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compare auto inusurance quotes 2011 trends 2011 auto insurance trends, compare auto insurance and get advantage of low auto rates.

2011 trends in auto insurance revaled.Review car insurance and compare auto insurance to take advantage of trends.

2011 is going to be the year of soft auto insurance rates. Recession and economic down turns are still a concern not only for individuals but for business including the ever green auto insurance companies.

Insurance experts expect the five major trends which will be the influencing factors for getting low auto insurance rates. It is important for you to know what the trends are and to compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance to get low auto insurance rates. Compareautoinsurancequote411.com has always endevoured to help you in the your efforts of saving on your car insurance.

Auto insurance Trend No 1 : Auto insurance companies will have competitive rates : Canada auto insurance companies have seen a rise in the auto insurance rates for those between 50 – 60 years of age, but USA is still going to have a very competitive auto insurance market. USA economy has still not kicked in and hence the insurance companies will be following a competitive rate strategy. It is the right time for you to review car insurance and compare auto insurance quotes to take advantage of this trend. It is best to take atleast a minimum of three different auto insurance companies rates before you sit down and decide where to place your business. Get the best auto insurance rates while you can.

Car insurance Trend 2 : Most insurance companies will be canvasing the Mileage based auto insurance rating system. Besides the usuall car insurance discounts the insurance companies will be offering “pay as you drive” insurance polices and these will be the epected norm in the years to come. Auto insurance rating and premium is based for “pay as you go” on the useage of your car of mileage. Hence if you are working from home or using your car less or have a limited use of your car you will be able to benefit from this. Compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance mileage useage to get this advantage. This could be your opportunity and the right choice for you to get low auto insurance rates.

Some insurance companies place a device in your car which will help them know the mileage. What is more interesting for parents of teenagers is that this might be a good plan to have for your teenager since you can know about their whereabouts and their driving habits. Some insurance companies would just go by on the inspection report for mileage and hence you can review car insurance policies of different insurance companies to know what suits you best.

This trend has started for Texas and California and it would not be harful in asking your auto insurance company for a higher discount if your useage of mileage is much lesser.

2011 is going to be a year of low auto insurance rates and you can profit by just review car insurance and compare auto insurance.

Auto insurance Trend 3 : Discounts for good driving record and claims free consumers.
It is expected that the general auto insurance companies would be offering higher discounts and lower deductibles to the consumers who have no clamis or are claim free. This is an assurance of their better driving skills and responsiblites. This is just an expected trend in order that the insurance companies maintain their customer base and also their market share. This might not be something the smaller insurance companies would be able to offer to the public.

Review car insurance and do ask your insurance company for a low auto insurance rate if you had an accident free year.

Auto insurance trend 4 : Options of getting auto insurance on smart phones
Insurance companies are fast catching up the popular trends of smart phones, text messaging and also social media popularity. More and more insurance companies are using these meidas and encouraging even auto claims intimation on the phones. USA consumers do not check the auto insurance rates or compare auto insurance quotes, but it is time they can start doing this since the options are avaliable on the phones, ipads, smart phones and ofcourse the internet. Its time to take advantage since the brokers are fast using these methods also instead of sitting in their office and waiting for your call or visit.

Certainly, reviewing car insurance or compare auto insurance quotes is going to be more benefical instead of not getting auto insurance or cancelling your auto insurance policy.

The last and most important trend for auto insurance predicted for 2011 is that there will be more uninusred drivers. The economic crunch, jobless rates and fear are going to be factors where people would be choosing to be uninsured rather than pay for auto insurance.

It would cerainly be more benfiting for you to compare auto insurance qutoes and get a low auto insurance rate or put your vehicle under non-use rather than not take an auto insurnace policy. If you are involved in an auto accident and do not have an auto insurance policy it is going to hurt and harm you now. Not having insurance is going to certainly hurt you and you would be paying higher for not having continous auto insurance, hence be smart and compare auto insurance quotes and get your auto insurance policy today.

Please take advantage of 2011 expected trends. Feel free to let us know if you have any auto insurance related questions.
Happy 2011 to all my readers and subscribers.

Get your auto insurance quote here today.

Summary : 2011 auto insurance trends are positve and in consumers favour. Be smart and compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance trends and take advantage of low auto insurance rates.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

Dori Friend: Will the big oil spill affect auto insurance rates or how to compare auto insurance quotes? This question is asked since ultimately the insurance companies will have to bear some loss in this. Would we have to review car insurance coverage to get low auto insurance rates.

Auto Insurance : Compare auto insurance quotes, review car insurance to get low auto insurance rates.

Response : Dori, a good question but I know some readers will think this is not appropriate, since what connection would be there between the oil spill and the auto insurance rates or how to compare auto insurance quotes.

Being in the insurance field for a long time, I agree with part of your apprehension, because insurance is related to all walks of life. The past few years have been tough for the insurance companies and this definetly affects the insurance market.

The Mexico oil spill has been one of the biggest so far and the liability claim for this is already estimated at 400+ million dollars and there is already a talk in the insurance circles that we are heading towards a hard insurance market. However with the present economic scenerio this might not be the case.

Yes, once it becomes a hard market there will be changes in the auto insurance ratings and the number of players would also be reduced. This would mean that the consumers will have to compare auto insurance quotes online and offline to get the best quotes and reveiw car insruance coverage if they want to save and get low auto insurance rates.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

Compare auto insurance quote-California

Latest News
The Californians for Fair Auto Insurance rates, which is a collation of Insurance Rates, a coalition of consumer advocates, businesses, taxpayer advocates and insurers, has issued a statement in response to the opposition of the Continuous coverage auto discount act . This is a new act which is going to the ballots in June 2010.
As per the statement given by Kathy Fairbanks, a representative of the Fair Auto Insurance rates : Continuous Coverage Auto insurance discount act” will in fact encourage competition and choice in the auto insurance market. It is in favor of 80% of the drivers, who are buying continuous auto insurance coverage as mandated by the law. This law will reward these auto insurance drivers who have maintained their insurance. They would now be able to go online or to any agent and shop for lower auto insurance prices because they can get higher auto insurance discounts for having continuous auto insurance, once this is allowed and implemented.
“California’s regulatory and rate-setting environment is completely different from Nevada’s or any other state’s. In fact, current California law mandates that your driving safety record, miles driven annually and years of driving experience be the top three factors in determining auto insurance premiums. Nevada has no such requirements.
“Comparing California to Nevada is like comparing apples to oranges.
“The Continuous Coverage Auto Insurance Discount Act will mean more competitive auto insurance rates, more choice for consumers and lower auto insurance premiums. That’s why it’s endorsed by groups like Consumers First, Consumers Coalition of California, Citizens Against Regulatory Excess, California Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Action Committee, League of United Latin American Citizens, California Taxpayer Protection Committee and many more.
With the recession and especially since California’s economy has been affected with a slower recovery, any options to compare auto insurance quotes, online and to be able to get low car insurance rates would be a welcome move.

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Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

Dave Dee : I know that you have been in the insurance market for more than decades, why do you think it is advisable to compare auto insurance quotes online?
Compare auto insurance quotes online will get low auto insurance rates.
: Dave, yes with my years in this profession, I would certainly repeatedly say compare compare and compare auto insurance quotes online to save money. Money does not grow on trees. You can save $397 to $597 per year just if you compare auto insurance quotes online and low auto insurance rates than what you are paying at present.

It is know that your credit history or a bad driving record is going to affect your auto insurance premium or your car insurance rates. However, more than this it is the individual insurance companies own loss history or book of business which is going to influence their own rating and underwriting philosophy and strategy. This is what is unknown to most people.

Let me go a step further and explain this to you. Personally, working in this field for more than 2 decades, I know what the reality is. For example the Katrina losses did drive up the home insurance rates. Now in this case, this was no fault of the homeowners but they are paying the price. The insurance companies are in the business of insuring and spreading the risk. To compensate the losses in one area or from one class of business like the home they try to balance it out by increasing the rates for another class of business, the auto. Another way of doing this would to increase the overall premiums for one class of business in all states.

Insurance is a business, and like any other business it needs to generate profit. Monetary losses from an excessive amount of insurance claims are usually shifted to the consumer in the package of higher insurance premiums.
In case the insurance company is new and wants to establish themselves in a new state they would lower the auto insurance premium for that state to attract customers. For you it would be prudent to take an advantage of this offer and get your low auto insurance rates.

At times if the insurance company had an extremely profitable year, they would give low auto insurance rates so that they are able to expand their business. For this reason, insurance rates vary greatly from one company to another.
Last but not least there is the constant pressure of competition among the insurance companies and so the companies are coming up with new marketing decisions and as a prudent person you need to take advantage of these opportunities and see where you fit in.
The best way to ensure you are getting the best price for your insurance needs is to review your policy rates regularly and compare them against what other competing insurance companies are offering. You can do this by requesting insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. Compare auto insurance quotes online and save time and money by getting multiple quotes at one place and low auto insurance rates, with compareautoinsurancequote411.com.

Compare auto insurance
Compare auto insurance

Stephen Pierce : Massachusetts : I live in Massachusetts and would like to know what is happening because of the deregulation of the auto insurance here? How would it affect the customers and get low auto insurance.

Response : Getting low auto insurance quotes would require you to review auto insurance coverage and shop online. Please see the low auto insurance quotes on compareautoinsurancequote411.com and review your quotes, since I am sure you will find a really good deal and low auto insurance quote.

“The deregulation of the Massachusetts auto insurance market has driven up prices, boosted insurer profits, reduced consumer protections and generally created confusion in the marketplace, according to a new report by the state’s attorney general.

The report, which comes roughly two years after the creation of managed competition, provides an accounting of how the market is operating, and includes a number of recommendations to improve consumers’ interests.

“When the Division of Insurance introduced the new deregulated auto insurance system nearly two years ago, they contended that this system would result in better rates for consumers,” said Attorney General Martha Coakley in a statement. “While the long-term results of this new system remain to be seen, our office is concerned that consumers may not, in fact, be getting the best rates and the protections they deserve.”

The report notes that most consumers haven’t shopped around for insurance — and therefore, not driving rates down — while are now increasing. Coakley’s office said it is particularly concerned companies are now rating customers on several new factors more closely linked to socio-economic status, rather than to consumers’ driving records.

Among the observations included in the reports:

•Many consumers whose rates decreased paid more than they should have after the market was deregulated. Had the regulatory rate-setting process occurred in 2008, rates would have been reduced for essentially all consumers, with average rate reductions much greater than those seen under deregulation.
•Once ‘managed competition’ began, insurers instantly began seeking higher profit. In 2008, the Division of Insurance accepted target returns in the insurer rate filings that were over 150 percent of the 2007 regulated value for some insurers..
•There is currently no easy way for consumers to determine what the market prices for insurance are, what each company will charge a particular individual, and what discounts and special coverage options are available. The website provided by the Division of Insurance does not solve these problems.
•Some consumers have not been offered all discounts to which they are entitled, have had difficulty obtaining quotes from agents, and have received different quotes from different agents for the same insurers.
•Most Massachusetts consumers purchase insurance through an independent agent, yet most agents typically cannot or do not provide price quotes for more than a couple of carriers.

Thegood news is that the report recommends several moves to help improve the auto insurance market for consumers. These included improved rate proposals, the creation of an insurance Web site to provide side-by-side quotes for all insurers, elimination of penalties for leaving an insurance company early, prohibition of the collection of personal information not needed for rating and the introduction of legislation to ban the use of credit score in insurance ratemaking.

Thus you will get the information first hand but need to shop and compare and review auto insurance coverage to get your much wanted low auto insurance quote.

Compare auto insurance