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Whether you’re shopping for a new or used car, chances are you’re going to take a test drive. Even though most drivers are on their best behavior behind the wheel during a test drive, accidents still happen. And accidents mean auto insurance claims. But whose insurance will pay — yours or the car dealer’s?

When a customer test drives a vehicle, the dealer’s insurance typically covers crash damage, consumer advocate S.E. Day says. Vehicles are covered under a dealership’s general liability policy, which typically states the vehicle must be driven under certain conditions like test drives for customers.

Day says a dealer must ask for and photocopy a current, valid driver’s license for anyone taking a test drive. If a dealer fails to do that, its insurer may not cover a damaged test-drive car.

“A new car isn’t on a car insurance policy unless the dealer titles the vehicle in the name of the dealership as the registered owner on record with the state,” Day says.

States require dealers to carry a certain amount of liability and property insurance coverage in order to get a business license. For instance, New Jersey requires a certificate of insurance reflecting liability coverage for $100,000 to $250,000 for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage.

“The dealer probably won’t go after the test driver’s insurance company because the dealer allowed the person to test drive the vehicle for sales purposes,” Day says.

Dan Weedin, an insurance and risk management consultant, says the auto dealer’s insurance is “on the hook” for damage to the test-drive car, as well as property damage caused by that car and damage to other cars.

However, if the test driver shows negligence, such as running a red light, the driver’s auto insurer may come into play, Weedin says. If a claim is paid on the driver’s insurance, that person’s insurance rates likely would go up.

“Insurability could also be in jeopardy, because the at-fault accident would go on the driver’s record and be there for at least three years,” Weedin says. “If they were to get in a subsequent accident, the accident could rear its ugly head in both rates and insurability.”

Still, the auto dealer’s insurance typically takes priority over the driver’s insurance.

Fortunately, no one’s insurance was used when K.S. Brooks of Spokane, Wash., crashed the car she was test driving in 2005.

“The front seats had been removed from the car, and I was sitting on a milk crate because they wanted to make sure I wanted the car before they put the new seats in,” Brooks recalls. “I took a sharp turn and the milk crate fell over, and so did I, losing control of the car.

“The whole thing was quite comical but embarrassing and somewhat stressful at the same time. Luckily, the damage was minor. The worst of it was a dent in the passenger door where the car hit a very large rock as it went into a snow bank.”

The dealer repaired damage to the car on its own before she drove it off the lot.

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Why compare auto insurance.. even TV ads say this! Why?

Why compare auto insurance.. even TV ads say this..why?

If you watch television at all, you are probably aware of the vast number of discount auto insurance companies that are offering insurance today. However, if you are looking for car insurance, the cost of the insurance should not be the only factor in making a decision about what car insurance company to choose. Enter your ZIP code and let us help you find low car insurance quotes for FREE.

Before buying car insurance, consider not only how much coverage you should carry, but what types of car insurance and what other additional services you might want included with your car insurance.

Not all car insurance is equal. Before shopping for car insurance, it is important to honestly evaluate your insurance needs.

For instance, you may need coverage for rental cars if you travel frequently and do not have this type of coverage available through your credit card. Some companies also include additional services such as roadside assistance as part of their policies.

Liability Coverage – Liability coverage covers damage to another person’s car or property if you hit them. It does not cover damage to your own car, however. Most states require you to carry at least a minimum amount of liability coverage in order to drive legally, although the amount of liability coverage required varies.Liability car insurance coverage also covers you in any car you drive, whether or not you own it, as long as you are driving it with the owner’s permission. A deductible is applied to liability coverage and must be paid before any benefit payments are made for a claim.

Bodily Injury Coverage – Bodily injury coverage comes into play if you are in an accident and injuries result. It does not cover your own injuries,
but it covers injuries to passengers in the car with you or to injuries that occur in another party’s vehicle. This coverage pays for medical bills, hospital bills, rehabilitation, lost work time, legal costs and any possible pain and suffering penalties that may be applied by a court.

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage applies to any damage that is the result of anything other than an accident. For example, it covers damage that may occur to your vehicle as the result of a storm or from hitting an animal. It also covers vandalism and theft damage.

Collision Coverage – Collision coverage applies to any damage that may occur if your vehicle is in an accident. This can include everything from hitting another car, to hitting a building to damage that may occur from an overturn. Collision coverage also can apply if your car is damage beyond the value of the car and is totaled. However, keep in mind that the reimbursement from a car total will only be for the current value of the car, not for the amount of money you owe on the car.

Gap Coverage – If your car is totaled and it is financed, you may want to have gap insurance coverage. Gap coverage is applied when you receive a reimbursement for the current value of the car that is less than you owe. The insurance will pay the remaining amount, or gap, to your lender. You will need some tips to finding the right gap insurance policy.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage – Also known as “PIP,” personal injury protection coverage is mandatory in some states. Unlike bodily injury coverage, it covers you and anyone named on your policy. Additionally, it provides coverage for you and anyone else named on your policy when driving someone else’s vehicle. Often, it is considered a compliment to bodily injury coverage because it pays up to 80 percent of costs associated with funeral costs, rehabilitation and lost wages.

Underinsured or Uninsured Driver Coverage – Underinsured driver coverage applies when you are in an accident with a driver who only carries the state minimum coverage and they are at fault in the accident. Often, the damage costs are much higher than the minimum required costs and underinsured driver coverage will pay for medical expenses, property damage and lost wages. Also, some policies will provide coverage for a rental car until repairs are completed on your vehicle.

Often, discount car insurance companies will only provide coverage for your car. When looking for car insurance, also consider what other types of insurance you may need. For example, do you also need rental insurance, life insurance or homeowners insurance? If you have other types of insurance policies, ask if discounts are offered for multiple policies.

You may also want to ask about good student discounts if you are planning on having a student included on your policy. You might be surprised to find that once you add your teenager to your policy, your rate may increase substantially.

Other types of discounts to ask about include lower rates if you are over the age of 60, discounts for anti-theft devices good driver discounts, multiple vehicle discounts. You may also find companies that offer discounts for use of winter tires and if you store your vehicle in a secured parking lot.

When choosing auto insurance, take the time to comparison shop. Make sure that you are looking at the same types and amount of coverage when you look at different policies. You can comparison shop through our site. Enter your ZIP code and you will receive car insurance quotes from multiple car insurance companies for FREE.

However, do not be surprised if you receive very little detail about what is provided in the policy through these types of sites. You can also contact various auto insurance companies directly to get information about prices and policy coverage. Most companies have websites through which you can get basic information.

Also, consider contacting them over the telephone and talking to a customer service representative for detailed information. Finally, you can work with an individual insurance broker. Often, brokers represent multiple auto insurance carriers and can provide you with information about the best insurance coverage for your needs.

It is a smart idea to evaluate your auto insurance coverage annually around renewal time.

While discount auto insurance companies may appear to be a good deal on the surface, you should do some homework and ask for detailed information before agreeing to any coverage.

Consider not only the premium price, but also what type of coverage you need and any additional services that might be included with the auto insurance policy. To receive multiple car insurance quotes for FREE enter your ZIP code below.

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Rating Quotes for Car Insurance

Rating Quotes for Car Insurance

Many guides and state insurance departments strongly encourage motorists to insure their motor vehicles and to shop extensively before buying a policy. There are a lot of details that go into automobile coverage and sometimes rating quotes can involve a fair amount of effort. Estimates given by insurers need to be accurate to avoid misquotes, and often premiums can be adjusted by altering the amount of coverage being purchased or by applying a number of discounts. Taking the time to go through these details can be beneficial for many drivers because it often leads to lower rates and a better understanding of how vehicle protection works.

It’s essential to know the price of a product before making a purchase to avoid overpaying, because sometimes different companies may offer lower rates. This can also be said for vehicle coverage, so drivers are urged to evaluate multiple auto insurance quotes in hopes of finding an affordable policy. Estimates given by insurers are typically based several essential details about the motorist and the vehicle being insured, so giving accurate information when shopping for sample rates is essential. Completing a search online can usually produce dozens of estimates at once, meaning that the prices given are based on the same details, allowing for potentially more accurate ratings.

While shopping around and comparing quotes motorists should keep in mind that premiums can usually be adjusted. Altering the amount of coverage that is purchased that have a big impact on policy rates, and so can utilizing the many different discounts that many insurers usually offer. Someone rating estimates with minimal amounts of protection are likely to find lower prices, while people purchasing comprehensive plans can typically expect to find steeper rates. Many states require drivers to carry liability coverage to pay for damages they may be responsible for, and improving upon the minimum limits set by the state is usually a cost effective way of increasing one’s coverage.

Many different coverage providers distribute special discounts for a number of reasons. Nearly every company that distributes automobile policies typically offers different rates, but insurers still compete for business and employ different reductions and discounts to help bring in new clientele or entice current customers to remain insured. The Missouri Department of Insurance encourages motorists to use these Tips on lowering prmiums to find more affordable rates. Incorporating such discounts into a quote comparison may also produce less expensive prices and help drivers save money or use those savings to purchase a more comprehensive policy. Extensively shopping and taking advantage of the many ways to reduce rates before making a purchase can be an effective way to rate potential policies.


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kelsey grammer : Would my own auto insurance  cover me to transport disabled people on the job? I am told that this is not covered because it is considered “transport for hire”. A company I want to work for requires me to have my own personal auto insurance for liability purposes, but my insurance co. says any accident or injury would not be covered because I am being paid and that makes me like a taxi service. This is common practice in the home care agencies. Can anyone clarify?

Review car insurance coverage
Response : You have to purchase additional liability coverage, either as an add-on with your current insurance company or as a stand-alone with another company. Phone around and check rates.

regular auto insurance does NOT cover this. AND, given the nature of the prospective clients, you need a larger than ordinary policy.

were it me, i’d require the agency to provide the coverage as part of their group or I’d not work there. You certainly aren’t an expert in special transportation methods that may be required for people who have unusual medical issues.

Your personal auto insurance is not going to cover this, but oddly enough would cover the employer in the event of an accident. It’s strange, but true.

The employer’s business auto should cover you for this if it is written right, especially if you are an employee. If you are a 1099 employee (independent contractor), then you would need to get your own business auto.

True. A personal auto insurance policy would NOT give any protection to you, your car, or the people in your car, if you’re being paid to transport people.

You would be completely uninsured.

This company is being dishonest. They don’t want to cover you, and they aren’t telling you that you aren’t covered. They’re basically trying to shift the responsibility to YOU.

It’s not worth it, this job. – You need to ask the company to cover you under Non-owned automobile under their CGL policy if they want to continue with this, and it is best if you get this in writting from there. However, you would not get a claim for own damage on your car on this- you would have to file a suit on the company for your own damage also.

Its best to ask your Company to pay the premiums on your auto.

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minimum auto insurance premium

p>Is there a minimum amount that must be charged for auto insurance premiums?

Auto insurance premium has no minmium premium charges .

Response : Some companies determine insurance premiums by actuaries, but is there by law a minimum that needs to be charged to policy holders? What risks or fines would a company face if its insurance premiums were a charged at too low an amount?

No, there is no minimum by law.

No, there is no law. But just for your information, some states have auto insurance programs for people of low income.

Each insurance company would decide on the minimum insurance premium that they would charge even if as per the rating and the limits of liability the premium as per this mathametical calculation is less. Let me explain. Suppose if the rate for auto insurance is $1.00 per 100 and some one opts for a liability limit of $10,000 – the auto insurance premium is $100 as per the mathematical calculation, but if the minmum premium for a risk for that georgaphical area is $150/- the insurance company would quote an auto insurance premium of $150/-. Hence it is better at times to try out different limits of insurance when you compare auto insurance quotes, to find out what limits you can get at the minmum premium from an insurance company.

The other way to find out the minimum amount of auto insurance premium is to try and opt for other coverages than the mandatory – which are the liability coverage and see what you are charged for collision or comprehensive insurance.

However, remember it is better not to focus on what is the minmium auto insurance premium but pay the low auto insurance rate at the best and optimum coverage.

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