses that can help with your case, the road ahead is usually clear – pay up for the damages caused to the vehicle driving in front of you. Even with witnesses, the chances of you extraditing yourself from blame are low!

Cases where the rear-ender is NOT at fault

Of course, there are a few cases where the rear-ender is not at fault. The most common of such scenarios is when three vehicles (let’s call them A, B and C for clarity’s sake) are involved. When C crashes into the back of vehicle B and pushes it into the back of vehicle A, the driver of C is at fault and not B. However, this is only true when both A and B are stationary.

Another scenario is when the vehicle in front abruptly switches lanes and slows down after the lane switch, causing the rear-ender vehicle in the new lane behind to slam into the offending vehicle. Here, the “safety distance” argument carries less weight, because no amount of attention can help prevent this sort of accidents. However, witnesses must be summoned to testify that the rear-ended vehicle committed such an act before the rear-ender is absolved of his or her blame.

Swoop and Squat – A Rear-Ender’s Bane

One thing is for certain – you’re in deep trouble if you fall victim to a swoop and squat insurance fraud scheme. The swoop and squat refers to an elaborate insurance fraud (usually carried out by a crime syndicate) the criminal sets up the victim such that the victim becomes the rear-ender, and are forced to pay large amounts of money to the perpetrator of this fraud.

This elaborate scheme involves 3 vehicles: 2 belonging to the criminal and the victim’s car. The “lead car” will position it in front of the fraud victim’s vehicle, while the fraudster’s second car will drive alongside the victim’s car.

Here, the lead car will suddenly slam on its brakes at a junction and the second vehicle will effectively block the victim’s car from swerving to avoid slamming into the lead car’s rear. As all automobile owners have been indoctrinated with, the victim will assume that he is automatically at fault.

However, the driver of the lead victim will cordially suggest that insurance companies need not be involved and an immediate cash settlement will be enough to set the matter straight – to the delight of the victim. The victim will be lead to believe that the case is settled – he will avoid a spike in premium because of this rear-end accident.

It is here where the victim experiences the true horror of the swoop and squat insurance fraud. A few weeks later, the victim will receive claims for medical bills of the fraudsters, claiming that the injuries are suffered from the rear-end accident that was supposed to be waived without the knowledge of the insurance companies. The victim will then be forced to pay up or face legal action.

It is interesting to note that such swoop and squat frauds involve professionals from all walks of life – doctors are involved to diagnose “injuries”, while lawyers are recruited to help fight the case for the fraudsters in case the victim takes them to court.


Whatever the scenario, the first thing anyone should do in a rear-end accident is to exchange contact information. The drivers involved should assess the situation calmly – although many rear-enders take an aggressive stance to hopefully coerce the rear-ended driver into accepting that it is his fault in the rear-end accident.

It is always good to settle the payment of damages without involving the insurance companies if the accident is minor. Nevertheless, you should always ask for a signed contract. This will help protect you against swoop and squat and other insurance frauds.

Did something appear just a little off regarding your recent car crash? Perhaps a fellow driver waved you thru in an intersection after which crashed into you anyway. Maybe the people for the reason that vehicle stated to possess serious injuries, despite the fact that your cars were going only 10 mph once they crashed. This can be signs and symptoms of a staged accident.

Staged accidents  are a kind of insurance fraud which costs customers and insurance companies vast amounts of dollars yearly, based on the Insurance Information Institute. Crooks deliberately cause crashes, make believe you be seriously hurt, declare that their cars have sustained major damage, after which use dishonest body shops and doctors to bring in insurance affiliate payouts. They can may convince you to view a particular physician who’ll bilk your insurance provider by fueling the concern you’ll need.

Fortunately, staged accidents including innocent motorists are rare. Usually, all the “victims” in staged accidents are members of fraud rings. But staged crashes including naive motorists do happen. Here are a few signs to consider.

Easy targets

 Crooks frequently target certain groups when choosing sufferers for his or her schemes. Some common sufferers are:

Ladies and seniors. They’re regarded as less confrontational than other drivers.Individuals who reside in cities with many different cars (and where traffic accidents tend to be more common).Citizens of wealthy towns, as they’re prone to have better insurance policy. Better insurance policy implies that the fraudsters can milk it for additional money.Individuals who drive commercial automobiles, car rentals and new cars because they motorists may have good car insurance coverage.

Staged accident situations

While you might not have the ability to prevent crooks from benefiting from you, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud highlights a couple of tactics that will help you recognize a staged accident for what it’s — and tell your insurance provider over time.

Sideswipe: If you’re within the inner lane of the dual left-turn lane, crooks may deliberately attempt to ram your vehicle should you drift in to the outer lane while making your turn.Sudden swoop-and-squat: A criminal all of a sudden will dart before your automobile and slam around the brakes, compelling a rear collision. The criminal — and cohorts in the vehicle — may claim neck and whiplash injuries, even when the crash happened in a low speed.Fake wave: A dishonest driver may wave you forward into an intersection or from a parking space — showing that it is your use go — after which all of a sudden crash into you purposely. Later, once the police arrive, the motive force may deny that she or he ever waved you forward.


Following the accident, be looking of these red-colored flags:

Shifty help: Following any sort of accident, “help” like magic may seem. For example, a tow tucker  may arrive without you (or perhaps your insurance provider) with one. A “physician” may show on scene, recommending care that you ought to get from his practice. A lawyer may offer assist in filing insurance claims. These folks may be “runners” for any fraud ring.People wearing an action: Keep clear when the vehicle you hit is stuffed with people who act unhurt — after which all of a sudden behave like they’re in discomfort once the police arrive.

How you can safeguard yourself

If you feel something isn’t quite right concerning the accident, allow the officer who files the accident report know. Make certain the report features a detailed description from the damage to ensure that it’s tougher for scam artists to do too much it later.

Make sure to document the accident scene. Take photos. Obtain the names and phone information from the driver and all sorts of people, and count the number of you will find. This causes it to be tougher for fraudsters to include sufferers later.

It matters to your auto insurance rates.

Stages accidents matter to your auto insurance rates, since any dent on the insurance company is going to be passed on to the consumers. The consumer- YOU – are going to pay high auto insurance rates for the fault of others.  Each stage accident is going to go to the high


Do this and you will have low auto insruance quotes.

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wpid Florida car insurance Compare auto insurance for the Best Car Insurance in Florida!


Compare auto insurancee for the Best Car Insurance in Florida!

A “Florida Coverage.” Is there such a thing? Well, there is. It only means your car insurance policy must be issued by an insurance company duly licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Why a “Florida Coverage”? Consider the large amount of aggressive drivers, heavy traffic, road rage issues and not to mention the weather (frequent heavy rains and heavy winds). Drivers must stay alert and, most importantly, have the peace of mind that they are in one way or another covered by an insurance policy.

First things first before finding the best car insurance in Florida. Compare auto insurance for the best car insurance in Florida. Basically, Florida requires a minimum liability requirements. What does this mean? It means following Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law, which includes coverage for incidents such as crashes, wherein the insured is the one at fault. This is an indispensable coverage to have, because in an accident, it’s not just the lives of the motorists that are affected, but also the passengers with them, who could very well be family members. An amount of US$10,000 can be calmed for a single person who sustains injuries. This amount increases when there are more than one passenger injured and for the property damages.

Also, it is important to keep in mind ;that car insurance requirement in Florida does not include compensation for the insured’s vehicle in case the driver at-fault accident. Remember that these laws are for basic coverage only. More coverage options are available to ensure the vehicle and the drivers safety. One such coverage that people can add to their policy is the No Fault coverage, which protect them from drivers at fault who are without insurance.

It is also important to remember that if one should fail to maintain insurance on vehicles, it may mean suspension of driving privileges or having a car’s tags and registration suspended up to three years or until valid proof of a Florida automobile policy is presented. A fine of $150 up to $500 may also be charged. So it is always wise to keep your car insurance in check.

For the best car insurance in Florida it may be good to compare different insurance providers online and read on the reviews for each. It is wise to keep in mind not just the discounts one may get but also has good practice, direct, accessible and has good customer service. Some of the best insurers in Florida are: State Farm, The General Auto Insurance, Progressive, AAA, Geico, Mercury, Nationwide, Esurance and Liberty Mutual. Getting discounts is definitely a must so ask for it while applying for the insurance. Discounts may be availed in various ways: age, a good driving record, keeping a low mileage, education level and grades, good credit rating and having a car garage to name a few.

In general, finding the best car insurance in Florida would require a reasonable amount of time for research and a wise decision on what insurance company to go for. Remember to consider these factors: rates, discounts and customer service value in car insurance plan. Compare auto insurance since this is not time consuming and would save your lots of dollars.


We have been bringing you the latest news on Toyota and the defects, recalls and the facts that  US auto insurers were forced, in accident claims under a Manufactureres automobile defects and recalls payout. Due to the increasing number of claims by unintended acceleration of Toyota vehicles caused followed seven car insurer Allstate Insurance Co (which we) in suing Toyota Motor Corp A lawsuit was by these health insurance an increasing number of claims, by Toyota cars spinning control caused opened.

Toyota and its reputation

In accordance with this error has Toyota reputation of providing quality vehicles has been affected by the Federal agencies, Congress hearings and worldwide recalls. Luxury car has caused Toyota, Lexus, 89 fatalities due to crashes by sudden and unintended acceleration, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Board since 2000. Cost Toyota as one who faced acceleration problem is up to 10-billion dollar liability fraud, personal injury and wrongful death claims, that all add up.

Last week the latest lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleged that that Toyota was aware of the problem and still ignored and hid the defect which caused the sudden increase in power in the engines, which is typically run out of control. Furthermore, Toyota can have prevented to install brake-override systems, the accidents. The seven companies leads the complaints are: American hardware mutual insurance co., motorists mutual insurance co., IDS property casualty insurance co., Ameriprise insurance co., national security Corp., Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co., and American automobile insurance co.,.

The suit led three separate filings, the finally they convinced have Toyota pay $10 million cases of a California State Trooper and three related, its Auto had raised wreck of the automaker recalls in 2009. 5.4 Million, the US vehicles from Toyota ill-fitting floor mats to correct, that would have recalled the potential have been jam of the accelerator, including the gas pedal, not in the position until early again as desired. Tuesday, mentioned Toyota in a statement that subrogation claims “are common between insurance companies and car manufacturers”; In addition, last actions to influence their decisions not. The company also insisted that the cause for unintended acceleration not of vehicle-based error is caused; and, that they not enough evidence to find out the exact reason for the crashes.

If you the victim of a car accident because of a lack of Toyota and also for pay is on error accident, numbers it should probably be more for your car insurance as you.  If you have evidence of the accident was caused by an error, call our agents.  We’ll see what we can do about your bid on a not for errors reduced accident. In fact, if you have accidents, tickets, violations, suspensions, even a DUI or DWI – we help you save money on your auto insurance.

Stay with us we will inform you of the latest on car insurance. Do not forget to compare auto insruance here.



Keith : What is considered a safe car from the insurance purpose?
Response : Keith, this is an excellent question. Insurance will consider a car which has high safety standards as safe since this would ensure that the persons would be safe. This is a very vast topic and so for now will touch only on the main features of the car. Many automakers offer safety features beyond the required federal minimums. The following safety features should be considered when purchasing a car:
a)Crashworthiness: Reduce the risk of death and serious injury in case of an accident http://www.highwaysafety.org
b)Vehicle structural design : A good structural design has a strong occupant compartment and front and rear ends are designed to buckle and bend in a crash to absorb the force of the crash. These crush zones should keep damage away from the safety cage because once the cage starts to collapse, the likelihood of injury increases rapidly.
c)Vehicle size and weight : The laws of physics dictate that larger and heavier cars are safer than lighter and smaller ones. Small cars have twice as many occupant deaths each year as large cars. In crashes involving smaller and larger vehicles, heavier vehicles drive lighter ones backwards, decreasing the forces inside the heavier car and increasing them in the lighter car.
These are the basic features which should be kept in mind. Compare cars before buying them and always compare auto insurance and reveiw car insurance once you have a car.